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Found 3 results

  1. hi ! today I tested the creation of agency with the proper flags View on the forum I tested the format 512x256 without result the flag does not appear in the Vab or sph. Same thing in 256x160. I export in DXT5 with alpha layer mask. In the Agents.cfg I clearly indicate where my flags are : logoURL = PlaneTool/Agencies/LesHouxG logoScaledURL = PlaneTool/Agencies/LesHouxG_scaled and it's not working I have a small grey square every time . The mask looks like it worked but I'm only an upper part that appears and it's rectangular and it's not my texture
  2. Community Real Agency Pack v1.1 for KSP v1.3.1 Intended for RealismOverhaul The Community Real Agency Pack (short CRAP^^) is a collection of real world agencies and companies and serves as a manufacturer-framework for modders who make replicas, but can't really decide which manufacturer a part should get, or simply don't bother with that. The mod started out as a small private learning project, the "Real Agencies Collection", which I have now 'transcended' into some sort of extended community project, since there was 'some' interest in having such a thingy. RAC and C
  3. Chapter 1: Jeb his Check As an fighter pilot in the Kerbal 1st air company, jeb had much experience in aircraft so he was elected as one of the 4 test pilots of the biggest project the kerbal government ever planned to do... Their own space agency.. Jebediah Kerman, Bob Kerman and Valentina Kerman were the first 3 kerbals to be elected when the KSA ceo decided 3 was enough for that moment.. They underwent many special tests to see if they were up to the high standards, as seen with the last 5 sattelite launches Gee Forces can rip stuff apart.. First the health check was conducted! J
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