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Found 1 result

  1. Download via the [obsolete link removed to prevent confusion; see the last page of the thread] If you've ever been stuck on the mun with ten hours of oxygen left, or had an unplanned decoupling event leave your ship crippled in an eccentric orbit with no means of escape, then the D.E.R.P is for you! The D.E.R.P includes a series of parts, ranging from small monopropellant engines through various containers and tanks, allowing you to customize your escape craft. The core pod includes a parachute (capable of safely landing the D.E.R.P on Duna). A secondary service ring includes RCS thrusters and landing gear. SAS is achieved by slamming yourself really really hard against the pod walls. Features: 15 days Life Support Tiny power generation slug Monoprop-fueled forward thrusters RCS and a monoprop supply SAS IVA (reuses the small lander can) Parachute EVA-assembleable with KAS Resources are sealed prior to deployment to prevent accidental use Now includes airbags and floaties! LICENSE Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license. Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely Additional Modules: This package redistributes FireSpitter This package redistribures Module Manager CHANGE LOG 0.1.3 - 2014.11.01 [LIST] [*]KAS tweaks [*]Folder reorg to support package management [*]Science storage added to DERP pods [*]CRP/ORSX/DLL refreshes [*]Brought back the legacy DERP texture (you can still swap to orange or gray) [*]Changed COM/Drag properties back to defaults [*]Updated FireSpitter DLL [/LIST] 0.1.1 - 2014.09.28 [LIST] [*]The DERP, Airbags, and Floaties! What more could one ask for? [*]Derp evac fixed. [*]Derp now has two color schemes - safety orange and stock gray [*]Tweaked floaties and enabled tweaking buoyancy [*]Synced up CRP/ORSX/USI Tools [/LIST] [B]v0.1.5[/B] [LIST] [*]Fixed deflation issue on switching [*]Collider update [*]FAR MM Config [/LIST] [B]v0.1.4[/B] [LIST] [*]Converted engine to use monoprop vs lf/ox [*]added KAS support to assemble the DERP in-situ [*]Fixed an issue where returning to a previously inflated pod caused it to start deflated [*]Added a 5-unit KAS container to the capsule [*]Mass now properly updates when resources are unsealed [/LIST]
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