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Found 13 results

  1. The challenge: Make an aircraft carrier out of stock parts (Visual mods and Airplane Plus allowed). Difficulty Levels: Easy: Aircraft Carrier with one plane that can take off and land. Medium: Aircraft Carrier with multiple planes that can take off and land. Hard: FLYING Aircraft Carrier with one or more plane(s) that can takeoff and land on the FLYING carrier. Rules: I need screen shots for proof. No other mods than the ones listed above (unless upon request). Here is the Badge: Here are some photos of my carrier: It can takeoff
  2. Aircraft Carrier Accessories Download: SpaceDock Curseforge Now including test carriers: CVN-65 Enterprise and Type001 Liaoning. Also a .craft file included for training purpose. The pack including 3 system at the moment. Arresting wire include a hook and a wire. Mount wire to the deck and hook on the plane. Drop hook to hook the wire and retract hook to release from wire. Install guide: Place the arresting wire on the deck and perpendicular to the runway. Hide the white line under the deck after proper place. Catapult
  3. We create this mod to better simulate a modern naval combat as a BDAc addon. Full version DOWNLOAD LINK: https://spacedock.info/mod/1779/[MNWS]Modern Naval Weapon System Full version contains all three packs below. MNWS AERO pack -- only contains planes:https://spacedock.info/mod/1923/[MNWS]Modern Naval Weapon System - AERO pack?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E MNWS SHIP pack -- only contains ships:https://spacedock.info/mod/1924/[MNWS]Modern Naval Weapon System - SHIP pack MNWS WEAPON pack -- only contains weapon systems:https://spacedock.info/mod/1926/[M
  4. A fully operational carrier hull and bridge. As opposed to Eskandre's excellent Nimitz, this one has a ski-jump. It's not actually based on any real-world aircraft carrier, but it probably most resembles the Russian Navy's Admiral Kuznetsov. The lifts and hangar are fully operational. The mod is actually just a single part that comprises the hull, deck, lifts and bridge. It generates its own power, but it's meant to be used along with other ship mods for engines, radar, antennae, defence systems, etc. [MOD - Download link removed due to missing license - sumghai]
  5. Some K-inda of stoK arKraft k-arrier build for ya - named "K-omrade Kermatsov" (not a repliKa for enything). Ya wanna fly, land or krash by another perverted method? So , this k-raft for ya may dear fellows (and k-omrades) It have a stock k-atapult and arrestor hooK . It k-an dock with external tanKer to refuel. you K-an find it here https://kerbalx.com/MajorTom/craft ps: soory for my poor english (but I hope you understood my kerbinglish, dear k-omrades) pps: make science, not war!
  6. I hope it is okay to share this here. In a few other threads we have talked about the disposal of aircraft carriers and I think it is appropriate sharing this here in it's own thread. http://hmshermes.co.uk/crowdfunding/ The plan is to have an Intrepid like museum in London. To get those across the other side of the water on-board here is a USN F-4 on Hermes in 1963: And an S-2 in 1962: Intrepid has a Scimitar that would have operated from Hermes at one time but they have loaned it to another museum.
  7. Currently I am designing a ground-effect vehicle in KSP, named the GEV-1 (Ground Effect Vehicle 1), looking to one day turn it into a ground-effect aircraft carrier. Since the ground-effect phenomenon does not exist in the game, I am just looking to make this large beast fly at low altitudes. Like any large beasts, they usually have many technical problems, and while working on the ground-effect vehicle it quickly became apparent that there will not be enough power or enough lift to compensate the size of the vehicle. I am looking for any help to get this vehicle flying, at whatever the cost a
  8. Hey everyone, I'm glad to finally join the forums! Here's a bit about me: Total aviation buff, only play planes in KSP. (i suck at rockets lel) I have an Aircraft Carrier series going right now, and I need more support to keep it going. I think it's really neat myself. Please check me out/give feedback! I'm happy to join! Channel: youtube.com/user/theavenguard
  9. Early college apps are due soon, but I decided to post this craft after months of neglect (and stumbling across my carrier when deleting file clutter). Introducing, the Admiral class aircraft carrier. She's about 134 meters long, has a secondary angled flight deck, carries 10-20 jets and multirole helicopters, has 16 compact Sylver VLS launchers in two 8 cell modules (fitted with either the Hammer precision strike missile or Aster 15 SAM), has provisions for side launched speedboats and torpedo launchers, two aircraft catapults (Haven't really been touched for a few versions, and I'm plan
  10. "Project Sentinel" Landing the S7-F14 Tomcat on the Aircraft Carrier Sentinel (Update: Video was blocked, song was removed, sorry no music for now.)
  11. Sector 7 Space Laboratories Marine Division - Aircraft Carrier SEA WARRIOR Sea Warrior is supporting 3 craft all capable of launching from the deck of the Carrier entering the water and returning to air travel, the Stingray and Manta Ray Craft are Submersible Craft. I know mods can get you to the water quickly and load Kermans really quick but I like promoting KSP as Stock so please be patient with the craft it takes some time getting to the water but it's a lot of fun in the end. Operations: Right Click the Starboard Engine (Right) when arrivin
  12. Here is my latest and most succesful take at an aircraft carrier, the K.N.S Great White aircraft carrier. I got inspired to make my own carrier after i saw some people make some stock carriers using MK-3 fuselages as the deck and the hull. I tought about making my own MK-3 carrier and even had an idea of making a carrier using the MK-4 fuselages to save on part amount. But not long after this thinking i tought that lets just make a carrier using B9 structural plates and MK-2 fuselages. And the results where pretty good. The carrier has a top speed of about 27-30 m/s so
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