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Found 15 results

  1. Inspired by the great works of our most prominent KSP modders, for the last few weeks I've been semi-secretly toiling away at a bunch of parts of my own. With enough content (and courage) to warrant a development thread, I present this mod under the working title of Some Very Alien Stuff (SVAS). Not surprisingly, the focus of this add-on is kerbalkind's discovery and utilization of various bits and bobs of alien origin. As of now, it is planned to depend on Angel-125's magnificent "Blueshift", as it reuses some of its assets, resources and anomaly spawning mechanics. Presen
  2. Let‘s imagine that an alien spaceship or probe is coming in our solar system from interstellar space - How close would it have to be that we would be able to detect it and which methods could be used? Is there even a chance that we discover it until it has almost reached earth?
  3. (MPIO) = Main Planet Idea Only; I only have an idea for system's main planet (SLP) = System Layout in Planning; Currently planning system layout (WIP) = Work in Progress; Working on making system, note that System Layout may change in this stage (AD) = Almost done; Nearly finished with system (FNW) = Finished but Not Written; System is finished, but I'm currently too lazy to write it (FW) = Finished and Written; System is finished and I got off my @$$ and wrote it here ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. We have a population of humans in interaction with one or more nonhuman intelligences. All of them are at least alien to the point you can tell they aren't human from a distance, meaning things like neanderthals are off the table. How would humans: - look at the other species? - look at themselves (compared to how we look at eatchother in human-only world)? - interact with the other species? - interact with eatchother?
  5. Anyone know what the heck is VVV-WIT-07?
  6. Picture is dark but the UDL Cheyenne is almost ready for pre delivery, includes a stowed and recoverable M577 app. Yet to be completed is the Sulaco https://imgur.com/gallery/HqmOeUb
  7. You see I remebered this planet and it got me thinking, the "goldilocks zone" on the planet itself (because it is tidal-locked) would only limit the diverisity, right? I thought of the mutation of life- one organism can go into hotter ares than the others, they reproduce and have babbies that have the same gene, a better adapted for warmth gene , or the normal resistance. This can go the "oppisite" (adaptaions for cold) way too so ... same. This proccess happens all the time, right ? and if so wouldn't that mean the limit of life going towards the extremes (poles) is only limit
  8. Title says it all. However, elaborate on what type of alien/what the situation is. E.g, 'what would you do if you saw a vaguely alien-like UFO in the distance,' or 'what would you do if you saw an alien ship land in your backyard.' Etc. Personally, if I saw a UFO, but never found out what it actually was, I'd most likely live in a tormented state of desperate curiosity for the rest of my life. If I saw an actual alien while alone in the forest, or, say, in my room, then I'd probably end up running away screaming. If it was in a public place, with other people around, then I might act
  9. with the extensive discovery of exoplanets and discoveries near earth making other celestial bodies in the Kerbol Solar System, do you think aliens exist before you say no, listen to the evidence the milky way has over 200,000,000,000 stars each of those stars might have one or two planets around them, maybe more those planets probably have moons and that's only our own galaxy, there are hundreds of billions of other galaxies, each with hundreds of billions of stars, each with one or two planets, each with a chance of having a moon, the probability of us being alone in
  10. This is Laythe, a moon circling the great green giant, Jool. For decades, kerbals have stared in awe at Laythe, planning, dreaming, wondering. The challenge is simple. Send a spacecraft to explore Laythe. No cheats are allowed (Hyperedit, debug menu...etc.). The probe must send back AT LEAST 500 Science! points. No parts can be lost without being planned before entering Laythe's SOI. You need to post part count, cost, Science! points collected, and at least one thing you found that was interesting(if you succeeded). Screenshots or it never happened. All non-cheat mods are allowed. "Y
  11. I am a massive fan of Kerbal Space Program and a huge fan of Aliens. While watching Prometheus the other night the thought struck how perfect it would be to create a plugin that allows you to recreate the missions in the Prometheus and Aliens storylines. It would be absolutely incredible to recreate the Aliens universe in KSP. Anyone interested in working on this?
  12. What do you think about Fermi paradox? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fermi_paradox Here I want to be translator from Russian to English Alex Semenov's research paper about Fermi paradox. Here is original text: http://alex-semenov.livejournal.com/10688.html (warning! terrible Russian letters) (sorry for my bad English) epigraph: When partners can't agree Their dealings come to naught And trouble is their labor's only fruit. ____________ Once Crawfish, Swan and Pike Set out to pull a loaded cart
  13. So what are all the types of exotic life possible? And how crazy can they get?
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