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Found 2 results

  1. Since KSP2's coming out in February, I wanted to see if I could visit all the CBs with a kerballed craft and bring all kerbals back home before KSP2 releases, to give my KSP1 save a grand sendoff. The self-imposed rules are: No exploits, unlimited quicksaves and reverts (although I'll try to do as few as possible) and mostly stock+dlc except for some invaluable and not-overpowered modded parts (like Near Future Construction's 2.5m to 3.75m structural adapter. I'll also present each mission like a mission report, and try to explain bugs and my errors as malfunctions and stuff. Before I thought of doing this challenge, I'd already visited the Mun and came back, but forgor to take photos. For my next landing, still before I thought of the challenge, I had wanted to visit one of Duna's valleys, so I flew a 4-Kerbal rover there. Unfortunately, I landed very far from a valley, so I needed to make a looong drive. So with those missions described, I'll go on to my first, in-progress mission after I thought of the challenge, which will fully abide by all my rules and stuff: The Dream of the Desert Wanderer, a rescue mission for these 4. (they have no way to get home) Another goal of this endeavour is to improve my writing skills, so if anybody has any criticisms or advice at all, please do tell me! I'm also trying to get to know more classical composers, and I don't have enough patience to just sit in my chair for 2 hours listening to music, so I'll be listening to it while doing these missions. I'll write down which pieces I listened to also.
  2. This challenge is where you land on all 16 bodies (Except jool) with one craft... That being said, this one craft cannot mine at all. this is hard, but not impossible. the needs to be built either in orbit (200 points) or in the VAB (300 points). if you bring a Rover you get 500 points. if you have a craft consisting of at least 10 kerbals, then you get an extra 15 points. you need to create a music video proving you did it without cheating. if one of your kerbals die you lose 20 points. if you used cheats, you lose all your points and have to start over again. if you bring a plane to laythe in that one craft, you get 200 points. if that one craft is a plane, you sir/ma'am are an actual god.
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