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Found 6 results

  1. Shadow Space Technologies Unlimited - Labs Division This is the public discussion thread for ongoing development of SSTU parts and plugin code. Downloads: The latest versions may be found at: http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/241283-sstu-shadow-space-technologies-unlimited And are also available on Github: https://github.com/shadowmage45/SSTULabs/releases (Github will always be more up-to-date than curse, as they are auto-published there; I have to manually update Curse; so please check the GitHub link if you are looking for the latest versions) Please kee
  2. For my contract pack Parts Unlimited (Soon to be renamed ZYX PartsULTD, but that's another story) I require better descriptions for parts. "A vaguely wing shaped board" is great and all when you can see the part, but trying to decide which wing to unlock when you don't have a picture available can make it quite a chore, especially when the wings you have to choose from are named "Wing Connector Type A" and "Wing Connector Type B". Actually, I take that back. It's NEVER fine for that to happen So I took it upon myself, and for myself, to go through and describe all the parts one by on
  3. After taking a bit of a break from KSP, playing Elite: Dangerous (Damn you Scott Manley!), I'm getting back into KSP. Before continuing my 1.1 (now 1.2) game, I felt compelled to complete my Jool Mission I started in 2014 back in 0.22 (Damn you my OCD!). Last I left, I managed to strand a guy on Tylo, and am currently sending a rescue mission (video on that to come). In the meantime, the Imgur albums I used for the first 5 parts don't seem to work, so I recreated the slideshows as YouTube slide shows and added Narration. Then it goes to the next updates which were my first forays into Yo
  4. This is the discussion topic for the universe replacer mod Centauri Dreams This is not the place to ask for installation help, bug report, ect. It is the place to discuss the mod itself, discoveries or to discuss methods unique to exploring a binary system.
  5. [WIP] Science Hard Drives v.0.2-alpha KSP 1.1 completely broke this (and I also thought of better ways of doing things), so I'm having to rewrite it almost from scratch. Please be patient as I work on this. I've been going through some difficult times in my personal life and am spending all the little time I have working on this mod. THIS VERSION IS INCOMPLETE AND STILL IN DEVELOPMENT, AS IS NOT INTENDED TO BE USED IN AN ACTIVE GAME!!! THE CURRENT PRE-RELEASES ARE ONLY TO SEE HOW THIS IS COMING ALONG!!! This mod revisits my older ScienceContainers mod for KSP
  6. Ok, so I've looked all over this forum and this is what I've come up with. KRAG System: (Kerbal Relative Artificial gravity) How it work right now while in orbit Kerbal up direction is based on the normal of the object below taken from a raycast kerbal is pushed downwards when it contacts a part it enters "Idle (Grounded)" state "AWSD" keys for movement Current Issues can't rotate kerbal ...yet when starting walking forward kerbal bounces up causing animation to stop as well as just being annoying The main issue I'm struggling with is th
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