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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all! I'm back, with one last 1.0.5 craft. It's a landspeeder, from the latest Star Wars franchise movie. As the movie is not on DVD yet, there is a lack of info about it. However, there were some pictures, and those, combined with my memory of it from the film, allow me to build this. I used Kerbal Foundries for the video and beauty pics. The stock version uses 2 more jets to lift itself off the ground. Now, here's some beauty shots of the modded version: And here's a couple pics of the stock version: AG1 is lift jets, AG2 is forward jets, and AG3 is monoprop rockets for assist. Full throttle will keep you hovering. DOWNLOAD
  2. Here's my latest craft! The Pier Idiotic Table, a luxury yacht that I've been working on since 1.0.5 came out, starting with the mini-sub and growing from there. Then the latest update to scatter came out, and here we are! I've made a video of it too: You can redock the mini-sub, too. Here's some pictures: The name came from a random boat name generator. Brakes AG activates all doors. Enjoy! Download
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