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Found 2 results

  1. Kerbal Mythology I've always thought about how the Kerbals see deities and other religious/mythological figures, and there isn't really much to go by in the game other than Moho and Bop. I took it upon myself to make a chart of mythological figures that I think the Kerbals may have worshipped. (In a way, this is a continuation of this forum thread). This is by no means a "standard" for Kerbal mythology, as I don't really expect most people to care too much about it anyway, meaning that these names and definitions are open. However, I did think it would be cool to share my ideas in this forum post, so keep reading if you'd like to know what I came up with. You are free to use this "model" of Kerbal Mythology for anything you want, these are just cool ideas I have (e.g., naming your ships, your missions, Kopernicus planets, etc.). I decided to model the deities after Greek and Roman mythological figures (unoriginal, I know). Similar to our own solar system, I made sure that the names of the figures coincided with the celestial bodies in Kerbal Space Program that had real-world counterparts. Obviously, stock KSP has a reduced solar system, so I wouldn't be able to do it with names made only by Squad. I decided to use the names of celestial bodies found in OPM and MPE, two high-quality mods that add "kerbalized" equivalents of real-world celestial bodies into the game. The celestial bodies that these two mods add counterparts for are named after Greek and Roman gods, so I was able to match up each god with the "Kerbal" version of their name. Even after doing so, there were still a number of Greek and Roman gods that didn't have Kerbal counterparts, so I made my own names that try to maintain the same style. I ended up adding one additional god that wasn't present in any of these mods or ideas, which was Alternis, the god of change and difference, from Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered. I also added the Kraken. One last thing; several of the deities have purposes or roles different from their Greek and Roman counterparts do. This is because I wanted their roles to make sense in the in-game universe. Legend: Green = Names made by Squad, found in the stock game. Red = Names found in Outer Planets Mod. (Credits to @CaptRobau) Purple = Names found in Minor Planets Expansion. (Credits to @Exo's Lab) Black = Names made by me. Credits to @NovaSiliskofor "Alternis". Name Greek/Roman Equivalent Role Kebus Phoebus Apollo God of reparation and solar power Moho Hermes/Mercury God of voyages, lava, and fire Eve Aphrodite/Venus Goddess of passion and deceit Duna Ares/Mars God of combat and explosions Dres Demeter/Ceres Goddess of cycles and dullness Jool Zeus/Jupiter God of the clouds Sarnus Cronus/Saturn God of time warping and fate Urlum Uranus/Caelus God of atmospheres and empty space Neidon Poseidon/Neptune God of the oceans Plock Hades/Pluto God of death and currency Krova Hera/Juno Goddess of Kerbalinas and family Vant Hestia/Vesta Goddess of spacecraft Alnerva Pallas Athena/Minerva Goddess of wisdom and missions Kortana Artemis/Diana Goddess of the wilderness Vulko Hephaestus/Vulcan God of engineering and building Bakos Dionysus/Bacchus God of food and celebration Zore Psyche/Anima Goddess of the soul Edas Eros/Cupid God of obsession Ervo Eris/Discordia Goddess of confusion Alternis None/Janus God of change and difference The Kraken None God of chaos and destruction Ike Phobos/Pavor Personification of fear and panic Deke Deimos/Metus Personification of terror
  2. Um, rather off-topic for the off-topic forum, but considering this site appears to be dead, last post in it being from october, I decided that you, the infinitely surprising KSP community would be able to help me... (especially the one who calls himself the forum's amateur historian) I decided to learn ancient greek, and have gotten past all the initial barriers of pronunciation (such as upsilon) save 2. 1) Kappa vs Khi (or Chi), two K sounds, I keep on hearing of K vs loch, is this loch type K different because of a click in it vs just a K sound ? or am I missing something ? 2) In Theta vs Tau and Pi vs Phi, I can do the aspirated H that comes after the respective sounds, but, since I'm homeschooling myself, I don't know exactly what I would be looking for if I were to speak to someone in it, and to hear myself, I need to exagerate the sound myself. What should I listen for to improve ? edit: below I solved these, however anyone should feel free to ask about any language from any period and/or discuss them.
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