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Found 4 results

  1. Hey yall, What are some good resources to learn how to make animated parts?
  2. ABANDONED [WMS] WorldWar Maritime Ships. Download SpaceDock Features Contains a WW2 German U-Boat (U-557) Contains the Prinz Eugen (the german one) Installation Download the ZIP file from SpaceDock Either drag and drop or extract the files from the ZIP into your GameData Directory You finished it should be there if not send me a message and ill check it out Dependencies Module Manager (included in the file) Media License [WMS] WorldWar Maritime Ships by BuzzFeed4Lief is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. ChangeLog sorry this has taken a while, its still a bit all over the place and you may see some random things but its fairly working. iv had less time lately than i had originally Added Gneisenau. Trying to fix the props for the gneisenau. Trying to get the rudders on the Gneisenau to work. Still trying to get the rudders on the Gneisenau to work. Credits Submarine U_557 Model by ThomasBeerens Here Prinz Eugen Model by ThomasBeerens Here Code for a Category .cfg by Next_Star_Industries Here Gneisenau Model by ThomasBeerens Here BTW check the spacedock changelogs i sometimes forget to add things there to the forums BTW feel free to suggest anything ill be sure to read them all. By BuzzFeed4Lief
  3. I want to make a light (emissive) change color when animation plays. I know how to animate UVs in Blender, simply moving the UV over the map and locking its position at keyframes. But I know KSP tends to be fussy about animating anything but whole objects - and I found an antiquated thread on the forum where someone said they animated the texture with Unity, and someone else replied 'that's the only way to do it'. And I have no clue how to do it with Unity. So, in short - how would one go about it? Will just locking the position of UV in Blender (offset relative to the texture) work? If not, how?
  4. After being demoted from rockets, the following recounts the epic tale of loss and hardship to build my first working jet.
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