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  1. Well, here it is... The lack of KSP fan art animations was bothering me. I am a long time fan of KSP with hundreds of hours well spended in the game. I'm convinced we can bring to the community some good kerbal stories and get a good laugh on the go. A new, longer and better animation is in early steps of production, but animations are no easy feat; every supporter joining this endeavour means more time I can spend doing this kind of things. Disregarding money, I really wanted to share this with you guys anyways, so here it is. I really hope you like this and, as al
  2. Hallo allerseits, Ich lerne gerade Blender. Nach meinen ersten abgeschlossenen Projekten möchte ich das Modellieren, Animieren und Texturieren verbessern. Daher möchte ich meine Unterstützung beim Erstellen von Modellen für KSP-Add-Ons anbieten. Wenn jemand Interesse an meiner Hilfe hat, können Sie mich gerne kontaktieren. Ich bin 28 Jahre alt, studiere Technik und arbeite in meiner Freizeit mit Blender. Früher habe ich viel KSP gespielt, aber jetzt habe ich mehr Spaß beim Erstellen Dies ist meine ArtSation-Site: https://christianschuhmann.artstat
  3. Hello everybody! My name is Juan Ignacio and I should have created a KSP forum account a long time ago, but here I am! I wanted to mention that I'm an animator and also wanted to share a still frame: This kerbal is going to experience a roller coaster of emotions in just 30 seconds of animation. My only question is: which KSP forum section should I post the finished animation? I hope you have a fantastic day! Jgilhutton
  4. Hi, i downloaded this addon for blender to import ships from ksp because i want to make animations but every time i try to import .craft files i get this error. https://imgur.com/a/bJAhy I've tried a couple of fixes listed by others in the comments of the original post, but none of them seem to have worked. (Most of them were Mac and i am using Windows 10). Does anyone know what's wrong here? Is there a newer version of this plugin? Last update seems to be around 2 years ago. Also, im using Blender 2.78 and KSP 1.3 without mods.
  5. I am currently creating a part and it has many functionalities. One of it is a cargo door. Is there any way I can add a sound effect to the door opening animation. How would I go about doing this? Any help and feedback is appreciated.
  6. I'm quite new to this forum even I join for quite a long time so I'm not sure is this the right place to ask. Anyways, I trying to create a KSP animation but I stuck at one problem. I couldn't find any Kerbal model that I can use which look like in game one. Nor I could make one that look appealing enough. And I wonder is there a way to get Kerbal model from the game/game's folder itself. Though this model would still be courtesy of Squad ,I'll use it only for the animation and I'll credit them as well. Can anyone help?
  7. While making my animation plugin i started my last (pre-release) phase of adding sound support (Configuration, Animation, Control, Utility and Visual are done) I want to add sound fx to my animation(s) but my currently employed method of control/tracking animations properties can be a hit-and-miss for sound support (controlling animations looks fine for now). It works via PartModule.Update() and PartModule.OnUpdate(). These are not directly visible in PartModule (ie not suggested by VS IDE), but can be used because it inherits from Monobehaviour. After successfully doi
  8. I use IMGUR for images and have had no problems in the past. I was trying to post in the tech support forum about my bouncing landing gear issue. I created a GIF file to demonstrate the issue, but I cannot seem to upload it, no matter what URL I use, be it right clicking and copying the image address or using the options IMGUR provides. The best I managed was a static thumbnail. I see others have done it, so what am I doing incorrectly?
  9. Does anyone know a way to animate containers? ie: container or tank animates as you fill it? BahamutoD used to have plugin but I don't know anyone has updated it or done anything similar.
  10. Hi, I'm developing a part for one of my mods and this part will have a mechanical iris. this iris consists of many separated geometries that are animated and keyframed in time (take a look at the picture bellow), how should i approach the animation for the part config for this to have a single button in UI to open and close all these parts with each other at once?
  11. Hey Guys! I would like to know if there's a way on a CFG file animation to vinculate resources to start an animation. I'm building another mod (i'm calling it "Moon Village") and on on the cover action it would be great if you need to harvest some dust before start the cover. Any tips?
  12. Based on this guide for changing emissions here, I was wondering how I would go about adding multiple emissive animations like this together. Figured it out by actually watching the video in the very tutorial I already saw but somehow missed the exact part I was looking for in.... Get different animations selected after making them following said guide. Right click, Animation, Compile
  13. I have 3 problems I think could be solved fairly quickly as Im sure its a few small things Im missing. Firstly, Im currently trying to animate this model using the ModuleLight module. While the model appears in the game without any animations, it does not show up (part not found), whenever I add an animation. Its quite frustrating as I have no idea why it isnt working. Ive tried many variations to no avail. I would like to include more info that might perhaps help whoever reads this to get what issue Im having, but Im not sure what other details are needed.
  14. A while ago, I attempted to create a tool to animate kerbals, for things like cinematics and other plugins, but I ran into a completely breaking issue, that only occurred on some computers, and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Thankfully, my computer began encountering this error thanks to the Windows 10 update, and I was (hopefully) able to fix it. So here it is, Kerbal Animation Suite v1.1.3.2. It runs with KSP 1.0.4, and allows the creation of animations for kerbals on EVA. These gifs demonstrates this mod: http://gfycat.com/DifficultDeterminedGalapagospenguin h
  15. Hi, So I'm working on making my Fusion Tech mod all pretty. I'll probably use one of Nertea's Near Future Magnetoplasmadynamic Engine models if he/she says I can use them, but I'd really like to change the exhaust plume to something more fitting. Does anyone know where I can find a list of all the engine animations and how to make my engines use them? (preferably with screenshots) Also, if anyone knows of plume animations that are REALLY big and fiery, it would be great if you could direct me to them. Thanks, UbuntuLinuxKing
  16. Hi, I've been working on an engine mod, and I would like to know how I would change the animation of the Mainsail engine exhaust to that of the ion engine exhaust. I would also like to know if I can scale up the animation to fit the 2.5m part. Thanks!
  17. My animation plugin development has reached another phase : adding sound effect support to animations. More precisely, is sound fx really needed in KSP plugin ? Is absence of it a minor annoyance or game-immersion-breaking bug ? Note that my plugin is intended for animating various parts that are (at least for now) used as structural or aerodynamics parts (resource capacity/usage support may be added later, its on a backburner for now). Also note that due to nature of my plugin, i can't use normal EFFECTS node setup for audio.
  18. I need to know how to properly manage timing during physics warp and high-speed warp (the non-physics variety). Timing is required for my animations. I can use Time.time under normal scale and it works ok, but i need a timing variable / method that reads game time and is affected by both warp types. Note that MET is not acceptable since it does not run while vessel is landed.
  19. When I saw @linuxgurugamer had revived better science labs I was quite happy to have some early and smaller labs again. However I disliked the reuse of stock models. For me a hitchhiker is a just not a lab, so I set out on a journey to create some better alternative models. There is a 1.25m lab, a 2.5m and an inflatable lab that has an odd size but can be launched on a 1.25m rocket. All still very much work in progress.
  20. Hi all, So I've been having issues trying to rig up a solar array wing so the animation plays fine. My issue is with the expanding/retracting of the solar cells inside the bounds of the endpoint arms. Picture below. With parenting I have it set us as followed: The endcap (B) is parented to (A). The solar arm (C) is parented to the endcap (B) and then the rightmost solar cell (D) is parented to the arm (C). and then the next adjacent solar cell is parented to the solar cell on the right. and so it goes all the way down the line (for 84 cells). So the animation, I h
  21. hi all, yesterday i make a LaunchClamp i have worked with Unity 5. - export animation as Legacy - starting Game KSP 1.2.2 - part is work fine exept the Animation http://imgur.com/gallery/yyHSK config : - I have tried today follow : * import 3d modell with animation in Unity 4.2.2 (parttools .22)- export as Legacy - starting Game 1.2.2 - model appear in game - animation dont work. * import 3d modell with animation in Unity 4.2.2 -(parttools .22)- export as Generic - starting Game 1.2.2 - model not appear in game (was not loaded)
  22. I created a MultiModeConverter module, which enables switching converter setup instead of having multiple converters or multiple converter module in a single converter that can run simultaneously. Now I've run into an issue. The module seems to work just fine most of the time, but I ran into an issue when the converter has the "ModuleAnimationGroup". I cloned and modified the Karbonite "KA-2500 Particle Collector", which has this animation, and each time it is activated, it automatically activates all converters at the same time.... MODULE { name = ModuleAnimationGroup deployAni
  23. Previously, working with Blender, Unity 4.2.2 and .fbx as a medium format, long complicated animations turned out laggy and bloated the resulting model file to something like 2.5-5 Mb. With Unity's 5.x inherent support of .blender files came support for better animation import and compression. I made a PowerPoint style animation which turned out to be very performance friendly and 10 times less weighty than in previous versions of Unity and PartTools. Not all animation types are supported by Unity, things I learned: All objects need to have a scale of x=1, y=1,
  24. I want to make a light (emissive) change color when animation plays. I know how to animate UVs in Blender, simply moving the UV over the map and locking its position at keyframes. But I know KSP tends to be fussy about animating anything but whole objects - and I found an antiquated thread on the forum where someone said they animated the texture with Unity, and someone else replied 'that's the only way to do it'. And I have no clue how to do it with Unity. So, in short - how would one go about it? Will just locking the position of UV in Blender (offset relative to the texture) work?
  25. In the Editor, I notice a "Blink Lights" button on the Communotron DTS-M1. When I click it, nothing happens. I know the Editor plays animations at high speed, so figure perhaps I missed it. Can anyone confirm whether and under what conditions the blink lights animation ever plays for this part in KSP 1.1.3? Thanks! ps. The button comes from the second ModuleAnimateGeneric (the pulseEmitMediumDishAntenna one) in Squad/Parts/Utility/commsAntennaDTS-M1/commsAntennaDTS-M1.cfg, and possibly has to do with mediumDishAntenna_Emit.dds in the same directory?
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