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Found 1 result

  1. "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" - Les Brown Welcome to Apollo Style Redux! This is the second version of this heritage challenge, a reboot of a reboot by @Xeldrak The rules are: You MUST use your own rocket NO orbital construction OR refueling You have to have a Lunar Orbit Rendezvous (LOR) mission design, (in the case of Kerbals, probably MOR) You NEED a separate Munar Excursion Module (MEM) and a Command/Service Module (CSM), consisting of a Command module (CM) and a Service Module (SM) No MechJeb, KOS is permitted for all phases of the flight PLEASE note that visual mods (EVE, Scatterer, SVE, SciFi Visual Enhancements, etc.) are NOT considered modded, with an exception - mods like VSR, which replace models of the parts, making craft incompatible with stock saves Mods are allowed, but you will get a modded badge You MUST document the mission in one way or another, I don't care if it's video, pictures, or anything else (just please don't make 2-hour long videos!) NO unintentional decoupling NO SRBs or LRBs (radially decoupled) The main goal is to land a Kerbal on the Mun and return him back safely, but not in any way - Apollo Style! You start with 50 points, but can gain or loose points by achieving the following mission/design goals, achieve negative objectives, like killing Kerbals, which greatly lower your score Goals The 3 Little Kerbals - 3 Kerbals on board the spacecraft (1 remaining in the CM, while the other 2 land on the Mun) +20 A Flag on the Mun?! - Plant a flag on the Mun (Non-cumulative, 2 flags do not get 10 points) +5 Mun Buggie - Have a Munar Roving vehicle (MRV) on board +15 Abort! Abort! - Have a Launch Escape System on the top of the rocket +15 Konked Out! - Kill a Kerbal -25 points per Kerbal Return for Free - Have a Free Return trajectory on the way to the Mun +10 No More MEM! - Dispose of the MEM by crashing it into the Mun (without Kerbals inside of course!) +5 Up, Up, and Away - Make the MEM two-stage, leaving the descent stage and its engine on the Munar Surface +20 Look on the Bright Side! - Land on the bright side of the Mun +10 Shut Away From The World - Put the MEM behind some sort of fairing +5 Down Under - Put the MEM under the CSM during ascent +20 Splashies! - Splash down in the ocean on Kerbin +5 MEM Hugger - Dock to the MEM using the CSM +10 SubSat - Deploy a small sub-satellite before returning to Kerbin (Like the PFS sub-sats deployed during Apollo 15 and 16) + 10 Minmalist! - Do it on Minmus -5 No More Docking? - Decouple the docking port on the CM right before deploying parachutes +5 Parachute Problems - Have 3 main chutes and 2 drogues on the CM +10 Saturn-Alike - Make the launch vehicle (LV) resemble the Saturn V (S5) Additional Goals Landing Accuracy Land within 5 km of the Neil Armstrong Memorial (NAM) +5 Land within 500 m of the NAM + 10 Land within 50 m of the NAM +15 Land within 5 m of the NAM +20 I was roving on the Mun one day... Test Drive - Drive beyond 100 meters of your lander +5 Proper Shakedown - Drive beyond 2 kilometers of your lander +10 Gone drivin' - Drive beyond 5 km of your lander + 15 Are we there yet? - Drive beyond 10 km of your lander +20 Munar Scientific Experiments Package (MunSEP) Your MunSEP must have a power source that can keep it alive for at least 6 hours, at least one science experiment, and be controllable (have a probe core on board) Minimalist - Deploy one MunSEP at the landing site +5 That'll Do - Deploy two MunSEPs at the landing site +10 For Science - Deploy two MunSEPs at least one kilometer from the landing site (at least one kilometer from each other) +15 Science Extravaganza - Deploy four MunSEPs at least one kilometer from the landing site (at least one kilometer from each other) +15
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