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Found 1 result

  1. After reading this mission thread by @purpleivan, I decided to mess around with some underwater stuff too. First on my to-do list, visit the bottom of Kerbin's ocean. Introducing the submarine-lander! (you can download it here) I wanted to explore the arctic, specifically that lake in the top middle of the picture. So I cheated the craft over and got dropping Going down Jeb noticed that the coastline here is a little square looking Further down. Bob is wondering whether that leak is a bad thing Almost. Bob has noticed another leak. You can see the ground in this picture. Bob, stop finding leaks! And touchdown. In this picture it kind of looks like I'm on a moon Thanks I'll keep that in mind Jeb got out to plant a flag... ... but apparently doesn't want to hang around. Here's were the lander ended up You can also almost see it in this picture Or maybe because there is a bunch of water? There it is, about 1100 meters deep Also if you move the camera to just the right place while on the surface, Jeb starts falling into a black hole. And there you go! To the bottom of the ocean. Next up will (probably) be a sub or boat mission or visiting Laythe or Eve with this craft.
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