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Found 3 results

  1. A new asteroid spawns, with the perfect orbital parameters to flyby Kerbin, maybe even touch the atmosphere or hit Kerbin itself! The end of Kerbalkind approaches, while the player on the other hand is trying to build a ridiculous tree swing on one of the Mun arches... I am looking for a mod which will add a contract for every asteroid that is on a near pass trajectory with Kerbin. These contracts get completed once the Asteroids trajectory is no longer a threat. It should be simple: - Default: If you don't want to do it, then just don't take these contracts. If you do take them, you get the usual penalty for canceling them etc. - Hard: These contracts are forced upon you, there is no backing out. Long term time-warping will be a real problem this way, but to each his own. Maybe you HAVE to leave a kerbal behind on each asteroid, their name changing to Bruce Willis for a moment
  2. This challenge is fairly self-explanatory - there are two modes - Armageddon mode and Deep impact mode. In Armageddon mode, you must create a space shuttle, and rendezvous with an asteroid, redirect it into Kerbin orbit, and (safely) return. Refueling in orbit is allowed. In Deep Impact mode, you must construct a spacecraft in orbit; one that utilises a space shuttle cockpit (Mk-1, MK-2, or MK-3 plane cockpits), and is capable of not only redirecting an asteroid into Kerbin orbit, but into LKO. This is so because, let's be honest, building a spaceship in orbit just to redirect an asteroid is complete overkill, so I added some extra difficulty. Mission goal: Rendezvous with an asteroid and redirect it into Kerbin orbit. +20 points. Armageddon mode general goals: Realism 1: Make your space shuttle NASA style, ie: the shuttle mounted on the side of an External Tank, with two SRBs on the side. +15 Movie Madness 1: Have two small SRBs on the sides of the shuttle itself to help boost it into either the orbit or to help with the rendezvous. +10 Movie Madness 2: Use a gravity assist of the Mun to help reach the asteroid. +15 Michael Bay 1: Blow up the space station you used for refuelling (if you used one). +15 Crew Safety 1: Include some form of launch abort system on you shuttle. +5 Movie Madness 3: Keep on using you SSMEs (Space Shuttle Main Engines) even after you've ditched the ET. +5 Crew Mobility 1: Include some form of rover in the cargo bay of your shuttle (even though you don't need it). +10 Big Dreams: Use RSS or some other large rescale: Multiply your total score by 5. Impress me: Points determined from how impressed I am. Deep Impact mode general goals: Realism 1: Build you spacecraft in orbit using NASA style space shuttles (see above) and Russian style rockets (I won't be that specific, but make sure it looks like the Proton, has 3 stages; the 1st stage has 6 engines, the next has 4, and the last stage has 1). +15 Movie madness 1: Use the nuclear engines as your main form of propulsion. +10 Aesthetics 1: Have two SRBs mounted on the side of your spacecraft, even if they have no purpose! +10 Crew Safety 1: Have some form of escape pod on your spacecraft. +5 Crew Accommodation 1: Have a crew capacity of 8. +5 Big Dreams: Use RSS or some other large rescale: Multiply your total score by 5. Impress me: Points determined from how impressed I am. Leaderboard:
  3. So I was starting to construct a mothership for my first journey to the outer planets (from the outer planets mod) and decided to start with the MK3 Cockpit. I read the description and found this nice surprise Has it been found before? Have I been immortalized as an explorer of the part list?!
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