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Found 2 results

  1. Feel the need for speed, but don't know what to do with it? Ever wanted to just explore Kerbin, but just didn't have the time? NOW, YOU CAN The objective is simple: fly around Kerbin's equator in less than 80 minutes. Rules: You must start and finish at 0-9 KSC That's the runway you take off from (and land on). Your plane must be made using Stock parts ONLY - NO MODS Navigational/autopilot mods such as MJ and KER okay. MJ recommended, since you would get bored piloting a plane manually for about an hour. Just be sure you know what you're doing with the aircraft autopilot function. Just don't use any mods that come with additional craft parts. Must be able to carry at least one kerbal at a time Actually filling the seat is optional Additional seats is a plus. Must be equipped with some kind of probe core for remote control. Have at least 1,000 units worth of electric charge on board. Crew must have a means of getting in and out of the plane. Stay below 35 km ASL (above sea level) at all times So that means SSTOs not accepted. Detachable staging not allowed. If you start with it, you finish with it. Parachutes acceptable, since you can repack them. Of course, you'll need to be landed at the KSC for that to happen. Plane must start and finish in one piece, which means ABSOLUTELY NO: Detaching Exploding Crashing Or crash-landing. Rapid Unplanned Disassemblies Rocket engines okay, but advised against. If you want to use them in your plane, that's fine by me. Just don't forget to stay within the atmosphere. You cannot run out of fuel (and/or oxidizer) mid-flight. Multiple entries allowed, but only one can be counted for the leaderboard (for each mass division). Unless you say otherwise, I'm going to pick the one with the best time. If you have planes in different mass divisions, that's fine. I'll just take the best one for each division. As the name implies, you have 80 minutes to fly around Kerbin in your plane. To earn credit, this means... PICTURES! PICTURES!!! PICTURES!!!!!! Show your plane in action, along with your start and finish time. Everybody wants solid proof that you're the fastest Kerbin circumnavigatior ever. Within the atmosphere, of course. Cost-effectiveness is also a bonus, so show the plane in the SPH with its price. I am aware that some people want to build small and large planes, and some may argue that size would grant an unfair advantage. To account for this, I will assign divisions based on your plane's mass, so be sure to show it in your entries. When I get around to making the leaderboard, I will split it based on your plane's division. Lightning Division 0 to 40 metric tons Thunder Division 40 to 80 tons Heavy Rain Division 80 tons or more Here's my entry. Have fun with yours. LET'S SEE WHAT YOU'VE GOT (CHALLENGE EXPIRED: 02/20/2020 at 2359 E.S.T.)
  2. Hello people of the world Turbofreak88884444 here with a challenge for you guys. and yes this is another circle around kerbin but with a few twist you can only use hovers as your mode of trasportation (im my defination of hovers is a mix of plane and rover) with that in mind lets continue, and before you get nit picky with me on how your going to propell yourselfs around the world on hovers I got that coverd in the rules below. Your mission: is to build and find the fastest and fuel efficnent route around kerbal weither it be by land or sea or the mix of both terrains. This is also a time attack run once you leave Ksp main facility your time starts. if time attack is not your fancy thats fine an alternate goal instead of a time attack run is to either carry passengers (or kerbals robots etc..) or Cargo with you untill you run out of gas... Example of a hover AKA a moded hovercraft--------\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/--------- ------------------------------------RULES--------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------Scoring System (TIME TRAIL ONLY)------------------------------------------------ + 00:00:20 seconds for fuel stops - 00:00:01 Seconds for craft weight - 00:00:10 seconds for overall top speed + 00:00:01 seconds for fuel capacity -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There will be alot of medals or rewards giving out in this challenge im currently making they will be down below. MODDED TIME TRAIL--------------------------------------------------------- STOCK TIME TRAIL----------------------------------------------------------- EXPLORATION TRAIL----------------------------------------------------------
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