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Found 1 result

  1. The Hot Needle Challenge Going beyond Ludicrous speed at sea level! The Challenge: Reach the highest speed possible below 600m (Sea level). The Rules: 1. No cheating. 2. No part clipping. 3. No infinite fuel. 4. Difficulty Normal. 5. No mods, DLC allowed. 6. You must provide a image of your craft in VAB or SPH(with and without exploded faring), a image of the craft in flight, and a image of the post flight data. Video is preferable. 7. The judges have the final say if your craft is legitimate. Extra Challenges: 1. Have the craft survive the top speed for 5 seconds. 2. Make the craft single stage. 3. Make it land on the runway without parachutes. 4. Make it take off from the runway on wheels. 5. Make it include 2 passengers. 6. Only use jet engines. Leaderboard: 1. 1980 m/s "Highspeed rocketbird" made by Pds314. Also doing extra number 4. 2. 1855 m/s "The Speedy Squirrel" made by Robonoise. Also doing extra number 5. 3. 1849 m/s "The Fast Stick MK2" made by Lokachop. Also doing extra number 2 and 4. 4. 1795 m/s "The Glowing Needle" made by Ruuude. Also doing extra number 4. 5. 1601 m/s "The Fast Stick MK1" made by Lokachop. Coward board, for those that actually survive don't push their crafts hard enough: 1. 2. 3. Beyond 2000 m/s club: 1. Mod leaderboards: 1. 2. 3. Good luck mad men engineers!