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Found 8 results

  1. Asparagus staging is awesome, but tedious. So, I built a plugin to do it for me! The plugin can create fuel lines if you have none, or it can use your existing fuel lines. Based on the fuel lines, it will put decouplers and sepratrons into proper stages. For KSP 1.10, download: NexusMods, Github, SpaceDock, Curse or via CKAN. REQUIRED DEPENDENCIES: Toolbar Controller, ClickThrough Blocker For KSP 1.9, download old 2.3.0 version For KSP 1.7.3, download old 2.2.17 version For KSP 1.6, download old 2.2.16 version For KSP 1.5.1, download old 2.2.15 version For K
  2. I've managed to land on Eve using Matt lownes recent eve tutorial as a guide. My lander has a 2 stage core along with 6 external tanks designed to drain sequentially, jettisoning in pairs from the central core, each feeding into the next tank and then to the core. However, for some reason once the 1st pair have drained it skips to the core tank whilst all the other tanks remain full. I've reloaded the save several times and the only way I can get it to drain in sequence is by shutting off the core whilst enabling crossfeed on the decouplers. Fuel flow priority has no effect
  3. I recently decided to play KSP again, after taking a break. When i wanted to fly to the mun, my asparagus staging was not working. After doing some research and testing of my own, i found nothing wrong with my design. I have reason to believe that the fuel lines are not working and are bugged. The last time i played KSP was version 1.4.1, and i did not install any additional mods since 1.3 (only updated them). back in version 1.4.1, my asparagus worked. I have no idea how to fix this, if anyone has any ideas on what is going on i would be very happy.
  4. Version 1.3.1 OS: Win7 64bit Mods: Mechjeb2, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Transfer window planner (I believe that mods doesn't affect this problem) Problem: Fuel does not properly depleate within one asparagus stage. How to replicate: S3-14400 tank with S3 KS-25 engine in the middle On six structural pylons are six LFB KR-1x2 engines with six Jumbo 64 tanks on top of them. All attached in symetry mode. Boosters are propperly seperated to three stages with propper connecting by fuel ducts with symetry mode off. Expected behavior: last stage feeds fuel to the engine and to the next
  5. For a long, long time now, I've really wanted to see vertical snap integrated, so that achieving symmetry would generally be easier. Alas, I've never found anything close to that, neither in mods nor settings. A lot of people recommend Editor Extensions Redux, but that doesn't actually provide for vertical snap, but rather allows you to align things on the vertical axis, but only to the center of the parent module. This is often not what I want, and is in fact rather useless when I need a lot of the same part on two sides of a rocket... for example when designing a rocket with asparagus stagin
  6. are there any mods that automate the release of asparigus staging, it seems pretty easy. Honnestly there are a lot of problems here, is asparagus realistic (maybe not but also if all variables are precalculated in a way it could be possible but dissipating gravity factors in)which it really isn't and is this cheater mod. Look I have a lot of time I spend watching my nav ball for corrections and where I can't check the fuel levels of my staging, I feel like a mod to automate this would help.
  7. Anyone, using a standard asparagus set up with 2-3 vertically stacked tanks, tried putting a fuel line from top most center tank back out into the top most outer tanks? It allows ALL engines to keep burning if ANY tank has fuel, and you can still detach in standard asparagus to jettison mass if you have enough thrust.
  8. So there's a disagreement on the forums about whether the piping of rocket fuel in a circular direction before use would cause rotation in the launch stack. 1 side says the cumulative mass of fuel piped in a circular fashion before being expelled would cause an equal and opposite reaction in the launcher. The other says that the only source of torque would be from the initial acceleration of fuel, but since it decelerates on the other side of the pipe, there is no net torque. What do you think? Weigh in here. Best, -Slashy
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