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Found 3 results

  1. I was looking through the localization folder of KSP, when I found this: and also: I understand the second one is an error message from when something goes wrong determining the size of an Asteroid or Comet, but what is a Class I object, and why is there only a limited time to visit it? There also another Class, Class H which is the same size but not "strange." I've never seen anything higher than a Class F in the tracking station, and never heard anything about them. Does anyone have any information on these?
  2. I've been having an odd issue for a while I'm trying to diagnose. When I grab an asteroid sometimes my vessels attachment point will move when I initiate time warp. I've included a gif to show what I mean: Gif of bug in action (sorry don't know how to preview, couldnt figure out with google) This pretty much happens randomly but when it does happen it tends to gradually get more and more intense. I have found that reattaching ships in all manners will cause this. Like, for example, it might not be triggered when I initially claw a vessel but if I bring another vessel in and dock it to the asteroid grabbed port then the bug will trigger. Here is my log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LcTIJZ7UwDXC0iHLzXoOd9bKFw5pRsD_/view?usp=sharing Here is my mod list: mod list Some other potentially pertinent info: once the bug triggers it has a random chance of going away if I reload the scene, the bug becomes more active when more than one vessel is docked to a roid (docking port attached vessels count), I have tried with and without physics altering mods such as world stabilizer to the same issue, delta physics time is cranked all the way to the right, autostruts are all disabled, these are new vessels so it should all be disabled AFAIK.
  3. The Challenge: Find an asteroid that's class C-E, and redirect it into a stable orbit between Kerbin and the orbit of the Mun. Name it whatever you want. RULES -MechJeb is permitted, but only for the boring parts (e.g. catching up with the asteroid). You must launch the rocket and redirect the asteroid without MechJeb. -Asteroid size may only be class C, D, or E. Class A and B asteroids are not permitted. -No mods where that will make this really easy (I'm looking at you, Hyperedit) and no warp drives or OP engines. Also, only use F12 if ABSOLUTY NECCESSARY. MODES -Easy Any Class C-E Asteroid Launch a probe to study and redirect it. Build a colony of your choosing on it once in Kerbin's SOI. -Medium Only Class D & E Asteroids Launch probe to redirect it. Build a colony and refueling station. -Hard Class E Asteroid ONLY. Launch lightest probe possible to study, NOT redirect. Launch crewed rocket to redirect. Build a colony with housing space for 30 kerbals, and a refueling station that can hold up to five spaceplanes. REQUIREMENTS Probes must have all science experiments on them. Colony should be able to house 10 kerbals. POINTS Probe Weight 10 tons or less- 5 points 7 tons or less- 10 points 5 tons or less- 15 points 2 tons or less- 20 points 1 ton or less- 25 points Asteroid Size Class C- 2X Multiplier Class D- 5X Multiplier Class E- 10X Multiplier Kerbal Housing On Base 5+ Kerbals- 10 points 10+ Kerbals- 20 points 20+ Kerbals- 50 Points 50+ Kerbals- 100 Points 100+ Kerbals- 10X Multiplier Orbit Altitude 600,000+ Km to 500,001 Km- 20 points 500,000 Km to 400,001 Km- 40 points 400,000 Km to 300,001 Km- 60 points 300,000 Km to 200,001 Km- 80 points 200,000 Km to 100,001- 100 points 100,000 Km to 70,000 Km- 200 points 2X Multiplier if in a polar orbit Refueling Station Capacity (Counted as docking ports on your station) 1+ Ship- 10 points 3+ Ships- 50 points 5+ Ships- 100 points 10+ Ships-150 points 50+ Ships- 1,000 points 20 points for every structure 20 points for the first person to create a badge for this 1 point for every photos (5 photo limit per structure) 5 points for every video (5 video limit) Add up the points to determine your score. Your station can be a work in progress. Have Fun! LEADERBOARDS
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