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  1. Somewhat inspired by the thought that KSP can do better than the interesting NASA's "Exoplanet Travel Bureau".... Since the KerbalEDU mission library has been deprecated, this posts offers a new concept for this sub forum. Note this is an ALPHA phase post & Concept subject to massive changes ;-)....much more relevant detail about how to do these yourself along with related .cfg etc will be added when I have more time... a continuous WIP post: This OP topic will be a summary of links to related posts. Table of Contents: Visualization: Mars ancient ocean (& also consider checking out @KerikBalm's MIP & Rald or "Dying Duna" which work best in KerbalEDU 1.3.1) Visualization: Exaggerated elevation & Technical surface textures Planetary Cartography Visualization: Mercury's 3:2 resonance To be continued...
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