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Found 2 results

  1. GOAL: Build an asymmetrical aircraft that can take off and land horizontally. Use at least 10 parts and do not use any parts more than once. RULES: 1. You may not use any part more than once. This means no symmetry--no matched pairs of wings or any other item that has a right and left version. A right and a left lifting surface count as the same part (clarification: wings, rudders, elevators, ailerons etc). That goes for landing gear as well. 2. No reaction wheels or fly-by-wire. Internal SAS only, and bonus kudos if you can fly it with SAS off. 3. The plane must takeoff and land horizontally. No VTOL. 4. Anything else goes. All mods that do not alter physics are fine. 5. Keep in mind the spirit of the challenge. I cannot foresee every loophole. Be clever and innovative, but remember, this is about creating something unique using your building skill to achieve it. 6. Post photos, or if you can, video. 7. Impress your friends with this collector's item badge. The plane below does not technically follow the rules, since it uses some of the same parts more than once, but you get the idea of what is possible... It's on KerbalX if you are interested. https://kerbalx.com/Klapaucius/Pablo-Cubist-Dadaist-aircraft Also, check out @ZobrAz's FrankenPlane, which inspired me in my ventures into asymmetry in the first place. https://kerbalx.com/ZobrAz/abomination-Friday-13-FrankenPlane The video below that is some old footage of the Blohm & Voss BV 141, a German asymmetrical plane from WWII.
  2. Inspired by @Alpha_Gametauri questions about Shuttle design I have came up with a practical near stock (only Mecheb2, this was for delta inquiries, can remove and fly a-okay) tutorial fleet to introduce newbie pilots into asymmetrical shuttle flight. Lots of people ( @Raptor9 I am looking at you here) can explain how the change of position of centre of mass (COM) relative to centre of thrust (COM) as fuel burns causes this design to nose up aggressively as a result. But what does this mean in KSP terms? Well, your shuttle stage and tank-engine stage will need to balance their thrust output during the ascent - shift the COT upwards to stay aligned with COM. I have designed a fleet available for download via Kerbal X now. Just click the link - no need to register ( but you so should! ), place the .craft file into the VAB folder in your desired save and get your flight-suit on! You can add science and payloads as you desire! It's never been easier! The @Andetch Series C Shuttles come with a Minimus landing capable RCS runabout to add to the fun - and all at minimal extra cost! https://kerbalx.com/hangars/22952 The picture gallery is below the flight tutorial. Get on the pad. Trainer is advised for first flights. Throttles set to full. SAS on. Pin open the GUI for the lower stage engine. BLAST OFF! Correct the "nosing up" by reducing thrust output from the lower engine as you follow you desired ascent angle. Adjust main throttles to control ascent speed - don't over-speed and waste fuel. Separate the shuttle, set your desired AP height and prepare for LKO burn.
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