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Found 8 results

  1. I made a mod for KSP but is un-textured. https://github.com/Suyash-Jevaria/Cst-100-Starliner-Set-KSP-Mod
  2. Hello everybody, so I have been playing KSP for quite a while now and I decided I want to make my own rocket mod,but unlike others I wanted to make it correctly and realistically (most of the parts). I am no mechanical or aerospace engineer or rocket scientist either so I wanted to ask the engineers and the scientists who play KSP if the way I design and modelled some parts were not realistic. So the project future rocket will consist of a 5 segment SRB lower stage with a top mounted Cryogenic Upper Stage and a payload fairing just like the Ares I cargo configuration. However the upper stage will be a hybrid between the single engine Centaur and Atlas V core stage and Ares I's J2X (skiff) powered upper stage. The issue I am having right now is figuring out how to make things appear realistically. Where are the upper stage flight computers located on common orbital rockets and what do rocket upper stage flight computers look like ? (I tried google but I could only find the Saturn V's very very outdated analog computer inside a ring like housing). Should I allocate the flight computer parts inside the forward skirt of the upper stage? Or, inside the fairings just below the Payload Attach Fitting and why ? Do rocket upper stages have feed lines and do they also house and connect wires and other equipment or do they just act as feed lines for oxidizer/fuel ? In KSP we have decouplers to separate different stages. Do interstages act as decouplers/separation system ? I mean do they separate the stages like the way decouplers in KSP do or do they just serve as Structural Support and housing for the upper stage ? Also, are interstages made of composite or aluminium ? Why are Payload Attach Fittings shaped like conical shells and are Payload Fairings attached to the PAF or is there another mechanical deployment mechanism they are attached to ? These are overviews of the cryogenic upperstage project I am working on. It currently has the Payload Fairing and the payload attach fitting and the tank is a 5.6m tall tank. The current configuration has the flight computer sitting just below the PAF and the flight computer is slightly raised by a spacer so it doesn't clip with the payload fairings. Next step of the project will be adding an RCS module integrated with monoprop tanks at the aft section of the upper stage tank for attitude control. I currently am UV mapping the parts that are ready for texturing but I am still learning how to texture.
  3. ULA just announced the launch of a new website: https://www.rocketbuilder.com/ And it's not just a marketing gag - it's a fully functional sales tool. It literally lets you order an Atlas V rocket launch to your specification and date, from a website. Like a car configurator. With an up-front price quote included. I mean sure, you can do it for fun, but one press on the "submit" button will let you put down your name for a reservation - and then the company will contact you to hash out the details of your contract. This in an industry that's traditionally so hush-hush about their deals that customers often have to sign NDAs about the exact price they paid, this is a pretty big step forward. And, of course, a pretty rad thing to any space geek. Also gives a lot more insight into how much payload exactly which configuration can lift to which particular orbit. Can't wait to see this become a trend!
  4. My First Collection The Collection is called Tulerman Industries Collection, was a cooperation with the Brazilian Giuliano Tulerman and the Youtube channel Kerbal Essences. (Thanks to Lukas!). Hello. (This is a collection of welded parts) I am newbie in this branch of KSP Collection. I need a time to update the forum post and the collection. So, if you think, `that collection is Regularly updated`, you are wrong. The time to update this is long, but i`ll try to update soon and soon. Giuliano Tulerman, CEO of Tulerman Industries Features: -Satelittes -Rockets Parts -Useless parts Plans to future: -New Rockets Parts* -New Sats* -New Useless Parts* *=This item can be your suggestion! Post in commentary what you wish in my mod! Green-Soon Yellow-No Soon and no Far Red-Far Know Bugs: -Soyuz Boosters can burn the Soyuz main Booster -Vega First Stage burn and can Explode due overheating. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/geH4zB8 http://imgur.com/WBJjyVA http://imgur.com/zBa633t http://imgur.com/Nz6aZij http://imgur.com/jxZveOe http://imgur.com/MG1LqeI http://imgur.com/K14I40u http://imgur.com/yHBoIbX http://imgur.com/N6Czj6x http://imgur.com/l0Id8RV http://imgur.com/SA8rYFr http://imgur.com/jZ9Byj8 http://imgur.com/h9pvXT8 http://imgur.com/ecaTxvS http://imgur.com/kA3cdjN http://imgur.com/fyAPczD http://imgur.com/UncVvbd http://imgur.com/ulTQgii http://imgur.com/Nag7hAg http://imgur.com/GT5v0HK http://imgur.com/pScfWNa http://imgur.com/uSl1bE9 http://imgur.com/hPIeXp9 http://imgur.com/bvgYYTC http://imgur.com/qlUo2d2 http://imgur.com/0rIIiXS Download: Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/83xj04hl1gmcnrp/TulermanIndustriesV0.9.5b.zip?dl=0 license- CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (Giuliano Tulerman © 2016, , All rights reserved) Versions: -V0.1- collection Release -V0.2-Renamed the manufacturer name-From Ubio, to Tulerman Industries -V0.3-Renamed from KerbalEssences and Tulerman Industries to Tulerman Industries Mod. -V0.4-Added Morelos Core, Orbcomn Sats and Cygnus. Changed F9 Tank and removed Decoupler. -V0.5- Added Compability with Tweakscale. Added Landing Zone in honor of the landing successfully the first stage rocket Falcon 9. -V0.6-Added Booster Nosecone Seperator, MMS and a new CubeSat model -V0.7-Added ASDS, DSCOVR. -V0.8-Added Saturn V and Apollo (suggestion by @Nansuchao) and SpaceX Falcon 9 V1.0 First and Second Stage and Dragon with trunk. -V0.8b-Corrected a bug founded in Dragon Capsule, removed RCS. -V0.9- Added Blue Origin New Shepard First Stage and Saturn IB First Stage, Separated F9 tanks in versions V1.0, V1.1 and V1.2. -V0.9.5-Upgraded Centaur Upper Stage and Falcon 9 V1.1 First Stage. Now the mod is in arrangement (All the Sats. are in the pods, tanks in tanks and engines in engines) -V0.9.5b-Increased Falcon 9 V1.2 First Stage Fuel quantity.
  5. http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2015/11/free-cubesat-rideshares-offered-ula-atlas-v-launches/ ULA is making cubesat dispensers standard on Atlas V (and eventually Vulcan) missions by 2017 (Delta is not doing this, as it is slated for retirement) launching up to 24 1U Cubesats, or 4 6U Cubesats per Atlas V launch as secondary payloads. This system adds a mass of 100 lbs (excluding the sats), and deploys the Cubesats next to the RL-10 Centaur engine. ULA will sell 24 of these slots to Cubesat slots to companies to use, while 6 of these is reserved for universities to use-for free. These 6 slots are awarded competitively.
  6. KSP: Atlas V 401 launching the OA-4 Cygnus (Cygnus CRS-4) While I was watching the countdown for the Atlas V 401 rocket that will launch the OA-4 Cygnus spacecraft to deliver supplies to the International Space Station, I got an idea to do the mission in KSP, using the Launchers Pack Atlas V and Raidernick's enhanced Cygnus. Of course, there are no weather issues that require delays to the launch in KSP. Cygnus was successfully delivered to a 100km circular orbit by the Centaur upper stage. Enjoy!
  7. What happened to the logos on the Atlas V launch tower? When Atlas V was still managed by Lockheed Martin, the Lockheed Martin logo was painted onto the side of the Atlas launch tower. When ULA took over AV operations, they painted "Atlas" onto the launch tower, along with a bunch of other logos, like this: Sometime in 2013, the logos disappeared from the launch tower. According to my records, the last Atlas V launch which used the tower with the logos was GPS IIF-4. Pictures from the MUOS-2 launch, which followed the GPS IIF-4 launch, showed the tower missing its logos. There are faint smudges in the places where the logos used to be. Currently, the launch tower looks like this: Does anyone know what happened to the logos and if it was deliberate, why did ULA decide to do that?
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