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Found 10 results

  1. Discussion/Suggestion Thread for M.O.T.H.S. @Randazzo (Production/Conceptual/Testing Modeler), [snip] @benjee10 (Modeling Assistance), @AtomicTech (Engine and Part Programmer), @MatterBeam (STR Knowledge Guru) M.O.T.H.S. is an acronym for: --> Modular --> Operation of --> Thermal tecHnologies with --> Solar heating M.O.T.H.S. is a mod for Kerbal Space Program that uses ModuleManager to replicate a Solar Thermal Rocket Engine System similar to the Solar Moth concept. Requirements: -Latest Version of Module Manager. -Latest Verion of Community Resource Pack. Optional (Waterfall): -Latest Version of Waterfall. -Latest Version of Stock Waterfall Effects. Roadmap: -Add Waterfall Support -Make Preliminary Parts and Tweak Performance to stay within a stock but interstellar scale. -Add Laser Thermal Parts. -Make Double Scale Parts for much larger exploration. -Add RealFuels Support. -Add Support for Nertea's WasteHeat System. -Add Alternative Skins for all Parts. -Add Support for RSS/RO Scale. -Add Triple Scale Parts.
  2. Downloads! Get it here at SpaceDock! Get the latest pre-release versions at GitHub! An odd selection of modified parts and new ones that've made their way into a mod. Highly recommended for any Snacks!-LS Players! Created by @AtomicTech and @Staticalliam7, with work from @ColdJ, @panarchist, @Caerfinon, @Snark, @steedcrugeon, @JadeOfMaar, @Jarin, @Porkjet, @zer0Kerbal, @Knight of St John, LouisB3, @Mad Rocket Scientist, @Tokamak, @hoojiwana, RocketWitch, Jebediah Kerloby, and @HebaruSan. LV-N "Nerv" mass is now decreased to 2.65. LV-N "Nerv"'s thrust is increased by about 16.67%. LV-N "Nerv" now has an Alternator that produces 0.3125 units of EC per second. LV-N now has a significant bump in its ISP numbers! All Pods now have an emergency fuel cell. Please note that this cell is 67% as efficient as the radially mounted fuel cell. All Engines, stock only I think, now have a small, 2.5 unit battery added to them. The Mark 1-2 Command Pod, hopefully, should show back up. Fingers crossed. The old Reliant is now the Raptor Reliant and has an overhauled performance. The old Swivel is now the Swiveling Raptor and has an overhauled performance. Redid the description and other minor stats for the Experimental Storage Unit. The stock LES now has a slightly higher thrust. The HG-5's stats have been tweaked to bring it closer to the CM-16. New Blue Cirrus Snack Generator! New Waste Fluid Resource that comes from the Fuel Cell that's used in the Blue Cirrus Snack Generator to make snacks quicker. New Waste Fluid Storage Tank. New Black and White Suits based off of the Original and Future Suits. New Multipurpose Propellant used in the AT-NTRO Advanced RCS Engine and to increase the efficiency of the Blue Cirrus. The Xenon-O-Tron that uses the Convert-O-Tron 125 to convert intake air to Multipurpose Propellant, Xenon Gas, and Oxidizer. 1.875m Xenon Tank from MissingHistory by Snark. Redistributed under the CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 LICENSE. A Vernor variant, named AT-NTRO Advanced RCS Engine, that runs on multipurpose propellant. Modified Greenhouse Parts from PSA-Greenhouse. Redistributed under the GPLv3 LICENSE. Modified Palici and Stowaway Parts from MissingHistory by Snark. Redistributed under the CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 LICENSE. A Nuclear Reactor that runs on Klutonium, a new resource only found in trace amounts in the rocky planets and in higher concentrations on Tylo, that are adapted from KE-01 Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator by JebediahKerloby. Redistributed under the MIT LICENSE. Note: The Klutonium's statistics are completely original, the only thing it borrows from KE-01 Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator is the name. New SRB thrust calculations! Borrowed from sunnypunny's Kerbal Witchery and licensed under the MIT License. IMPORTANT! This requires Snacks, Module Manager to function as well as Atomic Technologies Incorporated. Another Note: Snacks! isn't 100% required but is highly recommended. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT RENAME ANY FILES OR FOLDERS. Licenses Below: Another thanks to @Snark for reminding me that I needed to post the License on my forum page. Crisis Averted!
  3. Heyo Everyone! I've been more than ambitious with my projects recently and I need a place where I can keep track of it and get feedback. List of Current Projects: AT Inc. Junkyards 1.2.2 Release. BrickMod Updated Updates. New Mission Report Series.
  4. Using the KSP-RO Team's beautiful KerbalRenamer, I've created a three new cultures that contain Kerbalized last names! You'll need to select the CUSTOM profile to get these last names. Download here at Github! SpaceDock wasn't left out! Disclaimer: This mod does include SpaceLink. It's titled SpaceLink.dll. (Screenshots hopefully coming soon!)
  5. After the Golden Age of Aerospace Travel, spurred by J-Tech, events on Kerbin made space travel too expensive for a vast majority of companies. Because of this many kompanies left hardware and various pieces of infrastructure floating in orbit around the Kerbol System, slowly decaying. 40 years later, a new company emerged from the ashes from J-Tech, dead set on returning the Kerbal Race to its former glory. AtomicTech, a Science and R&D kompany, worked hard to prepare itself and the Kerbal Race for a decades-long kampaign to reclaim and recolonize the Kerbol System. Mission Log: Spacecraft/Hardware Log Space Stations Log Kerbonaut Log Chapters Chapters 6 and 7 coming soon.
  6. Hey Everyone! I've been working on my Junkyards 1.2.2 release (1.2.1 can be found as a pre-release on GitHub) and I've started to implement Waterfall support. I don't really have the time necessary to implement SmokeScreen and I need some help in finishing the existing Waterfall plume and implementing plumes where they're missing. So, if you want to help out, head on over to the GitHub Repo and make some pull requests! Thanks! -AtomicTech
  7. Stock + DLC's + KRE + AmpYear + HullCam Feel free to post your designs too!
  8. Hey Everyone! I'm finishing AtomicTech Inc. Junkyards and I have a particularly bothersome bug that I'd really appreciate help with squashing. Whenever I load Junkyards, I get 10 Errors from Module Manager regarding all the parts in my mod. The only part of those .cfg files that regards Module Manager is the header, PART:NEEDS[SnacksUtils]:AFTER[SnacksUtils]. I need this header so that the parts load after Snacks so they call upon @Angel-125's Snack resource. Can anyone take a look at my code and help me with this?
  9. Hello! I'm getting close to releasing Version 1.0.0 of my mod, AtomicTech Inc. Junkyards, and I'm going through, looking for bugs to squash when I came across the biggest problem yet, Nodes. I have a large number of resized parts in my mod and I'd really appreciate if someone could fix it! I'm still rather green with my skills and only really know about configuring a part and its stats not really anything about modeling. So, I'm looking for a Parts Specialist(s) who'd be willing to go through the GitHub Repo and fix the nodes where possible.
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