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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, I've been looking around, but can't seem to find anything like this. I love playing with extreme realism, and one thing that is very important in real life is spacecraft attitude for communications. I would like to either find a mod (or if need be, develope one) that requires orienting non-omni antennas toward either the DSN or a relay. I want to require GEO satellites to point their dishes down toward the planet (using PersistentRotation makes this possible). Ideally, if comms are not oriented correctly, the spacecraft would act as if their was a loss of line-of-sight, and have all the limitations that implies. Is there such a mod? I am not an expert modder, but I have done a lot of amateur .cfg editing and tweaking, and I have a rudimentary knowledge of C#, etc. Would this be a difficult mod to create?
  2. I have a space telescope that's a tad difficult to train on a target that's far off... when I maneuver the telescope, there's a bit of drift back and forth as SAS tries to settle it on target. I was thinking I need to add more reaction wheels to make the training a bit more precise, but perhaps I'm going the wrong direction? Might I actually be overpowered with my reaction wheels? (What I have right now is the HECS probe's internal reaction wheels...)
  3. Hey guys, I've recently been having a LOT of fun playing KSP without reaction-wheels. It adds a whole new depth to the game. Whereas before, the only thing I ever had to think about was whether I had decent electric charge, I now have to think about where/when to use the RCS (and most importantly when to save it), aerodynamic surfaces, and engine gimbaling. Seriously, it's like I've installed some crazy new mod pack or something, but it's all stock. Becausse monopropellant is limited, not using it whenever possible is obviously very important for a satellite/spacecraft. So I've been playing around with spin-stabilization, and it does in fact work. The only requirement is that you MUST have at least two non-physicless parts attached radially. The physics engine will model angular momentum if there are actual masses whizzing around in circles. A big bonus (to me) is that spacecraft and satellites look more realistic, and very cool, while spinning in orbit. I may even install PersistentRotation so they keep spinning in time warp. Anyway, I have started wondering if there's anything besides main engine orientation that depends on attitude in KSP. Are there any tasks I can do with spin-stabilized spacecraft? Are there any mods that would add extra reasons for attitude control, like antenna/sensor aiming? Thanks!
  4. Hello. I am currently playing with asteroid and I have an issue with attitude control of one of them. I have USI Asteroid Recycling Technologies installed. This mod modifies the mass and density of asteroids as so they are bigger and denser than stock (a C'ish' asteroid becomes big as an E'ish' one and so on). In order to steer the asteroid I have placed 2 ships on the opposite sides of it and they are equipped with a lot of RCS. When the ships are detached the RCS is behaving like it should but when they are attached to the asteroid not even a single drop of monopropellant is used and I have to rely only on reaction wheels for attitude control. How is that? Is there any option that can enable the RCS to work even when attached to an asteroid. As a side note I would like to stress that I do have Mechjeb installed too and I tried fiddling with its options but to no avail. Thanks
  5. Hi, I've been playing KSP for a few weeks now, and I'm new to these forums. Forgive me if this issue might have been discussed before, but I couldn't find it in the first 10 pages or so. When the craft is rotating when you activate time warp, it suddenly stops rotating (only doing an apparent rotation relative to the body you're orbiting because the absolute attitude remains the same). I admit I often use this glitch to cheat a little bit on craft that don't have a lot of attitude control (start rotation to desired attitude and then press "." and "," to instantly stop the rotation) but it kind of feels wrong. Maybe there's a good technical reason for this, but if at all possible, it would be nice if this could be changed. Also, SAS does not work during time warp but it DOES contiue to use energy! I have often found myself with dead batteries after timewarping through the solar system with SAS accidentally left on. It should either be officially off (and not use energy) or actually work if it does remain on. Right now it's the worst of both worlds, draining energy while not working. Also, some kind of warning or auto-off feature would be welcome for SAS. It's really easy to time warp through a multi-month solar system excursion and then realise that you just completely drained your batteries. Can trash an entire mission in a few seconds of inattention. Thanks, Michel
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