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Found 2 results

  1. Total newbie here. I'm trying to control the attitude of my rocket in the simplest possible beginner configuration, but it seems the only way to control attitude is with the keyboard, which seems to be basically impossible to get right. Even full pitch up or down (or yaw left/right) during the ascent phase seems to stop at about 30 deg off vertical, and it seems to be impossible to control the craft in an engine-down attitude using the keyboard controls. Is there some magic here that I'm missing? TIA, Frank On a different, but related, topic. It is frustrating that I can only practice attitude control on the rocket for a few seconds after max altitude. Then I have to wait until the rocket lands, recover the rocket, launch the rocket, and wait for engine burnout before getting another few seconds of attitude control practice time. Any way to speed this up (I'm already using the warp controls, but this doesn't affect the long times required go through the recovery checklist, load the VAB scene, load the launch pad scene, and then the ascent time. Any help would be appreciated Frank
  2. Hi fellow KSP players, I'm trying to find a way to assign keys on the my keyboard to control the SAS, for exemple, i'd like to assign a key to select the PROGRADE, and an other one for RETROGRADE, so i dont need to use my mouse to click on the GUI button on the left of the navball. Is there a mod out there that does that ?? Is there a third party software that can link an area of my screen with a hotkey ??? Did anybody did that before ? any suggestion ?? Thanks a lot in advance Chris
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