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Found 16 results

  1. I recently updated to 1.12.3 and have a modlist which previously never was an issue. When I go into the VAB or SPH make a flight and revert back then from that point on the game plays construction sound noises, like jackhammering, spooling of engines, hammering and so on The noise is loud and no audio slider in the menu affects it at all. It only plays in these two buildings but I have no idea why Its really hard to play and build when you basically live next to a construction zone.
  2. Hi I'm playing KSP on the Xbox one X and it's the enhanced edition and my question is how do I fix the audio crackling noise when I'm taking off? No matter what engine I use no matter what rocket I use every time I launch there is a terrible cracking noise and it's annoying the heck out of me and I don't know if it's a setting in the audio normalizer that I need to fix because right now I'm running at threshold of 1.0 and responsiveness is 16. I have literally adjusted every slider I can trying to figure out which one is making that noise and I can't figure it out can someone help me?
  3. Real Chatterer Real Chatterer is an add-on for the mod Chatterer that replaces the kerbal gibberish with recordings of real astronauts, cosmonauts, and even satellites. Real Chatterer is chiefly meant for Realism Overhaul and Real Solar System players to give them a more immersive experience while using Chatterer. UPDATE (2/22/20) V0.5 is released! V0.5 includes several new clip sets from Gemini and Mercury. UPDATE (11/17/19) V0.4 is released! V0.4 includes a new space shuttle chatterer set with 111 clips. Real Chatterer includes: 111 clips from Space Shuttle flights (Modern LEO and HEO flights). 85 Apollo clips from Apollo 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 (Apollo-era LEO, HEO, and Lunar flights). 25 Apollo EVA clips from Apollo 11, 12, 14 and 15 (Apolla-era 2+ Lunar EVA). 66 Gemini clips from Gemini 4, 9A, 10, and 11 (Longer duration pre Apollo-era LEO flights). 12 Gemini EVA clips from Gemini 4 and 10 (Earliest EVAs). 97 Mercury clips (divided among three sets) from Mercury-Redstone 3 & 4, and Mercury-Atlas 6. (Earliest manned flight, suborbital and LEO). 49 Soyuz clips (Apollo-era/modern LEO and HEO for Soviets). 19 Vostok and Voskhod clips. (Early manned flight, suborbital and LEO for Soviets). Several new beeps including authentic sounds from Sputnik 1, Sputnik 3, Vanguard, Explorer 1, Explorer 7, Polyot 1, Proton 1, Proton 4, Relay 1, SECOR 3 and Cosmos 177. Disclaimer: I don't speak Russian so I can't guarantee that the Russian clips make any sense at all. Dependencies: Chatterer (0.9.97) Recommendations: Realism Overhaul and it's dependencies Real Solar System DOWNLOAD: Download for Real Chatterer How to Install: 1. Install Chatterer, if your a Realism Overhaul player, install the chatterer version appropriate for your version of RO and KSP. 2. Unzip 'Real Chatterer 0.5.zip' 3. Open folder 'Real Chatterer 0.5' 4. Open Gamedata inside of 'Real Chatterer 0.5' 5. Place Chatterer folder in your gamedata, override when asked. 6. Open Chatterer in-game by clicking on the grey microphone in the toolbar. 7. In the settings tab of Chatterer, enable 'Show Advanced Options.' 8. In the 'Chatter' tab, click on the directory name box and remove the text. Input "realapollo" without the quotation marks or any spaces and hit load. Repeat for "realvostok" "realsoyuz" "realapolloeva" "realshuttle" "realgemini" "realgeminieva" "realmercurysub" "realmercuryalt" "realmercuryorbit" and "realshuttleeva" 9. Adjust chatterer settings such as chatter frequency and volume. Assign a button for the 'Insta-chatter key' under settings if your need for talking is urgent. If Chatterer is not working, or does not appear in the toolbar, you've probably installed the wrong version of Chatterer or messed up the installation. If Chatterer is too quiet, try turning up Chatter volume or increasing the Ambience volume in your settings menu. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License Audio is sourced from Sven's Space Place, NASA Audio Collection and Matthias Bopp's Sounds from Space
  4. I am currently creating a part and it has many functionalities. One of it is a cargo door. Is there any way I can add a sound effect to the door opening animation. How would I go about doing this? Any help and feedback is appreciated.
  5. Who in Billy Mitchel's name picked those jet engine sounds for KSP 1.4? And why did they get so much louder in KSP 1.4.5? I know my way around part configurations. If I can extract the original jet audio from an older KSP edition, how can I replace the 1.4.5 jet sounds with them?
  6. Currently a lot of the mods in the "Misc" category on Curse(Forge) are audio or visual mods - mods that change nothing except the user experience. These don't fit into any other category. Adding a "Audio and Visual" or some better-named category would help users answer their "how do I get screenshots like that??!" questions. Who is responsible for deciding the available categories? Also to that person: the "Recent Files" only shows the most recently uploaded, not the one for the most recent KSP version. In contrast, mods for Minecraft show one for each Minecraft version.
  7. Hello, today after the Making History expansion installed I launched the game and no output sound at all. My sound works perfectly fine for other games or browser, only KSP seems to not work. I checked online to see if I could fix it myself, but I can not. the game is not muted on the mixer and I don't know what to do to fix this problem. I would appreciate a little help from people that know what they are doing. Tanks build id = 02089 Output_Log_part1 Output_log_part2 I hope this has a solution because KSP is my favorite game and I was so hyped for the Making History expansion.
  8. It has always really annoyed me that when i am blasting my engines in mapview, the sound tends to come 100% from the left or right speaker most of the times. The ship is always centered in the camera so this thing makes no sense to me, and even if it did i would still love to be able to disable this.
  9. Modifies the in-flight sound to be more realistic: Makes the amplitude what an actual comoving listener would hear at the position of the camera — if the craft is supersonic, you will not hear any sound outside the shock cone, and will hear louder close to the shock Mutes the sound by atmospheric density — the thinner the air, the quieter the sound Has no effect in IVA mode I was using Atmospheric Sound Enhancement, but it not works with latest KSP, ergo Sonic Realism. Code Download MIT License To use, copy SonicRealism.dll somewhere into your GameData directory (for example: GameData/SonicRealism). Cheers!
  10. Anyone else test use a Twin Boar engine and get a strange crackling/clicking sound when the engine is powered up? The noise I hear is following a specific repeated pattern. If I put the throttle to zero the noise goes away, if I slowly throttle up or down, the pitch of the crackling changes along with throttle up/down. It sounds like this was maybe supposed to be part of the engine noise, but the crackling I'm hearing just doesn't seem to really fit. I have never noticed this noise with Twin Boar on previous KSP Xbox version, nor have I heard it with the PC version.
  11. I play the game with sound from my speakers usually. One day, I decided to use my headphones (logitech G35) for a bit. While the game was open, I switched back to my speakers, but that didn't work. This usually means you just have to relaunch the game. But that didn't work. When I have my speakers as my default audio device, KSP refuses to make any sound whatsoever. It is not muted in the volume mixer, but it does appear there. The crazy part is, the audio DOES work on my headphones (when I have those selected as audio device). So, in short: KSP plays no sound when speakers are default audio devices, but the sound works fine when using my headphones. I tried resetting setting, re-installing the game (to a different directory) and rebooting multiple times. I am at a loss. What can I do to solve this?
  12. I have an interesting issue: The volume of one of soundtrack's song's is basically near muted while the other song is normal. Does anyone have any idea what's causing this?
  13. Hey, i want to programm a little sound mod, in first step with a earth rotation sound only in orbit and none IVA of kerbin and maybe step by step other planets with different rotaion sounds. The second quest is a heartbeat and a breathing sound only in eva for example.. pls write me here if you can help me to bring it on. I have the sounds that must be repeat. For example can it sound so in orbit and EVA: ProjectAudioExample By the way i made a better breathing for chatterer but i have no rotation sound.. anyone have a solution? So here is the Chatterer upgrade they sounds good: ChattererBreathingUpdate Also i have better icons for TacLifeSupport: TacLifeSupportIconUpdate
  14. This is a small plugin with a singular purpose: as the air around your ship gets less and less dense, your audio is muffled, until it's nothing more than a deep bass rumble. There's a config file included with the plugin - currently used to toggle its functionality on and off, and to activate debug mode (which spits out a bunch of info to the console as it does its thing). Known issues: ALL audio is muffled, not a thing I can do about that. Unity's audio system is currently unfortunately quite limited. Also, if your audio system has poor bass response, you won't be able to hear much of anything when it's muffled. Note, Jan 31 '16: With Unity 5 and its new audio system on the way it might become possible to be more selective about what muffler mutes, but this all depends on how Squad has laid the audio out internally. But I don't think I'll be the one to do this. If 1.1 turns out to be the update that finally kills Muffler, I think I'll pass the torch to anyone else who wants it. Download from SpaceDock Download Source Licensed under CC-BY http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ Please let me know of any problems you find, and I'll do what I can.
  15. Hi everyone, what's the easiest way to tone down the KSC birdsong effects, without simultaneously reducing the music volume of the editor and orbit soundtracks? I know it's tied to the music slider, but adjusting that causes other unwanted effects. I tried to find the birdsong audio clip in my KSP directory to edit the soundtrack manually, but just found sound_ambience_nature.wav which I don't think is the right one (it sounds a bit different and more clicky than the loud piercing one). I read that SoundTrackEditor can do what I want, but the download links there are broken and in any case if possible I'd rather avoid adding yet another mod just for this single function.
  16. Hi, i have multiple playback devices i use. Headphones, speakers in my monitor and a hifi-system. To change the playback device, i use a tool named SSD (SetSoundDevice) wich is doing nothing else as changing the preferred playback device. Most games can handle this and allow to change the output device while the game is running. But with KSP, i have to exit the game, change the device and restart the game each time i want to swap from speakers to headphones for instance. Would it be possible to change this behaviour in a future release ? Thx & greetz, ezfox
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