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Found 4 results

  1. I think it would be great to heave the ability to programm tasks for the Spaceship to perform... IN ADDITION to the action groups. When you want to design a Capsule that lands in water with parachutes but also got retro thruster to slow the landing. It would be cool to be able to programm the task to ignite the thrusters when reaching a specific height. For example 5 metres above surface height. It would also be great to add the possibility to perform a specific action after a certain number of time. Just like detaching two boosters + disabling the engine (like an action group) so the boosters can separate peacefully and after 2 seconds reigniting the engine. It could also be some kind of extension to the action groups as we know them. Also in terms of automation it would be cool to heave. When you install a mod that adds a real Soyuz Capsule it has to ignite its retro thrusters. I just thought I want to open this thread. I think it would be a nice idea wich can really make some things easier. If it really is a great idea, I would be extremely happy to see it in KSP 2.
  2. I’m in the camp where I think “best practice” is to leave my Steam™ installation alone, and copy the entire KSP folder to a different spot and use that to play KSP with. That also has the advantage that you can keep your existing 1.1.3 install while frolicking around with the 1.2 pre-release. Of course there is the boring act of copying over the files from Steam when a new pre-release-release has taken place. A simple file copy will do, but there’s always the theoretical risk of leaving files from a previous release that are no longer needed. More thorough is to remove all existing files, but keep your mods and saves, and then copy the new release over. To get a clean update, every single time, I’ve written a simply Python script that does all that for me. I’m sure there is room for improvement—let me know! The advantage of using a script like this is the ability to extend it. This weekend I'll add a function to change some of the settings (notably using IJKL to steer rovers, and running KSP in window mode) for instance. That will be easy at this point. Anyway, I thought sharing wouldn’t be harmful. Enjoy! # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # update KSP installation by copying over from steam # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- import os, shutil from zipfile import * # source is the location of your steam (squad?) copy SOURCE = r'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program' # dest is the actual install you're playing with DEST = r'C:\Users\Kerbart\Documents\Kerbal Space Program 1.2' # zipfile is where the data is temporarily saved. your system temp folder # would be good. or a ramdrive, if you have one. ZIPFILE = r'R:\' # the exception list of directories NOT to back up EXCEPT = ['saves\\scenarios','saves\\training','gamedata\\squad'] def main(): exec('Backup', makeZip) exec('Clear', clearDest) exec('Copy', copyAll) exec('Restore', extractZip) print('Done') def exec(title, function): print(title) function() def clearDest(): shutil.rmtree(DEST) def copyAll(): shutil.copytree(SOURCE, DEST) def extractZip(): myZip = ZipFile(ZIPFILE, mode='r') myZip.extractall(DEST) def makeZip(): myZip = ZipFile(ZIPFILE, mode='w') process_sub_path(DEST, 'gamedata', myZip) process_sub_path(DEST, 'saves', myZip) myZip.close() def process_sub_path(base_path, sub_path, zipfile): full_path = os.path.join(base_path, sub_path) for name in os.listdir(full_path): short_path = os.path.join(sub_path, name) if short_path.lower() in EXCEPT: pass else: full_name = os.path.join(base_path, sub_path, name) if os.path.isfile(full_name): zipfile.write(full_name, short_path, ZIP_DEFLATED) elif os.path.isdir(full_name): process_sub_path(base_path, short_path, zipfile) if __name__ == '__main__': main()
  3. THIS IS THE OLD THREAD! @linuxgurugamer has graciously taken over this mod as he has the tools, talent, and most importantly (and surprisingly given the number of mods he maintains) time to keep up with it. Please visit the new thread here: Spoilering the rest of this as it's going to get more and more irrelevant over time. Thanks to KottabosGames for showcasing All Y'All on YouTube (why didn't I think to do that?) And also thanks to Chrizz for his review as well, that shows All Y'All working with non-stock science parts.
  4. AutoRove Mod for Kerbal Space Program A KSP Mod to give the Protodyne Rove Body the ability to move a landed vessel towards a target coordinate autonomously in the background. Right click on the Rove Body and activate AutoRove. The speed of the rover is the maximum speed the wheels can tolerate, scaled down for lower gravity worlds (but not up for higher). This mod is redistributing ModuleManager and Mini-AVC License: MIT Source: Bitbucket Download: * Bitbucket * Kerbalstuff * CKAN File Changelog: v. 1.0.3: - should now work if the Rove Body is not the root part - fixed a bug with rovers having a speed of 0 v. 1.0.2: - should now work if generators are attached - minor cosmetic changes v. 1.0.1: - AutoRove works now properly around the KSC - fixed the .version file v. 1.0.0: - initial release Known Issues: * does not track energy use for moving * only numeric input for target coordinates, no mouse over * does not move the active vessel, only unloaded vessels * no visual display for the target