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  1. AtmosphereAutopilot plugin I'm a flight man. After getting bored from mundane KSP launch routine I found myself enjoying my old hobby - atmospheric flight. And then the struggle was born - lack of control. SSTO's were annoying, keeping them on ascent was hard. Flying anything but overdamped dart was exhausting even with joystick. I felt like i'm in 1940-s, and it was not the feeling i wanted to get from a game I love so much. One year ago, in November of 2014, I started working on this plugin to solve those problems for me. I needed three things in my life: generic fly-by-wire
  2. Throttle Controlled Avionics - Continued real-time engine balancing, attitude and altitude control, VTOL autopiloting Originally created by qfeys and Zenka Current development and maintenance: allista TCA is a plugin that enhances the attitude control of a ship by dynamically changing the output of its engines and RCS thrusters. Even with most unbalanced designs TCA maintains stable flight and quick precise response to user or autopilot input. TCA also provides many sophisticated autopilot programs based on this core functionality, including waypoint navigation a
  3. kOS Scriptable Autopilot System v1.3.1.0 for KSP 1.10.1 and KSP 1.11.x (This is a continuation of the old thread about the kOS mod: ( 1.2.2 kOS scriptable autopilot system ).) kOS (Kerbal Operating System) is an autopilot you script yourself. kOS is to programming, what Kerbal Space Program itself is to rocket science. You don’t have to know what you’re doing to get started, but you may find yourself learning a lot by accident as you play with it. And if you already know a lot about programming, it will still be able to hold your interest. kOS is meant to scale with the skill leve
  4. Features Speed control Maintain altitude Maintain heading Maintain climbrate Autonomous takeoff Autonomous landing Fly a pre-programmed route Fly to a pre-programmed waypoint Also works in FAR What it is This is a project I've been working on forever. Programming an atmospheric autopilot can be very, very hard, but I've came up with an acceptable result, at least in my eyes, and wanted to let you guys be able to check it out! There is much to be optimized which I will do in the future as well as add new features, but for now, the r
  5. Are there any mods where I could set up a mission which would be repeated on a regular basis? Such as having a space station around Duna with craft that automatically go down to the moons and mine for fuel so the space station always has fuel? I'm more specifically thinking about this so is there another way of doing this so I dont have to be constantly doing the same mission over and over again?
  6. Had an idea for a new set of SAS buttons to add to the current set: Flight heading Buttons. Currently you can set your SAS autopilot to prograde, normal, etc., but it would be extremely helpful to be able to align your craft with the compass headings. 90°- (east) 0° - (north) 270° -(west) 180° - (south) While it would have many helpful uses, I currently have the greatest need for it when launching into orbit and want to keep my heading at exactly 90°. The only way to do this currently is to manually keep your marker lined up with the compass. The prograde ma
  7. Do you hate it when your craft is tugging along on SAS and you want to correct the course a bit? You touch pitch controls and it gets all wobbly. There is a simple solution to your problem: SAS should not control the control input, but work via the TRIM settings. You control input would be combined with the TRIM and you would have perfect controls even with SAS activated. Better yet: Allow the TRIM settings to be kept when leaving SAS (maybe with a modifier key or so) and move your craft from SAS to full manual control without even the slightest bump. Why we
  8. Guuuuuwd Moooorning everyone! I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday so far! I have a question regarding MechJeb 2 and the Aircraft Autopilot. Since the wiki is so outdated it doesn't even contain a single line of text regarding the specific part of the MJ2 mod, I thought I would try my luck over here! So far I managed to make the autopilot obey my orders of altitude and direction, however, I struggle with getting it to listen to my command when it comes to speed Down here I have provided a screenshot, you will see the Aircraft Autopilot window. Notice that I have set the
  9. The goal of this series/project is to develop a KOS script that can fly a falcon heavy like rocket or a single booster rocket and return all boosters and the first stage to the KSC autonomously. Progress will be posted over time. I will post single 'flights' on YouTube and in responses to this post. Each 'flight' will include an iteration on the source code adding or improving a single feature. The source code is available on Github. There now is a followup project: Questions/comments/improvements are greatly appreciated. Mission Log: Flight #1 - Simple Hop
  10. For about a year now I've been looking a mod to give space ship/fighters "combat AI" to move ships around, turn guns to face and to dodge incoming fire. Are there any fighter/ship AIs out yet for use with BDA these days?
  11. I am working on a plugin for docking and am trying to align the current vessel with the docking axis of the target. I am trying to use the vessel Autopilot.SAS to do this and so far it does not seem to work. In my FixedUpdate() handler I am first ensuring that it is in StabilityAssist mode: if (vessel.Autopilot.Mode != VesselAutopilot.AutopilotMode.StabilityAssist) { Deb.Log("Engaging StabilityAssist"); vessel.Autopilot.SetMode(VesselAutopilot.AutopilotMode.StabilityAssist); sas_orientation_set = false;
  12. Hi all, I am wondering if it would be possible to create a Mechjeb-like interface that can control the ship with three parameters: 1: A target planet or ship. 2: A selected amount of acceleration force measured in gravities. 3: Whether or not the ship has the delta-v to complete the brachistochrone trajectory. Once all three of these are fulfilled, the ship should (hopefully) burn at the target, flip 180 degrees at the exact midpoint, and burn to arrive at a safe speed. These rules do assume a torchdrive, but that's easy - just set the thrust value and ISP of your torc
  13. I started working on a new Module that will allow me to do a hands-off powered descent and mun lander. The module is good at controlling the throttle. However, it is not good at keeping the craft locked on its retrograde! At first, the ship will point almost exactly at the retrograde. However, after several seconds, the craft will stop following the retrograde, and only adjust once the retrograde has drifted very far from the craft's heading. Using SAS, I can click on the hold retrograde icon, and it fixes the problem. This works, but I don't want people to have to mess with their SA
  14. This is a continuation of the Excellent work by Nivekk. Without it, this mod would certainly not exist. What's new CHANGELOG Current Version: - Released 2017/9/18 What is it kOS is a scriptable autopilot Mod for Kerbal Space Program. It allows you write small programs that automate specific tasks. With kOS, you can issue commands to your ships via a command line, or write programs to automate tasks. kOS can interact with other parts on your craft via action groups, it can also be set to run programs in response to action groups being fired. kOS requires Ke
  15. Hi. I am having some trouble with rovers going downhill with mechjeb rover autopilot on. I set speed for 10m/s, for instance, but when downhill mechjeb won't apply brakes and will only, apparently, try to brake with the engines, which doesn't works. I can easily, manually, brake and the brakes are effective, it is just MJ that does not appears to use them. Any alternatives? I am using KSP 1.2, RO, RSS, all dependencies, and a few more mods like MJ2
  16. Can someone recommend a good autopilot/cruise control mod? I mainly just want something that will maintain a consistent altitude during atmospheric flight but other kinds of autopilot would be a cool bonus.
  17. I recently had another series, 2mF, developing a KOS script to automatically fly, return and land boosters in KSP. I decided to try that again, this time with less "empirically determined values" and with explaining my code. This should make the script fit to multiple different missions, not just this one specific rocket. I hope to be able to demonstrate New Shepard, Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy like missions. This also is an editing-learning-experience for me. So I hope the audio quality on the next video will be better, I am trying! I want this to be a community-thing, so I am looking
  18. Здраствуйте любители космоса. Подскажите пожалуйста мод автопилота к версии ksp 1.2.9 какие моды пробовал: MechJeb - 2.6.0 вылетает при загрузке.
  19. I Recently downloaded KOS and I kind of have an idea of what I want to do. I want to script multiple scripts to achieve an Apollo style Landing on the moon and to do this I have decided on the scripts I want to make.. The first one is the auto-launch program where the craft goes up to 5 - 10 km then preforms a gravity turn and is put on a heading until the objective altitude is reached then it coasts to Apogee then makes the circularization burn I also want it to script the if negative vertical velocity to trigger the abort action group and switch to a file that contains procedures for the abo
  20. The way stability assist seems to work at the moment is it holds your position based on some universal plane; while this is great for orbiting celestial bodies, it is a pain in the atmosphere. I suggest changing the plane of reference when surface mode is engaged to lock onto the current angle and orientation of the navball. If you wish to hold 20° vertically while travelling east, face east and aim at 20° then engage stability assist in surface mode. When the navball is changed to orbital mode then change the plane of reference back to its normal behavior (the way stability assist works
  21. I am having a problem where I want to launch rockets from a high-altitude airplane to lower costs. The airplane has a detachable rocket with enough delta-V to get to orbit from high altitude, but not enough to get to orbit from the ground. Currently I am doing my best to put the airplane in level flight, hit stability control, switch control to the rocket, then launch, but I find that in the time it takes to put the rocket in stable orbit, the airplane eventually hits the ground destructively. I'm not even sure if I can switch back to the aircraft from the space control center if it survived (
  22. Hi, I found two bugs so far in KSP 1.1.1 unmodded (both 32 and 64 bits clients): 1) When I have a ship sitting on a RE-I5 skipper on the launch pad (for example a cockpit, two X200-32 and a RE-I5) with engine and SAS off, it starts wobbling more and more until it crash on the side. 2) Sometimes, in the upper atmosphere my SAS will go crazy (at around 40 000 m, 1000 m/s). It is difficult to reproduce, I will update my post if I find the cause. Edit: I could not isolate #2. I'm not sure if it is a bug. When a rocket can bend just enough, the SAS will overuse the engine's gi
  23. Hi Folks, So I've been a Kerbal player for over 2 years now, really enjoy all the new stuff and extremely excited about the new patch (limited signal ranges, wheel traction updates, etc). My problem with playing Kerbal is, now that I have a family to look after, I can't dedicate hours of playing time needed (at least that I needed) to tinker rocket designs, or fly them to best efficiency once designed. Having also missed a couple of patches, I no longer know instinctively which engines with what fuel amounts will launch a particular sized payload to orbit, etc. Combine all
  24. Hey there, I have a problem with the window tabs while playing with the latest MechJeb version (2.5.5). When I engaged autopilot in the ascent guidance tab everything was good until I pressed space bar to initiate the launch where suddenly all the information in the window disappears and it goes blank! Also executing nodes does not seem to work and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Is there something I am doing wrong or is this a techincal error? Thanks, Paul
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