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Found 15 results

  1. FuelWings Fuel resources added to stock and B9/B9 Procedural Wings. This addon allows you to add and customize fuel types/quantities in stock wings, and automatically cross-feed between other parts! Also supports B9/B9 Procedural Wings. The intention of this is to improve weight & balance, reduce craft size, and increase aesthetics. More info & Credits in info.txt file. Current Note: ModularFuelTanks is no longer required, is now just a "default" option. Check changelog, swap out as needed. Shoutout to Critter79606! Installation:
  2. Recently there's been some press about a new company that's building ultra-efficient small aircraft, called Otto Aviation. Their prototype, the Celera 500L, portends to be a vision of commercial aviation to come. The Celera is not very unusual from a strictly technical configuration: lightweight monocoque single engine prop aircraft for 6 passengers and one pilot. However it's the details that really make it a weird and forward-thinking design, and business case. The composite egg/torpedo shaped circular fuselage and thin trailing empenage are designed to take advantage of lam
  3. Hello people, after getting the Breaking Ground update I was thrilled to finally be able to build stock propeller planes! Well, the hype quickly died because it's pretty roundabout flying that stuff. So after making larger propeller planes and a P-38 replica that was actually flying pretty well (but with constant pitch adjustment), I decided to go simple and make very small planes that don't need THAT much input. So I started by trying to replicate the Wright Flyers. Didn't work out as planned, I had to kerbalize it a lot. Also it still had too many parts (over 40!). Then I discovere
  4. Can the pilot refuse to board a drunken passenger? Does is true that American may import to their country alcohol only when they 21? am not an American, do not judge me, but in my opinion, these American recipes regarding the consumption of alcohol only from the age of 21 are too restrictive? In my country, Poland is 18 years old and despite the patches of alcoholics attached to us, we have the smallest percentage of alcoholism among all age groups in the whole European Union :-) But I did not want to write about it, I read the funny situation of an American student 19 years or
  5. Good day. Since there is an official VTOL thread, but no dedicated STOL thread (or at least not a more recent one, or me not looking hard enough), I thought it would be nice to discuss small, cute planes that can take off and land at low speeds. Mainly because in the last days, I tinkered a bit with these kind of planes. Some of you might know the Fieseler "Storch", a plane used by the Luftwaffe in WW2 as recon machine and by many other organizations since then because it can take off at around 50 km/h (which is like 16-17 m/s) and land at zero with wind blowing against it. I tried b
  6. Have you ever found the airplane parts in KSP severely lacking? Have you ever wanted to carry around passengers in KSP and buy and sell aircraft as they evolve from WW1 era biplanes to a380s? If so, then this DLC would be for you! It would contain: A LOT of airplane parts, ranging from basic wing pieces for early planes, such as the Wright Flyer and such, to humongous jet engines, like those on gigantic jets such as the a380 and 747. Also would include spaceplane parts. A new game mode, "Aviation Mode", which would be a little like career mode, but instead of building airplanes, yo
  7. I have Asperger i'm live in Poland as kid i always dreamed to be pilot in our Polish Air Force and be pilot of our Mig-29 or General Dynamic F-16 that our ministry of defense once bought or at least be airline Pilot in "LOT" it our Polish National Air Carrier. Recently i started to watch American TV series the good doctor, about autistic doctor Shaun Murphy and his struggles with acceptance in his profession, it based on Korean tv series that i also plan to watch. So i once read about NASA engineer that had Asperger and is both programmer and research test Pilot at NASA, btw both Wrigh
  8. THIS THREAD IS DEPRECATED! This mod has been taken over by @MOARdV and is maintained in his thread here: CREDITS First things first: Big thanks for RPGprayer's "Position/Navigation Lights" AddOn, from which the Aviation Lights originated. Additional credits go to @Deadweasel, @Why485, @GROOV3ST3R, @JDP, @J.Random and especially @MOARdV for their great help/maintenance with/of this addon. Because I personally have my focus elsewhere and sadly do not play KSP much at this time, community member @MOARdV kindly took over maintenance of Aviation Lights temporarily and fixe
  9. Welcome to Raptor Aerospace Industries. My name is Raptor22, President and CEO of Raptor Industries. Please, enjoy your stay. Here at Raptor Industries, we are dedicated to bringing you reliable aircraft, spacecraft, and other aerospace systems that will serve you throughout multiple missions. From cargo planes to faster-than-light starships, we will ensure that our systems are versatile and affordable. We are not to be confused with Raptor Aerospace Concepts and Solutions. If you mistakenly came here, go here: View our products on KerbalX: Visit
  10. Started another career and since I think rockets are kinda dull, I've been trying to solve problems with planes as soon as it's feasible. It's fun to try to come up with a space plane that's good for something with Tier 1 tech. Obviously at this point it means rocket planes as there are no airbreathers powerful enough to be useful. So far, the best I've come up with is this -- the Jetstream, all stock. With those boosters it has enough legs to get to Minmus and back, which means it's good for tourists and search/recovery missions. This is in fact one thing tier 1 planes can do better than
  11. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20170825154143AApSxi4 I wonder with country have less restrictive aviation law in Europe and the world ?
  12. I noticed that both American US Navy and in Russian Navy their pilots consider himself as better on than regular jet pilots.
  13. Hi guys, I am trying to build my first plane in Career mode with only Aviation unlocked (and all other 45 science items), but without luck - plane is not steering, so I cant take off. I am tried to use elevons, and setting inputs, but still it doesn't work. Could give me idea or simple design? Thx!
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