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Found 11 results

  1. so, where can i set minimum and maximum for an axis, even wiggling the axis did not set the min-max, resulting in max-min-step-max behaviour. you cant test the controls in the settings, and you have to go all the way in to flight to test them, then just to find they were not working right. edit: why does alt-tabbing out of the program in win 10 64-bit make it white-hangup, crash?
  2. Hello, I am attempting to use my tflight HOTAS X joystick with ksp (steam version) on windows 10. I am in the input settings and the game can bind joystick buttons to certain actions, but when I go to edit the bindings for axis it recognizes the axis but then when I click accept it reverts to not assigned. What is the issue?
  3. Hi, I'm having a problem with setting up my joystick in 1.3.1. I move the stick to set the axis, but the menu box gets real finicky (spazzing numbers) and shows a different axis than the one I am actuating. Similar to this guy's unresolved problem: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/166279-joystick-axis-mapping-broken/&page=0#comment-3189356 Instead of showing "X" or "Y" axis, it shows "joystick 0.1" and numbers similar to that. In game, the controls are all whacked out. Using a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 joystick, in very good condition. Have no problem
  4. I would like to add ailerons to my craft and assign joystick axis or setof buttons to directly control them. For example small ailerons for trimming, or some more complex shenanigans. Is there a mod that allows that? Preferably stock parts controlled differently, but ideas about part mods (infernal robotics for example) can be suggested also. edit: It seems that there is no mod like the one I want. Is there anyone kind and skilled enough to make this kind of mod? I would draw an owl for you if you do. There's oly two things I'm dreaming of: -In a setup menu
  5. Using 1.2.2. x64, Windows 10. I can set my joystick controls alright, except KSP does not recognize my joystick's rudder and throttle axis. Other axis' are working well (finally!). My joystick controller is Arduino Pro Micro. In other games and in windows control panel joystick settings the axes are working well. I think it's axis 1.2. I found a workaround to set the potentiometer to use axis called "Y-axis" instead of throttle/rudder, but the problem persists, there's two axes that I can't use. My TM HOTAS 4 works perfectly in KSP.
  6. With KSP having come so far and with so many new updates and that, i was just wondering. If or When will Axial Tilts be added to planets? I mean i don't know that much about the coding behind it but i would assume it wouldn't be too hard to code. Add the degrees of tilt and the starting rotation of that tilt(Like if the north pole is facing away or towards the sun at a particular position in the orbit.)
  7. Hello, is it possible for a part like lander can mk.1 to change the axis, which is considered as the main or flight (the pitch and yaw are also bonded to it). My problem is, that I want to use the lander can for direct flight in direction of view, but by default, it has flight axis set verticaly, and it can't be override by control from another part, when I am inside with Kerbal and using cocpit view... Thx
  8. Hello, Since I received the 1.1.3 patch I have been unable to use my flight stick. I cannot set the axis bindings. When I click on "throttle axis" etc to set a binding nothing comes up. This is for all axis of any mode (flight, vehicle, etc). I can assign actions to joystick buttons, just not assign axis since no set dialogue appears. I have a Saitek x52 Pro. I had previously been using this joystick with a KSP mod called "advance fly by wire" that eliminated the large of amounts of lag with the joystick that this game has (its a known issue with this game). Since the mod now fai
  9. I used to use a 2 joysticks to play a lot last year but now when I load the game the pitch, roll and yaw axis are all going mad and that's when using one stick and no other controllers plugged in. Win7 64, vanilla build. It was doing this before the new build recently. Not sure if it is just me but I really wanna use my sticks again. Can anyone help at all please? Sorry If this has already been discussed but I couldn't find any relevant discussions.
  10. I am using the latest KSP windows 32 bit build (WindowsPlayer) Unable to map a Thrustmaster Warthog combined with TARGET profile to any axis. In the axis detection the controller/axis is always detected (see first screen) but once I click Accept there is a message "Not Found" http://imgur.com/xEVdjmx http://imgur.com/QVrQLqW This profile used to work in older KSP. ALSO I have Simped Vario Pro rudder pedals, that experience the same thing. Clean install, deleted settings.cfg and retried 1 axis, FAIL. Please fix this bug, KSP is unusable for m
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