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Found 2 results

  1. Finally back and had some motivation to play KSP! I decided to take on a relatively large project: build a working stock B-52H! Despite the huge weight and part count, it can fly! Guaranteed to make your computer scream in agony! Here's the R&D process: And the craft download: https://kerbalx.com/PaperAviator/B-52H Enjoy!
  2. Sector 7 Space Laboratories Aeronautics Division The Mother Load Challenge In this Challenge Six Crafts will be flown at once! Rules: There are none! This is for fun and your Trophy is your Kerbals that remain alive in their Crafts at the end. To begin the Challenge takeoff from Kerbin Control Center's Runway. Release the Tommy Mig's from the Mother Ship (The Crafts on the Wings are something I built last year, they look like a cross between a Russian Mig 15 and a US Navy F-14 Tomcat so I gave it the name Tommy Mig) it doesn't matter where between the Runwa
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