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Found 23 results

  1. About This is the new thread for B9 Aerospace. The old thread is available here This pack adds a vast selection of new parts, introducing new spaceplane components such as new engines, cockpits, wings and fuselage systems, new structural components for orbital installations and colonies, and so on B9 was originally developed by @bac9, @Taverius, and @K3-Chris, now maintained by @blowfish and @Flashblade with help from many others Requirements The latest version is compatible with KSP 1.8.x. The bundled dependencies are for KSP 1.8.1 and may not work on other versions
  2. I launch my game and B9 says it has a fatal error and its not meant for my version but its for 1.9.1. I looked on google and it seems like its been a problem in the past. Anyone know a fix?
  3. Download on SpaceDock or Github or Curseforge. Also available on CKAN. B9 Stock Patches (B9P) Created by @zer0Kerbal email with continued support from the community. This mod uses Module Manager patches to add an assortment of B9fuelswitch tank types to stock and DLC fuel tanks. Do not bother @Blowfish with support requests for this mod. Installing this adds a selection of B9 tank types to most stock tanks Liquid Fuel & Oxidizer Liquid Fuel MonoPropellant Battery Installing KGEx (some need CRP) and/or SimpleConstruction will al
  4. I have tried installing B9 procedural wings on my ksp 1.8.1, but it keeps stopping at "verifying expansion: breaking grounds. I have had b9 aerospace before b9 procedural wings, and it worked fine. now, with b9 procedural wings uninstalled, it isnt working, and i am getting the same error. has anyone encountered this/know a solution to this? seeing as most of the crafts from kerbalx that I like have this mod, it would be great if it worked.
  5. I reinstalled tweak scale and the same issue is there, I also reinstalled b9 part switch and that same issue is there, does anyone know how to fix it??
  6. Why do I get a popup during the loading process that reads... "B9PartSwitch - Serious Warning" and below it says "More than one module can't manage a part's crashTolerance" and "Please see KSP's log for additional details" this just started happening yesterday when I tried to load a game. Is anyone else having the same issue?
  7. So iv'e had this question for a while but only recently have really been working with planes enough for it to really nag me; when you're using procedural wings there's a slider to increase "Mass-Strength Ratio" which i tend to set at 2 to prevent hypersonic shock from tearing them into pieces. But it's had me wondering; how realistic is this? Are there materials that exist now with such ratios? Are there any in common use with higher ratios? Are they metallic or composite?
  8. I have seen Scott Manley change the fule in B9 parts to kspi-extended specific fule how do I do this?
  9. I've stopped playing ksp for a few years now but I am now just getting back into it. Is there any links to an updated version of b9. What is the future of this mod?
  10. My game seems to be crashing only if I have certain mods installed. All mods I installed were through CKAN, and I checked to make sure they were up to date for 1.3.1 Mods included: KW Rocketry Re-balanced SpaceY and SpaceY Expanded Kerbal Engineer Near Future Propulsion E.V.E. I suspect the issues comes from the dependencies each mod installs, but I'm not sure. Here's the crash folder, with logs and the .dmp file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZWvQz07o0U_m6U6upkaM38_kT34aSaWw
  11. Welcome to the speed demon forum. Please submit ships and planes which you think are fast. Kind Regards, Rocketry_Science
  12. This tiny part pack adds a few things that I find missing in B9 Aerospace S2 inline Docking Port While B9 does offer a shielded clamp-o-tron designed for S2 system, it is surface-attachable and does not play well with Connected Living Space when attached to other S2 parts. Probably not an all too critical problem, but my inline port offers a solution. Features: Animated shield doors Integrated switchable fuel storage (powered by B9PartSwitch, albeit without texture switch) Real Fuels compatibility Connected Living Space compatibility S2
  13. I wanted to make a constitution class replica, specifically the USS enterprise at a smaller scale (my replica I estimate to be slightly bigger than the NX class). Tweak scale wasn't working properly, so I had to use HX parts. This ship has a lot of deltaV (45,000 m/s), mostly thanks to it engines its using (Karborundum Fusion Drive engines.) It clocks in at over 300 parts, this shouldn't be enough turn your game into a slideshow. Yes this can carry shuttles (although they look nothing like the ones seen on star trek.) This ship does feature laser weaponry, and torpedo launchers. As well
  14. Hi guys! hope everyone's doing great! I was wondering if someone ever managed to build a Skylon or similar SSTO spaceplane with the B9 motors and configs provided in RO. I only managed to get to 4.5km/s, almost half way to orbit - I can't seem to get the fuel fractions right and also don't think my ascent profile is quite right, I only manage to get to the engine's airbreathing temp limit at about 25km up in the atmosphere, which I think is a little low. I was just wondering if it's even possible EDIT: I know SSTO spaceplanes are pointless and impossible to build with curre
  15. Moderator edit: This thread is now deprecated, please move over to the new thread for continued discussion of this mod: Thanks to blowfish, and numerous other contributors for continued support and development of this mod for KSP 1.05, and now, KSP 1.2.2. This pack adds a vast selection of new parts, introducing new spaceplane components such as new engines, cockpits, wings and fuselage systems, new structural components for orbital installations and colonies, and so on. COMPATIBILITY Compatible with KSP version 1.2.2 (build 1622)
  16. I'm not quite sure how to describe it, so I'll just post the image I think it's a B9 Aerospace glitch since the cockpit texture is from B9, but here's my list of mods just in case: http://imgur.com/OejLwlP Edit: Also I've found another glitch where the parachutes are inoperable. They are not in the staging menu and you can't manually deploy them. Edit: My crew portraits also won't pop up.
  17. I built A behemoth larger than the VAB, my computer handled it well, Until I enabled MechJeb, who began a gravity turn, and my game crashed but with no lag. I got a corner window, "your display driver has stopped working" that wouldn't close until the game closed. I have had the issue on vanilla too, although the issue was fixed when I updated drivers, until now when I installed mods. I have 16gb ram intel i7 and a gtx850m on a hp envy 17 laptop. It has always been a great gaming pc, and I have never had problems like this before. I am unable to attach the crash reports, can anyone help with t
  18. Hey ppl, Because B9 vessels are quite rare I decided to create a topic in here, so you can post any of your creations with B9 I got myself a mothership I'll show later, once I've got it into orbit
  19. hey everyone im new to ksp and have been tinkering around with it for the past couple of weeks. now im ready for bigger parts.so iv downloaded b9 aerospace pack and have merged its game data with ksp game data and booted the game, the parts loaded in the loading bar. once in the SPH i can load a basic B9 part and attach it to something but when i try to right click on it no menu comes up. iv tried deleting ksp and the mods and retrying. iv also tried downloading the mod from both github and mods.curse and nothing happened. can someone please help. thanks
  20. Alright, so here's something that's been annoying me for a while. I SUCK at making ships. Well, I'm okay at making ships. They fly and do their job, but they are ugly. That is, except for when I try making ships with the B9 Aerospace HX parts. Those are really useful for making relatively low-part count starcruisers (getting it the same size with stock parts takes a lot more parts) But then, I come across some EPIC looking ships that people have posted on the forums... BUT THEY NEVER PUT DOWNLOADS. Either they forget to, which happens often, OR they say no because "
  21. This is my work in progress to reproduce (or just produce since it has never been built yet) the Skylon SSTO spaceplane design. Not really possible to do with current mods, so I'm modding the mods as well The goal is to add the near-future technologies needed for realistic SSTO spaceplanes in KSP. Current state: B9 SABRE engines are not powerful enough [fixed] by creating a new scaled up part, all dimensions of M engine multiplied by 2, Area parameter of AJE multiplied by 4, mass was already correct (14t for intake + body + engine) The design is not aerodynamicall s
  22. Hello Guys! Today I wanted to show you my latest design. It's an SSTO that can transport crew or cargo across the kerbin system. It uses the famous B9 Aerospace mod. If flown properly, it reaches orbit with 2.8K Delta-V~ left, and returns home without any explosion (if you aerobrake carefully). The Crew version can carry 6 Kerbals to orbit and beyond, while the Cargo version carries two kerbals and a small payload, most likely a satellite. (MAKE YOUR OWN ION PROBE WITH A COMMAND CHAIR AND GO ANYWHERE YOU WANT!!) It also includes a docking port and RCS (Though still kinda unbala
  23. So, I recently installed B9, QuizTech, Buffalo MSEV, Active Texture Management, and Universal Storage, and found that I can no longer use IVA or see any of the pilot portraits. I uninstalled every mod I have, and the issue was corrected. This has only popped up in the last two days, and those are the only mods I've added in that span of time. Any idea how to fix this? Edit: I've tried them each in isolation, and none of them are causing it to happen. Also, I'm using the latest versions of everything. Edit 2: I've ruled out the following mods: DMagic, KAS, KIS, TakeCommand, SpaceY, MRS, K
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