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Found 2 results

  1. THE BARN MOD: The "Mod" ...is basically just some graphic resources and re-textured parts zipped up with the save file and .crafts I built using them. But the real star of the mod is the TextureReplacer skin I cooked up that replaces your Kerbal's space suit with a pair of denim overalls and trades in the moon boots for flip-flop sandals. I made this Kerbal skin back when 0.90 was scheduled to be released with a Tier 0 KSC that was comprised of a big red barn with trailer-homes for the astronaut complex. (Yes, that was a thing that happened.) I've been sitting on it ever since and I decided it was time to let it out to aire. Then the rock started rolling downhill and, well see the above video. DOWNLOAD Head to http://roninpawn.com and look through the list on the 'Crafts' page to find the download. REQUIRED(ish) MODS TweakScale - https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/344 TextureReplacer - https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/150/TextureReplacer TweakScale isn't really necessary unless you want to load up my BIG BARN Mk1 craft file. There's two non-TweakScale'd crafts in the VAB if you can't be bothered. TextureReplacer, however, is what makes time travel possible. So you will need that if you want to look dapper in denim. #BroughtBackTheBarn It's a silly thing this, but if you get a smile or a laugh out of it then I've done my job. For more smiles / laughs visit my comedy gaming channel at http://youtube.com/roninpawn. And don't for a minute believe that I was ever serious. Even though I am. Not. Totally serious. About nothing. If not this. And we're done.
  2. So I started playing KSP after the barn was dropped. Honestly, I like the barn. So could it be brought back as an official mod or DLC please? Just a thought. #BringBackTheBarnAgain
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