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  1. I'm new here, Steam says I've played for 13 hours at this point. I'm not playing now because my sinuses have overridden higher brain functions, so please pardon me if this post is lacking in literary or logical content. Planetary bases are, from what I've read, one of the few points that KSP falls short on. Orbital stations seem to be fairly well fleshed out, so I would like to see if there's any player or dev interest in letting us build functional, aesthetically pleasing bases on the ground. Anyone here play Subnautica? If so, then you know what I'm looking for. Well, aside fro
  2. I really do need to make a space station and shuttle, now. Problems, problems
  3. The SSTO Base Challenge: The SSTO base challenge is a challenge in which you will need to make a manned MK3 plane SSTO, and have a 2.5m permanent land base as cargo; And return the SSTO back to Kerbin safely! The ship can cost up to 150,000 (including base) , and the base has to be over 5 tonnes. The SSTO can only have RAPIERS or Nuke engines (or any for Eve); you are allowed to drop fuel tanks in cargo bay. The Base has to have at least 1 antenna, 2 docking ports and 3 solar panels. This is a fun challenge. You are allowed to use mods such as KWRocketry, TweakScale, and KER. Easy: 4
  4. Preface - I've performed a perfunctory search and come up with - Lots of landing legs and auto-struts are probably not clever. So this question is kind of a two part-er. Background - I am designing a stock base+ system, largely aimed at Duna and to be developed et released as a scale-able, fun, and user friendly way of building up a permanent presence on the red planet. I've done it before, but not for general release. Issues - I am experiencing phantom torques that wildly spin the modules apart when about 3 or more are joined. When 2 or more are joined it tends to float over th
  5. If you have a ground base, either big or small, either running smoothly or insanely framerate breaking, either at ground level or high up, on land or water, and you think that it's worthy enough, then send me pics! Show the rest of the forums how good your basebuilding skills are! Show them how much skill and time it took you to construct it, and last of all, show them links to mods if you used them! To post, you will have to have at least one picture of your base, and a short description (function, goal, objective, etc.) of your creation. And, even though it's called "ground base", that doesn
  6. I am wondering if there is a mod like this already, or if it is even possible. After thinking on the subject a bit, I came to the conclusion that my ideal base construction mod would NOT be something based on any sort of parts themselves. Instead, it would be something that lets you build actual buildings (i.e. the same kind of object that the actual space center's buildings themselves are). Once a building is constructed, it could either be upgraded with funds (if on Kerbin/a populated world), or with some sort of "Parts" or "Supplies" resource (if on NOT-Kerbin/an unpopulated wor
  7. NOTE: I play in Sciene Mode, with Cheats, because of my time. Hello! I love space, and space projects. I am very interested in so i decided a project like this, Let's get started! Laythe is very very likes each other with Kerbin, like Earth and Europa-Ganymende and Io moons. But I can't trust the moons geography, so i send a Lander here named Gaia II (it is my second build of another probe) And, here is Laythe, ı use four parachutes for stabilised landing, it is too difficult landing on continents, to my luck, i have succes landing on continent named "Dansen" There
  8. I'd like to ask the community for your ideas on how to design modular bases such that the docking ports easily align. I'll try to post photos of some of my strategies, but since mine never seem to work as well as I imagine, I'd like to hear what you do! I was inspired to ask this question after seeing a new "fork lift" that I hadn't thought of: https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/5u6iys/a_simple_forklift_for_base_building/?st=iz7d0nx8&sh=92cf4f1b Hopefully this thread is not redundant. I did find some similar ideas in these threads: 1, 2.
  9. So I am trying to make a base on the surface of the Mun. I am not using infinite fuel, but I'm in sandbox mode so I have infinite funds. It needs mining drills, and solar panels (duh), also maybe some sciency stuff. Any suggestions?
  10. Is it possible to refuel a vessel while landed near a ground base? Is there a "fuel hose" mod for that, perhaps? Besides some fancy flying maneuvers to dock to a ground station, of course, I'm not capable of that Thanks!
  11. I WANT TO SEE YOUR BIGGEST, MOST TERRIFYING ROLLING BEASTS OF WAR AND/OR SCIENCE!!!!! Example - H.U.L.K.K. III (incomplete) - https://kerbalx.com/Fireheart318/HULKK-III-WIP Kerbal-X links are appreciated
  12. HI I am having issues with Kerbal Planetary Base Systems. I can't get the Hab 2, Greenhouse or Science modules to deploy. I have used older versions of this with no issues. I can't even get the deploy option in the Action Groups in the VAB and SPH. Right click just gives me Autostrut and Rigid attachment. I am currently running KSP 1.2 and 1.2.2. Have the latest module manager and the latest version of other mods. Mechjeb and Docking Port Alignment Indicator. I have left a note for the developer, just wanted to know if anyone else has this issue? Thanks
  13. So a topic I keep coming back to in my mind is surface bases. There is little practical use for them besides contract fulfillment, but the idea of building a long-term stationary extra-planetary surface habitat is fun, a good challenge to set oneself on. Most of the designs I have seen are modular, built up of several attachable pieces, and many surface base contracts require docking ports for I assume this reason. However, the real gordian knot of this challenge for me has always been how to attach all those modules together on the same surface outpost in a practical way. I have don
  14. Hey, there's a launch window for Duna coming up fairly soon and I'm looking for inspiration for my first ever Duna Base. Looking around on line there are lots of nice looking configurations, but they mostly make use of mods. As I play on an aging laptop, I like to keep things stock (apart from Better Burn Time) to keep performance up. I'd be grateful if you could post some pics of your stock missions to Duna, especially those including a base, so I can steal get some new ideas. Cheers, Clipper.
  15. I'd be interested in seeing what others are doing regarding mining on Gilly. Pictures would be ideal if you have them.
  16. In my opinion there are not many base parts. Installing mods to get base parts might not be something that someone with a not so good PC or laptop do. The loading is way longer and there's a bit more lag. Will Squad add more base parts? hopefully in 1.3. right?
  17. After completing a contract for a mobile base, I noticed that there are few published mobile bases, most of them single-service. I decided to try my hand at creating a modular model. I succeeded, technically, though there is no provision for launch or for assembly. I recommend that existing infrastructure be used to assemble it on-orbit, or simply that it be launched in one piece under a giant fairing. The download can be found at KerbalX, along with an Imgur gallery and a silly toy-commercial write-up. Updated on 10/25 with a slightly reduced wheel height. The whole thing should now actu
  18. So ive been working on a mun base recently. ive designed the modules and did the maths. but i still have a problem: resupply missions. i have usi life support installed and crew cant just stay there forever (ive made it self suffiecent using planetary base systems, but usi ls also includes hab and home, so u need to change the crew every now and then). thing is, that im not the best with accuracy landings. i also know that mechjeb can do it for u but im a type of guy that enjoys lko station resupply missions. so, how do i transport kerbals and supplies from lander to base? are there any tools
  19. Mission Slot 704: The history of Kerbal missions. May 17 1957 (our time: May 14, 1381) The kerbal was bored...he had nothing to do and he had destroyed the bottle rocket store...with the store's bottle rockets. He was going to buy a book to read when he saw something in the sky. "What is that...?" he thought. The thing was getting closer and closer to the ground. It had something that looked like blue-purple fire coming out of it. He realized it was going to crash, stepped back as it hit the ground with a small explosion. The kerbal walked over to it. There
  20. First of all,if this has already been mentioned/proposed in another thread, then I apologise. Had a quick look through recent posts and couldn't find anything like this. My idea for an expansion is basically a coming-together of various mods in one smooth experience. I would like to see the option to purchase pre-defined plots of land on Kerbin, and beyond, These plots can then be expanded (with cash or contract completions to there) to create other Space Centres/Aerodromes, in the same way as the KSC is now. These bases also unlock the CommNet for that part of the planet (on higher d
  21. Hi again guys =) Is there a way to keep bases on the Mun and Minmus not jump up and down? I thought I finally got a stable general design until I drove a rover within 500 meters from them and heard explosions. =( Regards
  22. 【Kerbal Protection Association,you say? We have alraedy blew it up just now!】 Venus has a excting atmosphere, airship is pretty perfect for base,We plan to have 2 main ship,several littie ship,1 mining ship, (infect if your kerbal EVA at noon……it's too hot……)
  23. In your opinion, which planet is the best for a base? For me it would probably Minmus because it has really flat places.
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