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  1. Hi there! First post of my account yet I'm full on ideas ready to challenge the community. So, I propose the following: Create a base similar to the ones of SOMA And, as always, there are requirements: -Make at least 3 bases -Such bases must be separated at minimum of 500 m from eachother -They must be relatively big bases -Mods are "allowed" but will most likely be shunned -Extra points for lights, names and other Well, let's see who can beat this challenge first!
  2. Hello all! I am working on reverse-engineering a mod and I have run into an issue with my understanding of C#. The mod has this method: public class CivilianPopulationRegulator : BaseConverter { public override void OnStart(PartModule.StartState state) { if (!HighLogic.LoadedSceneIsFlight) { base.OnStart(state); return; } if (this.vessel == null) { base.OnStart(state); return; } //do some stuff later base.OnStart(state);//Not sure what this does at the moment. } } Looking at th
  3. Is there a planetary base mod (or something similar) that is working with the current patch? I think it's 1.1.2. Preferably one that works with TAC Life Support. If so, please link below and thanks!
  4. Hello everybody! Many months ago I was trying to put together a base in KSP 1.0.x and it was a nightmare. So I've decided to wait for 1.1 and do it again. So here it goes: Better viewed directly on imgur : http://imgur.com/a/ZEhFb
  5. I have a contract for an Eve surface base. The (relatively) new hydrodynamic model got me thinking of putting it in the oceans. Has anyone ever landed a floating base in the oceans of Eve? I'm wondering if the surface of the ocean counts as the surface. Some thoughts: How would one go about assembly without rovers, maybe with RCS? Lining up the docking ports would be easier. Would ISRU work there? Do the oceans contain ore? I know there was a rumor going around for a while that the oceans were made of rocket fuel... Feel free to take this as a challenge and post pictures o
  6. Hello, I created a spreadsheet to assist on defining which parts are necessary for my base, so it can sustain itself (for instance, how many drills I need?). For that I´ve added the inputs/outputs of the parts, calculate the inputs, outputs and do the balance. I took stats from the USI mods (USI-LS/UKS/etc) and Extraplanetary Launch Pads but it can be easily expanded to include other mods. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kpJ2wKh1rmgHtjJX3y1fCYSvOCpNF1VxqId1YlaIDTo/edit?usp=sharing Not sure if this is the proper sub-forum, but since it´s mod related, why
  7. First I was messing, now I'm mucking. But anyways, back to the Mun we go! Part I- Déjà Vu A week after Jeb, Bob and Val returned from their Mun trip, the next crew's lander lifted off from the Kerbal Space Center. A bit too familiar. The launch went perfectly, and with Scatterer now installed again, it wasn't boring like the last one. The lander pulled into a 150x155 Kilometer Equatorial Orbit, exactly what was needed for this mission. This is Version 8b. Version 8a, we don't talk about it past this. Let's just say that Darmstadtium will never
  8. So I decided to send a base to Minimus. The design worked really well. Hope you guys enjoy!
  9. Hey, i have a core module of a Minmus base but i am never offered a contract to add a new module to it. I'm pretty sure that in 1.0 or 1.0.5 the contract system was overhauled, so that you would receive a contract to add a new module to your station or outpost. Should i just be patient or there is something wrong?
  10. Just curious to see where everyone else establishes their interplanetary bases. Mun or Minimus are in the Kerbin system and don't count.
  11. Landed the core module of my new Minmus Base, sent Valentina outside, destroyed 3 of the 4 solar panels and realised i didn't bring a ladder. Kill me.
  12. Hi. I'm building a new surface outpost on Duna and I've decided to document. For fun and stuff. I've developed a pretty nice look for my contract bases this game that I think is worth showing off a little bit. The new models with 1.0.5 have opened up a bunch of new design possibilities that I've been very happy with. Also Ike, but I haven't started working on that one yet. Sadly, I have no compelling or engaging back-story for my current space program. It's a normal career game. Stock. I have no particular goals or constraints; I've just been goofing about until 1.1 rolls
  13. launch a base with 4+ kerbals, and a space station, lander, rover, and satellite in ONE LAUCNH scoring system: +1 for each kerbal +2 for each satellite +10 for TAC life support -1 for planetary base systems -1 for each dead kerbal -1 for near future propulsion +1 per escape pod +0 for a mun base +1 for a minmus base +2 for a duna base +5 for a joolian moon base +5 for an eelo base -1 for a mod planet base +1 for a gilly base -50 for BD armoury +100 for only SRBs and no parachutes someone make a
  14. A contract mission came up, and one that involved something I was actually using for a change. I was tasked with expanding 'Minmus Base One', adding a second research lab and increasing its capacity from five to fourteen. I decided to make the new base module on wheels, so it could drive up to the existing tower and connect to the low-level docking ports. I also installed uprated solar arrays, as the base was a bit lacking in power generation. (images appear to be in the wrong order here, correct on Imgur itself...) http://imgur.com/a/1XjRW
  15. What are the best mods for base/station building? What mods do you consider to be integral in base/station construction? Mods should preferably be stock-alike. Your opinions are very much appreciated..... Many thanks..... -Atlas2342
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