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Found 3 results

  1. Since building common bases on celestial bodies are boring (no, they aren't) I decided to challenge myself to build the most unique and awkward base type in the game. The Hanging Base, on the Mün. This 5 part playlist will guide you through the process of how was it made, the failures and an expansion. Finally, I take a look at Tylo's Cave... Take a seat and enjoy!
  2. So the point of the challenge would be to share a save and one by one add different module to a Mun base and space station, hopefully ending up with a awesome looking base. No mods, v1.11. The goal for modules is 15 base modules and 15 station modules. Each person can add one module to both the space station and base that way everyone can have a module and you can add a flag with your username or pfp if you want. https://discord.gg/a67XFJ3cks The modules don't need to be connected but they should be close
  3. I am considering starting a colonization/base-building save. This would be a new game folder with its own mods starting with the full tech-tree unlocked but a limited amount of funds too keep things interesting. The objective would be to established manned bases with 10+ Kerbals on each of the land-able bodies in the stock Kerbol system. Core mods would be: for the base modules, for constructing bases on-site, and most likely or similar for roving around once at the base. I would also use KAS/KIS and some form of life support mod. I'm debating between Kerbalism and TAC-LS. Kerbalism sounds cool because it has resource use in background, and minimum housing space/comfort requirements, but I'm nervous because a lot of things seem to break when using it from what I've heard. TAC-LS would be a simpler system and not as likely to break other things but wouldn't be as realistic from a living space perspective. So now to the questions: Has anyone tried something similar, and if so, how did it turn out? Does Kerbalism play nice with Kerbal Planetary Base Systems and long-term surface habitation? Is using life-support do-able with multiple colonies with or without in-situ life-support production? Am I insane for wanting to try this?
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