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Found 16 results

  1. Introduction This mod allows you to build any vessel directly in orbit or on a surface of any planet from a DIY (Do It Yourself) Kit that contains all the high-tech components, needed equipment and blueprints, using only raw materials produced on-site, energy and kerbal workforce. The major benefit of the Ground Construction is that it allows you to build big, heavy, asymmetrical contraptions that aren’t meant to fly at all. Buildings, or even blocks of buildings; heavy rovers; huge rockets held by launch clamps — all this could be built with Ground Construction anywhere on any planet
  2. I'd like to see some of the coolest rockets anyone has designed! I'm new to KSP and I'd like to see cool thing other people have made just for an example to me of how creative you can get!
  3. Shhhh... You can procure it here... Have you wanted a base for landing huge planes? Are you running your own Kerbal Security Program? ...or do you just want to feel like a James Bond villain? Well, this series of bases are for you! Included in this release is 'The Block' a Top Secret base hidden on an unpopulated forgotten island somewhere in the southern hemisphere. The base's real name is unknown and if you ask anyone there what its name is they'll just stare at you blankly. Also included is 'Kilo-Sierra-Papa' Airbase. Here someone locked up an artifact in one of the hanger
  4. The buoyant force works not only from the liquids, but also from the gases. So how possible is to build bases on the level of gases with density equal density of the base? The density of atmosphere at the sea level on the Earth and on the Kerbin ~ 1.25 kg/m3 . So if we need to reach the density level like water, we need to reach the depth when pressure is equal 800 atm. What do you think about this? I think that it's impossible, because pressure must be 80000000 kPa, but the pressure limit for all details is only 4000 kPa. And also it would be impossible to take off from t
  5. So, i'm trying to make a Mun base. But i'm having i big problem with the question of assembling of the parts. My plan is make a rover to assemble the parts. I build the prototipe of the rover, but i'm can't dock with the parts without using brute force. Align the docking ports of the modules of the base with the docking port of the assembler rover will need of a really lot of tests. And when i dock with some module, when i retract the landing legs of the module, the weight of the module make the rover topple, and drive the rover with some module with the landing legs extended will
  6. Some people like to build ships, others submarines, even others dream of a base on the bottom of the ocean. We all know building ships is incredibly easy, much too easy in fact. Building a sub or a base, that's a different story. We need to make them excessively heavy using lots of ore tanks. So I started to look at most parts and their buoyancy values. The game uses a formula which, as far as I can tell, involves basic part mass, density/mass of resource(s), volume and funny enough, sometimes surface area instead of volume. More about that later. The most striking conclusion fr
  7. I'm starting up a YouTube channel soon, and I'm looking for some ideas, specifically space stations and bases, but you can show me anything, because I can use anything. In advance, thank you.
  8. I'm new here, Steam says I've played for 13 hours at this point. I'm not playing now because my sinuses have overridden higher brain functions, so please pardon me if this post is lacking in literary or logical content. Planetary bases are, from what I've read, one of the few points that KSP falls short on. Orbital stations seem to be fairly well fleshed out, so I would like to see if there's any player or dev interest in letting us build functional, aesthetically pleasing bases on the ground. Anyone here play Subnautica? If so, then you know what I'm looking for. Well, aside fro
  9. Want some new bases on Kerbin? First, backup GameData and saves. You know the drill. Then go look at the downloads and get what you want. DEPENDENCIES Say thanks by donating? Want to say thanks for the mod with hard cash, wonga, dosh etc.? All donations go to the caffeine fund. INCLUDES Kerbin-Side Core, Kerbin-Side MainBases, Kerbin-Side Ground Control, Kerbin-Side Kampus, Kerbin-Side Skyways, Kerbin-Side KSC2 and Kerbin-Side Air-Race Last Update: 6th May 2016 | Version: 1.1.0 | Requires: Kerbal Konstructs Download
  10. So I'm trying to set up an interplanetary transport system between Kerbin and Moho, and my plan is to have a large tanker refuel the interplanetary ship at Moho. It requires 10,000 units of LiquidFuel to Low Moho orbit, so I'm using a large Mk3 fuel tank. My plan was to land the tanker near a mining base, and move it using a rover. The problem is, the tanker is so heavy, even when empty, that the rover can barely move, and goes at 0.5 m/s up slightly inclined hills on Moho. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I could do this better? https://1drv.ms/i/s!Ag6H0m7Hg8jmgrJ26CD_EbCQaW
  11. This may already be a topic, but after a quick search I couldn't find anything related. Is anyone else having a problem with extreme instability with docked space-stations and bases? Much more so than any previous version? I currently have a space station around Duna and am trying to piece together bases on Ike and Duna. I first really started seeing this issue with the Space station. If I try to use SAS to hold the station in a specific position, the base would soon start to oscillate back and forth until it eventually ripped itself apart. I tried to disable most of the SAS modules on t
  12. I've been thinking about this for a while and my question is: What is your opinion on there being a natural base or counting system? Taking a Platonic view of the universe, is there any 'system' to the universe regarding numbers, not just 'there are x apples'? I mean, we might just be measuring the universe wrong. Most people would probably default to either base one or binary (base two), but why? Is there any reason that the numbers one and two are special? This brings us to my second questions: Integers. Why are they considered different and get precedence over other
  13. As a relatively new KSP player, I find it hard to get to places like the Mun and other planets easily with bases and such. It would be awesome if you added an option to instantly spawn the base you built in the VAB or the SPH onto a planet and location of your choosing. The same with satellites and stations.
  14. Have you ever thought about it? The Mun seems like a super lame planet. It's the closest to Kerbin, it's copied off the Moon. It looks boring. But when you put your imagination to it, you could turn the whole Mun into a completely new Kerbin! You could build a futuristic new base! You could make a racecourse for you and your friends to drive on! So scrap Duna, and Eeloo, and Dres, and stick with the basics. Stick with the Mun ( Or low Kerbin Orbit )
  15. I don't often find much to complain about with the game but I do have one major gripe and I really hope its at least on squads radar in terms of some kind of improvement. Bases! I continually see contracts to construct surface bases but I really hate the current system of wedging rocket parts together with docking nodes. Dear Squad and devs, if you read this, please please look at giving us some dedicated surface modules with a sensible means of connecting them at the landing site. It can only make KSP an even better experience. Thanks for reading.
  16. Advanced building 101 I recently found a problem, and I would like to know if there's someone else out there with the same problem. I am building colonies at every world. Some are older and are, therefore, bigger. They have been built in career mode, so they are made up of a mix of attached blocks through docking ports, on the surface. One of them, my minmus fuel factory, has grown in size quite a bit, the latest addition was a nice landing pad, placed quite far from the main building, via a long pipe which was assembled, in place, in 3 sections. What happens is that, since terrain i
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