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Found 3 results

  1. The basics, getting started with writing plug-ins. Welcome to a quickstart guide on how to start writing a code plug-in for Kerbal Space Program. This is a quick guide intended as an overview on getting started and what hooks are available in KSP where you can attach your code. It is not intended as a step-by-step tutorial, rather it is intended to make you aware of your options so you can then investigate in more detail which options you wish to use. IDE Setup The hooks. KSPAddon ScenarioModule VesselModule
  2. Hello, So far the farthest I've ever been in KSP is a Mun landing, Before going to Minmus I plan on starting some sort of network around Kerbin, But I don't know how to start one. I to lonely
  3. What are the basic principles of rocket design, as to be able to accomplish orbit, etc. and, more importantly to avoid an Apollo 1 situation (i.e. blowing up on the pad), or a challenger situation (i.e. blowing up less than a minute after liftoff)? I also find that when I add an extra fuel tank / engine toward the top of the stack, immediately below the command module, that I have these sorts of problems, despite adding winglets to the extra fuel tank. (note that I'm running an early demo version of the program).
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