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Found 5 results

  1. The Saturnian Naval Dockyards Presents! The DKM PRINZ EUGEN The Prinz Eugen was an Admiral Hipper-class Heavy Cruiser, the third of five such vessels. She served in the Kriegsmarine during World War II, and entered service in August 1940. She was named after Prince Eugene of Savoy, an 18th century Austrian general. She participated in Operation Rheinubung with Bismarck, together destroying HMS Hood and damaging Prince Of Wales during an attempt to break out into the Atlantic in May 1941. Prinz Eugen detached from Bismarck to raid Allied merchant shipping, but the mission was cut short by engine issues. After undergoing repairs in occupied France, she participated in Operation Cerebus in a dash through the English Channel to Germany. She was deployed to Norway in Feb. 1942, but was torpedoed by the submarine Trident, requiring repairs to her stern. Later in her service, she served as artillery support for the German Army in the East, among other things. She was captured by the Royal Navy and then transferred to the US Navy as a war prize. After examination, she was assigned to Operation Crossroads at Bikini Atoll, and survived both blasts, and towed to Kwajalein Atoll, ultimately sinking in Dec. 1946. MODS-BDArmory, CAL, Kerbpaint, NAS-Naval Artillery System, WW2Warships, Tweakscale. DOWNLOAD This is my take on the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, and has been my main project since the Admiralty M Destroyer. It is fully functional and real sized, at 212 meters in length, traveling at 16.8 M/s at top speed, and coming in at a whopping 1155 parts. I encountered plenty on problems, with the ship not seeming to load properly, but eventually managed to pull it together, despite putting this poor MacBookPro to its limits. How to get it into the water: The clamps may act somewhat kraken-y, but they should be ok, if not attach them to the keel. Load up Hyperedit/VesselMover, sadly a stock option seems somewhat insane for a 20K Ton vessel (also for Hyper edit-Hack Gravity), and a go forward/ type in coordinates (my preference is -73 for longitude, a fair amount from the KSC. Keep the time warp at 1X, and let it fall into the water, but activate the 1st stage first! This should be good, if it isn't, please notify me. Action groups! 1-Shuts down engines 2-Toggles Thrust Reversers 3-Toggles 203MM Main guns. 4-Toggles AA Guns. 5- 105 MM Secondaries *These gifs are from an older version of this ship. The current ship is slightly different. Main Guns firing Secondary Guns Firing (was in old version) Album Thanks for reading, if you find any problems with this ship, let me know.
  2. THE BATTLE OF THE DENMARK STRAIT PACK (WIP) This is the project page for the (currently) WIP Battle Of The Denmark Strait pack, and for the battle's 75th anniversary, I'm building the four ships that fought in the cold waters near Greenland in Late May. Currently Prinz Eugen, Bismarck, and Hood are complete: Prince Of Wales's is finished, but under going bug fixing. Mods used in these ships: BDArmory, Community Ammunition Library, Kerbpaint(Not working in 1.1), Naval Artillery System, Tweakscale, and WW2Warships, RealShips, with Vesselmover/Hyperedit as well as any mods required/suggested on the pages of these mods. How Can I Help? Right now- Help me in the struggle to find sources for Prince Of Wales-Hull lines are a notable thing I haven't been able to find anything too good on. Done! Test this buggy early version of Prince Of Wales. Find a Fjord on Kerbin for Bismarck/Prinz Eugen to find in. (Yes, that is a small thing you can do to help) I know people are looking for them, but I haven't gotten any reports on any "fjords". Logo Design For The Forum Page-WIP Find Some Music for the cinematic!-Done though if you have some good ones, feel free to suggest! Give me questions for the Q&A!-Low-ish priority, need to be done. Craft Building- There are several crafts that I probably will be unable to make in time/probably better builders of these ships: Aircraft- Bf109 fighters (which protected Bismarck from air attack in Norway) WIP By Others Spitfire (Which photographed 2 certain ships named Bismarck and Prinz Eugen...)-Done, now I need to actually pick whose to fly... Ships- Suffolk (County Class Heavy Cruiser, which were the first to detect the German ships) Norfolk (A County Class Heavy cruiser subclass ship, a few modifications to the above should do) Lower priority- 6 destroyers that were detached the eve of the battle. Any thing else you can help with, go for it. Q&A Q: Why did you go for building this project? A: The answer I don't remember well, but I do know I wanted to do a Battle Of Jutland 100th anniversary pack, before realizing that this is in fact, a horrible idea, considering that it is, one of the largest battles ever. However, the Battle Of The Denmark Strait happened on a similar date, 25 Yrs later, and a fair few calibers more feasible. Q: The 1st ship, Prinz Eugen is at 1120 parts, yet the larger Bismarck is at 907, and the slightly longer Hood is at 883. Why? A: Probably something about experience and ship building techniques. Specifically, I probably use several WW2 Warship blocks for some straight areas, but later I might have used a tweak scaled structural panel, which is a weaker but all the more customizable, saving a a good dozen parts. The hull on the Prinz Eugen was also more complex, and the confused me may have had used more parts. Q: What will you do with the ships once they are done? A: I'll make a KSP film recreating the battle, and the events leading up to it. Feel free to suggest more questions! Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions or offers to help, please let me know!
  3. Once i saw @RixKillian do a post about his Spitfire, that reminded me, i was supposed to do a separate post of my spitfire some time a go. The Spitfire and Walrus replicas i will be posting here where created for @SaturnianBlue Battle of the Denmark strait project. Lets start with the spitfire shall we. And yes, i did actually land on the VAB roof without cheats or hyperedit. Flying instructions: During takeoff, push the nose down hard when you reach a speed of 23 m/s. If you don't do this, you will flip over and crash. Same goes with flying, don't pull up too hard or fly too slow or, again, you will flip over. But, you can recover pretty fast. Top speed: 110 m/s Stall speed: 23 m/s Length: 14.9m Wingspan: 12m Height: 5.1m Mass: 9.5 tons Parts: 165 I can safely say that this thing is pretty super manouverable, at least in terms of pitch. Roll on the other hand is very smooth and responsive. It's also very stable with and without SAS on. The Walrus on the other hand doesn't like to fly at all, so that's why it's just a static prop that can be placed on a catapult for decoration. It has no engines and carries no fuel. I was challenged to make this have as low of a part count as possible, that's why some bits are very simplified. There it is for you, Two veterans of WW2 bot created by Supermarine. I hope you enjoy them . Mods: BD-armory for the cameras (removed from the downloadable version). Download link (Spitfire): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ia84ztpjqxpcp3e/Spitfire%20PR%20Mk%20VI%20%28cameraless%29.craft?dl=0
  4. The Saturnian Naval Dockyards Presents.... THE MIGHTY HOOD! The HMS Hood was to be the first in a series of four Admiral Class Battlecruisers designed during WWI, with Germany building large Mackensen-Class battlecruisers. She was laid down the same day as the Battle Of Jutland, and the loss of three British battlecruisers caused the work to be suspended, and was redesigned, with more armor. In 1917, the construction of the three sister ships (Anson, Howe, Rodney) were halted, as the construction of merchant ships would be more important, with the U-Boat blockade. HMS Hood's construction continued. She was commissioned on May 15, 1920. The Hood was involved in many "showing the flag" missions between 1920 and 1939, including a circumnavigation of the world with the Special Service Squadron in 1923-1924. She was given refits from 1929-1930. While headed to Gibraltar for a Mediterranean cruise in 1935, she was rammed in the port side quarter deck by the battlecruiser Renown, damaging her left outer propeller and leaving a dent. Both captains were court-martialed, as well as the squadron commander. The squadron commander and the Hood's captain were acquitted, but the Renown's captain was relieved. The Hood was due for a badly needed refit in 1941, as the ship was outdated and her material condition was badly deteriorated. However, World War II broke out, and this was soon an impossibility. She was employed with patrolling the vicinity on Iceland and the Faroe Islands to protect convoys and intercept merchant raiders and blockade runners. On September 25, 1939, the Home Fleet was spotted by German aircraft, and the Hood was fit by a 250Kg bomb, and needed a refit. In 1940 the Hood participated in the destruction of the French Fleet to avoid them falling in enemy hands. When the Bismarck sailed with Prinz Eugen for the Atlantic, the Hood and Prince Of Wales set out to intercept them. On May 24th, between Greenland and Iceland, they met. The Hood engaged the Prinz Eugen, the ship in the front. The German ship returned fire several minutes later, with Prinz Eugen scoring a hit, starting a fire with the ready-use ammunition. The Hood was turning to reveal her rear turrets, when she was hit on the deck by a shell from the Bismarck, at 16.65 Km away. A huge jet of flame shot out, and a devastating magazine explosion followed, destroying the back of the Hood, and the ship sunk in only three minutes, with the bow pointed near vertically. Only three survived. MODS For the ship to appear in full glory BDArmory (Requirement for NAS) C.A.L++ (Community Ammunition Library for BDArmory)(Ammo for NAS guns) KerbPaint(Hull Paint) NAS - Naval Artillery System (Weapons systems) TweakScale - Rescale Everything!(For parts where the ship needed specific sizes and I wasn't willing to raise part count) WW2 Warships(Hull, much of the superstructure) Recommended Vessel mover/Hyperedit to move around, Hanger extender to see the whole ship in the SPH, Scatterer-Nice waves DOWNLOAD This ship is part of my Battle of The Denmark Strait pack. 883 parts, over 260 meters long, capable of reaching 20 M/s (5.5 M/s after than the real thing...) Action Groups 1-Toggles boilers&turbines 2-Ship goes kaboom (A huge one, so anticipate some lag...) 3-Toggle Main Battery 4-Secondary Guns Toggle 5-AA Guns MAIN BATTERY IN ACTION SECONDARY GUNS Thanks for reading, if you find any issues, please let me know!
  5. The Saturnian Naval Dockyards Presents... THE BISMARCK! The Bismarck was the first of the twin Bismarck-Class Battleships. She served in the Kriegsmarine during WWII, and entered service on August 24th 1940. She was named after Otto Von Bismarck, the primary force behind Germany's unification in 1871. It led a short career participating in Operation Rheinubung in May 1941 to raid allied shipping in the Atlantic. The British spotted her and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen several time in Scandinavia. They intercepted her and Prinz Eugen at The Battle Of The Denmark Strait, but soon HMS Hood, pride of the Royal Navy was destroyed, and Prince of Wales was heavily damaged. Bismarck took multiple hits and suffered an oil leak, and it split off from Prinz Eugen to reach Occupied France. The British Fleet’s Ark Royal deployed Swordfish bombers and one scored a hit on the battleships rudder, disabling it. In the final battle involving a huge portion of the British Fleet the next morning, the heavy bombardment resulted in her being scuttled by the crew. 2200 men were killed. MODS BDArmory C.A.L KerbPaint NAS - Naval Artillery System Procedural Parts TweakScale - Rescale Everything! WW2 Warships DOWNLOAD This has been my main project for the past few weeks. It is fully functional, reaching 16.8 M/s, and is 251 Meters long, and is at 907 parts. Notes on landing in the water- Use VesselMover Or Hyperedit, and when you fall, keep your vertical speed under 7M/s. 1-Toggles Engines 2-Thrust Reversers On and Off 3-38CM Main Batteries 4-10.5CM Secondaries 5-12.7CM (IRL 15CM) Secondaries 6-Toggles AA Guns 7-Makes the AA Guns start shooting without clicks. MAIN BATTERY GUNS IN ACTION RUDDERS SHIFTING AA GUNS IN ACTION "In Norway" Stripes This is the appearance of the Bismarck as it entered Norway. Note* The ship had swastikas in the front and back, but figuring that it wouldn't be much appreciated on the forums, i've gone with the Maltese Cross. DOWNLOAD REDUCED PARTS VERSION A somewhat more sane 636 part version of the vessel for those with not too good computers (that may change in 1.1...) DOWNLOAD Thanks For Reading, if you find any issues, let me know!
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