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Found 6 results

  1. I, HolidayTheLeek had a dream... ...and that dream was to build the largest weeb thing I could think of. With the help of @Xen0m3 and his brother, Mika (who doesn't have a forums account). After two months of concentrated hamon weeb energy, we managed to complete all four of the Kongou Class Battleships. Each of them being in 1:1 scale, having fully rotating turrets, and working catapults and floatplanes each. As of the 18th of June, Kongou is the largest craft on KerbalX (From right-to-left, Kongou, Hiei, Kirishima and Haruna) ----- IJN Kongou Made by Me Kongou is the lead ship of the class, and appropriately the largest one in terms of part count too. I gave her stock decals as well. ----- IJN Hiei Made by Xenome ----- IJN Kirishima Made by Me ----- IJN Haruna Made by Mika ---
  2. So this is my first post (Hi!!) and I decided to make it about (water-based) ships, which have been a slight obsession of mine for the past, well, since I saw one. I finally tried my hand at building a few in KSP, but there are still some things that I need to work on. Basically, I'd like to see some ship designs from you all, and otherwise just exchange ideas for the best hull shapes, engine placement, etc. Here's the best ship I've built so far: The name at the moment is simply 'Corvette.' Her top speed is 67 m/s, and she's also quite stable when making tight turns: Part count is 50.
  3. here is some versions of my battleship....but the real question remains - were can i find a catapult launcher for a battleship or cruiser? this is my battleship that i was hoping to get the catapult on.... the ones below are other files from the original and vls designs (seems that i can only post one thing from steam as an image, tho i can still post links here)..... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=822385872 http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/101727046890385524/C853E8796102D6A70594726BFABC510C3A82CD75/ and this one below is my aircraft that i feel needed to be launched by catapult: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/101727046890385655/A4DFCE87B08DCEDD7FF84D231696B795048227AF/ if there are mods already, or if there is instruction video on this, can u post it here? ty!
  4. This battleship is an upgrade to the Spielhur-Class battleship, featuring improved armor and the latest TOW missiles and mobile SAM launchers. This ship required BD armory to open and Hyperedit to land in the water. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6hg1cj58o7h1i69/HMS%20AllegemeineMk%20II.craft?dl=0 Built to out-fight any other ship on the sea, the Allegemeine (or "General" in German) lives up to its name as the commander of the seas. The Allegemeine features 12 120mm Turrets in its main battery, capable of striking targets as far as 5 kilometers from the ship. Combined in a powerful broadside, all 12 of these guns can fire, or 6 at a time from fore or aft. The Allegemeine features additional offensive capability in the form of four RB-15 Cruise missiles and two ATG-88 Anti-radar missiles for hitting surface vessels or land targets. The final compliment to the primary armament is the 56 TOW-missiles carried on the flanks of the ship, to take out smaller targets the main guns cannot hit, targets beyond the range of the main guns' accuracy, and for increase in firepower in the broadside. Secondary armament is designed for the express purpose of protecting the Allegemeine from air or missile threat, and includes no less than 68 dual .50 cal turrets, 18 AIM-120 AMRAAM surface-to-air missiles, a CIWS turret in the aft section, and dual locking radar systems, one on the mobile SAM turret amidships and one in the Allegemeine's bridge section. Included are several .50 cal turrets located below the waterline to protect against mines, submarines, and torpedoes. The Allegemeine has room for a crew of two in the bridge, though she is equipped to operate without kerbal crew. The ship's powerplants are ten J-90 "Goliath" Engines which propel Allegemeine to a top speed of 36 knots (or around 19 m/s). Range is limited, but is up to 400 km on a standard fuel tank, and can be extended with refueling virtually infinitely. In terms of armor, the Allegemeine is unmatched in Zokesian vessels. The inner spine is built out of truss beams with high damage resistance, and the dual sets of armor plating on the sides are spaced as well as reinforced with struts. There is a layer of empty Mk2 fuel tanks between armor plates which double as stabilizers and as extra armor, as Mk2 fuel tanks have one of the highest damage resistances of any tanks in the game. In addition, the main fuel reserves are stored in Mk3 tanks that run down the spine of the ship, and the ammunition is stored safely under that, at the lowest point in the ship, preventing explosions from side or aerial attacks. PHOTOS:
  5. Recently, I have announced that I am going to complete the Elcano Challenge on Earth. I have made this vessel, a light cruiser called the KN LC- a navy cruiser, retrofitted to suit the crew of researchers who are going to be spending their time on it for more than a few months. There is no interior, as the ship was made with the Large Ship Parts mod. However, the top is fitted with everything. The main reason why I created this thread is because I want my Elcano challenge to be a community-friendly project, and I want to get everyone to have a say in what I do. Here's the album, see for yourself: http://imgur.com/a/e0vOv -Updated version: http://imgur.com/a/YiZfV -New proposed ship: http://imgur.com/a/FchNv - This is a suggestion thread. Please post some, instead of complaining about the imgur screenshots, my existence, etc. I hope you are aware that the whole project is a WIP.
  6. The Saturnian Naval Dockyards Presents... THE BISMARCK! The Bismarck was the first of the twin Bismarck-Class Battleships. She served in the Kriegsmarine during WWII, and entered service on August 24th 1940. She was named after Otto Von Bismarck, the primary force behind Germany's unification in 1871. It led a short career participating in Operation Rheinubung in May 1941 to raid allied shipping in the Atlantic. The British spotted her and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen several time in Scandinavia. They intercepted her and Prinz Eugen at The Battle Of The Denmark Strait, but soon HMS Hood, pride of the Royal Navy was destroyed, and Prince of Wales was heavily damaged. Bismarck took multiple hits and suffered an oil leak, and it split off from Prinz Eugen to reach Occupied France. The British Fleet’s Ark Royal deployed Swordfish bombers and one scored a hit on the battleships rudder, disabling it. In the final battle involving a huge portion of the British Fleet the next morning, the heavy bombardment resulted in her being scuttled by the crew. 2200 men were killed. MODS BDArmory C.A.L KerbPaint NAS - Naval Artillery System Procedural Parts TweakScale - Rescale Everything! WW2 Warships DOWNLOAD This has been my main project for the past few weeks. It is fully functional, reaching 16.8 M/s, and is 251 Meters long, and is at 907 parts. Notes on landing in the water- Use VesselMover Or Hyperedit, and when you fall, keep your vertical speed under 7M/s. 1-Toggles Engines 2-Thrust Reversers On and Off 3-38CM Main Batteries 4-10.5CM Secondaries 5-12.7CM (IRL 15CM) Secondaries 6-Toggles AA Guns 7-Makes the AA Guns start shooting without clicks. MAIN BATTERY GUNS IN ACTION RUDDERS SHIFTING AA GUNS IN ACTION "In Norway" Stripes This is the appearance of the Bismarck as it entered Norway. Note* The ship had swastikas in the front and back, but figuring that it wouldn't be much appreciated on the forums, i've gone with the Maltese Cross. DOWNLOAD REDUCED PARTS VERSION A somewhat more sane 636 part version of the vessel for those with not too good computers (that may change in 1.1...) DOWNLOAD Thanks For Reading, if you find any issues, let me know!
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