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  1. Does anybody have this mod in their folders? anywhere the mod's downloads were deleted sadly.
  2. North Kerbin Dynamics Renewed https://youtu.be/25QORm9ZYlA IMPORTANT NEED BDA MODULE MANAGER AND IT MAY REQUIRE PRE BUT PRE MAY CORRUPT THe MOD The first 21 second is the showcase of B-83 and THX space scumbag for using NKDR in the first 21 second of your video B-83,Castle bravo,FOAB,MOAB and lastly Tsar bomba North kerbin dynamic is now ported to 1.9.1 (Experimental in 1.11.0) This mod add plenty of bomb including nuclear one,and some conventional bomb is also in this mod.Originally developed by harpwner this mod hasn't been update in a while and some bomb are
  3. This a patch for BD FPS work in the lastest version of KSP. For those who dont know BD FPS is a very old mod that adds weapons to the game like m4, m16a4, etc... Disclaimer:use RCS when equipping a gun. Link:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1O1UFmrBjgbe-aqQyIjWSLGQ7q-fpz0tk
  4. You guys know the BD Armorys Armor Plates i want to duplicate them and give different texture to them. I using armor plates as structural parts for my star destroyers . I did copy armor plates folder and edit needed things in cfg. Except one thing; texture. Cfg file has not texture file name and directory line. But even so it is always using bd armory texture file directory. I want to change directory and texture file name. How to do this? (Please speak simple, my english not eough to understand complicated sentences)
  5. I have been having this problem with BD_Armory, where it will get stuck loading at the BDArmory. /GameData/BDArmormy/Parts/20mmVulcanTurret/bahaGatlingGun
  6. I downloaded bd armory for ksp 1.3 and downloaded an m1 abrams craft form kerbalx and it said it needed bd armory and kerbal foundries which I had both of. But when I tried to load it in the sph it said I was missing the armor plates (keep in mind that the craft said it was made in 1.3) My question is, where do I download the armor plates for bd armory?
  7. I just downloaded bd armory (and yes i have the newest one) and i aldready have a problem. My weapons manager says i have no weapons even tho i obviously have. I have googled it for like 30 min and i can't seem to find an answer.
  8. I want to make a fighter jet for a competition but I can't without BD Armory. does it work?
  9. Laser Mod OVERVIEW This add-on includes the following additional laser guns: - X-wing laser cannon - Tie fighter laser cannon - Orange laser cannon - White laser cannon - Blaster turret (red) - Phaser turret (green) - Vulcan laser turret (yellow) - Heavy laser cannon (green) - Ion cannon (blue) - Phaser Cannon (red) - Blaster Cannon (green) - plus more experimental lasers This parts add-on requires the BD Armory mod to function. Download the BD Armory mod here: https://github.com/PapaJoesS
  10. Naval Battles (Plus vessel research and development, design and prototyping) This is a relatively old thread, and can be considered as the counterpart to the Air Superiority Fighter Competition, only less competitive and with wet navy ships. (For vacuum-based ships, go to the Naval Battle Club). This thread focuses more on casual battles as opposed to strict competition and cutthroat tactics (cough cough @Eidahlil's Pike cOuGh cOuGH) and was recently (as of mid-December, 2018) expanded to encompass the sharing of design tips, hull ideas, and general discussion of ship des
  11. Hello i am trying to do a ksp air battle and for some reason the AI Pilot wont try to kill me rather just fly around and do its own thing regardless of gaurd mode and being on seprete teams and targeting the other craft How do i fix this?
  12. Hi. This is probably some really obvious thing I glossed over, but I've been installing a lot of mods as of late and every time I put the content of the mod's gamedata folder into my KSP install's gamedata folder. This has worked every other time, but not this one. I put BD armory's "BDArmory" folder into KSP's gamedata (This folder is all that's in the mod's gamedata folder) and the game was unchanged. I tried to take the contents of THAT folder and copy it over to KSP, and it crashed upon startup. Is 1.1 no longer compatible?
  13. Hey guys, I was wondering if I could stop the guard mode in BD Armory to shoot at my missiles/bombs/torpedoes because I am playing something like a WW2 game and it is kinda unrealistic to have your bomb shot down by aa. Pls help
  14. My most recent attempt at an automated kOS cruise missile that targets hard-coded Long-Lat coordinates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1TPhWpTUEM
  15. The BD Armory section is there when I'm in a hangar and I can see multiple guns, rockets, bombs, and ammo, but no weapons manager. When I tried to use a gun, it didn't fire, even with ammo boxes. I used CKAN to install the mod.
  16. Hey all, first off, I apologize if I've posted this in the wrong forum. It seemed like the best place to me. I am playing around with BD Armory in career mode with the 5dim pack. I've built a nice little low tech floating weapons platform with a Mk1 Pod, an RT-10 solid booster, Mk16 chute + four Mk2R radials, and landing legs. At this point in the tech tree, I only have the chain gun unlocked, so that's all I can use for the first training mission, which consists of a bunch of unarmed, unmoving targets to the north of the runway. Since I can barely fly planes, I figured I'd just put g
  17. Hello community! This is a dev thread for my upcoming BD Armory mod 'Random Ordinance Emporium.' This is my first mod that taps into the complexity that is 3d modeling and texturing. I am VERY new to this, so tips, tricks, and suggestions are VERY welcome! Below are some of the ideas I have for the first update coming later this February/March. Current Weapon Ideas. (NU = Next update) GR-12 Swarm Rocket: A tiny, short-range radar-guided missile that gets all its punching power from 'lethal impact velocities.' Meant to be launched 2-3 at a time. (NU) TTG-99 'Crackle' 50cal mounte
  18. Can somebody help please, I've installed BD Armory correctly into the GameData folder (move the DBA GameData contents into KSPs GameData). Yet, when I go in game (KSP 1.2.2), all the models and textures are there but the functions don't work. There's no options for the Weapon Manager or weapons in the actions tab in the hanger. I've tried right clicking the models and no menu appears (Not sure if it is in the first place). I've reinstalled many times, tried different forms of installing and watched and read many tutorials for this. Apparently others have a problem similar except not in this de
  19. I've updated to 1.2 and for some reason the physics behind bdarmory have changed, back in 1.1 they seemed to work fine. I'm having issues with KSP/squad parts not absorbing damage properly. I built a tank out of structural panels and changed the file on the structural panels to have a higher damage protection rating. The problem is, bd armory is shooting (even with very weak guns) straight through the structural panels and completely killing the inside of the tank with 1 shot while leaving the outside in slightly damaged condition. This was never an issue in previous versions, the other versio
  20. Ok, so I had this problem on my old computer, and now I have it on this one too! So, I go to use the weapons manager, and it says no weapons manager, even with one on there, BUT the gui is expanded like it is open. So I have to switch from it to another vessel and back, and even then, when it shows the GUI, when I open the weapons, Guard mode, OR modules box, it expands to compensate for the size, BUT the weapons, guard mode, ore modules menu does not show up. SOS!! (P.S. It worked for a while, but after adding an unknown mod, it caused the gui to break on the new computer's install. Removing
  21. I installed BDA yesterday and had some issues. A: All of the BDA items could only be found in the manufacturers tab B: The BDA tab is nonexistent (Yes I'm using the weapons manager) C: Bomb explosions are not happening correctly D: I'm not the only one with this problem, my friend JWMan121 also has these issues I would be more than grateful if someone were to help me with these issues. Thank you!
  22. Hey forum people! Information. 1. I use a Mac. 2. I use KSP ver:1.2. 3. I use BD Armory ver:1.2 So i am trying to use a targeting pod (I've tried both) but whenever I activate it, the screen where the view shows up is just a solid purple. I know I am doing it right because in the past KSP and BD Armory versions, it showed up with no hint of purple what so ever. I can't see anything in the targeting pod window, just solid purple. http://kspmalfunction.weebly.com/ this is a screenshot of the targeting pod Sorry I had to use such a crappy template. Only look at t
  23. Requires contract configurator: https://github.com/jrossignol/ContractConfigurator/releases/tag/1.26.0 and BD armory: https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/releases IF THE AIRCRAFT DON'T FLY: Go into advanced difficulty options, disable require signal for control. This can also be found in the cheat menu. May not be necessary, only happens to a few people. KAF is a small contract pack featuring various intercepting and dog-fighting missions, pitting your user made aircraft and air defense systems up against a variety of Russian aircraft. Enemies include: MIG 15, MIG 21
  24. SERIES IV AS @inigma CAN NO LONGER MANAGE ASC IV DUE TO HIS DEMAND FOR TIME ARE A LITTLE STRAINED. BECAUSE OF THAT, I WILL BE HOSTING ASC IV. Air Superiority Challenge - King of the Hill 4v4 AI Duels (WW2 Theme) How Long Will You Claim Air Superiority? Test your design against the current King of the Hill, then Submit your entry to the ASC KerbalX Hangar and post a link in this thread to enter! King of the Hill: TBA Number of Wins: TBA Registered belligerents: P-18 Falcon by @epicman81 0 wins (ELIMINATED) KB-45 Falco
  25. Someone please help, I seem to have a problem with installing the mod B.D. armory. I installed it into the game data folder for ksp and the files even seem to show as some of the loading files on the first loading screen for the game. But when I am in the game none of the files show up in utility or any of the other files. Any solutions? I've tried everything.
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