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  1. Ok, so I had this problem on my old computer, and now I have it on this one too! So, I go to use the weapons manager, and it says no weapons manager, even with one on there, BUT the gui is expanded like it is open. So I have to switch from it to another vessel and back, and even then, when it shows the GUI, when I open the weapons, Guard mode, OR modules box, it expands to compensate for the size, BUT the weapons, guard mode, ore modules menu does not show up. SOS!! (P.S. It worked for a while, but after adding an unknown mod, it caused the gui to break on the new computer's install. Removing
  2. I installed BDA yesterday and had some issues. A: All of the BDA items could only be found in the manufacturers tab B: The BDA tab is nonexistent (Yes I'm using the weapons manager) C: Bomb explosions are not happening correctly D: I'm not the only one with this problem, my friend JWMan121 also has these issues I would be more than grateful if someone were to help me with these issues. Thank you!
  3. Hey forum people! Information. 1. I use a Mac. 2. I use KSP ver:1.2. 3. I use BD Armory ver:1.2 So i am trying to use a targeting pod (I've tried both) but whenever I activate it, the screen where the view shows up is just a solid purple. I know I am doing it right because in the past KSP and BD Armory versions, it showed up with no hint of purple what so ever. I can't see anything in the targeting pod window, just solid purple. http://kspmalfunction.weebly.com/ this is a screenshot of the targeting pod Sorry I had to use such a crappy template. Only look at t
  4. Given how difficult it was to come up with a shape I like, and given how many new features I tried with this craft, including the strut canopy and BD Armory TOW missiles/FLIR set, this craft took a lot less time to finish than I expected. The Cobra's design was derived from the UH-1 Iroquois (Huey), and used the same engine, transmission, and tail section as the Huey. While the UH-1 made air cavalry practical, it was poorly armed and was vulnerable to ground fire from Vietcong or NVA forces, especially when it landed to unload its troops or supplies. While many UH-1s were converted to gu
  5. Someone please help, I seem to have a problem with installing the mod B.D. armory. I installed it into the game data folder for ksp and the files even seem to show as some of the loading files on the first loading screen for the game. But when I am in the game none of the files show up in utility or any of the other files. Any solutions? I've tried everything.
  6. Sorry, moderators, saw a more fitting place to post this after posting this thread. Care to move it if it's too disruptive here? Here is something I made, in my attempt to make a ground tank. Origianally, I wanted to make it a hover tank, but when I found out the mod parts for it were difficult to use, and that they lagged the system, I ended resorting to wheels, while maintaining the Hover Tank name. A misnomer. Parts that I used are: Stock (default) Bahamuto Dynamics Armory (mod) The only mod parts would be the turret, 4 machine guns, and the weapon manag
  7. So I just recently got BD Armory on my computer, and I love it (I have 1.1.2 and I know that BD Armory isn’t compatible yet) but there seems to be a problem. I’ll be doing a battle with one of my tanks or AA batteries and the game will slow waaaaaaayyy down, which normally, I can cope with (I launched many rockets with several thousand parts regularly with 1.0.5 on a laptop, so I’m used to that) but then the game stops responding to my keyboard at all. The mouse still works, and can fire the guns, switch weapons, etc., but only at 1 fps or so. Also at this point, my computer is so hot that it
  8. My game, with BD Armory, When I load up a craft it is going 0000.00 m/s and the camera is heading towards space and i have no craft. How Can I Fix This? Please Help Me!
  9. Ello! This thread is dedicated to Military replica vehicles of any country. Here I will be posting craft that I have built, and want to share with the community. Please feel free to show off any craft that you have forged Rules ( nothing too demanding, just need some order, that's all) 1. Vehicle must be a replica of some sort of military machine that has existed in real life. (Blueprint vehicles are highly encouraged) 2. All craft must be compatible with the latest version of BDArmory (exceptions will be made for unarmed military creations such as the SR-71) 3. State
  10. I've had this for quite a while now, tinkering with it, and now that I know people actually like my work sometimes, I decided to share my best "working" helicopter! The descriptions between the civilian and the military version are the same, sorry. The performance is quite good, and it'll respond well in almost all situations. Jeb likes to blind bill with the spotlight by the way, make sure you keep him away from the brightness controls. No pics of the military one, the only difference is that it has a real FLIR camera, wing mounted chain guns and hellfire missile pods, and addition
  11. I ask that all who post in this thread to please keep your posts directly related to this challenge and try to avoid frivolous and unrelated content ... Thank you NOTE: If you compete in this challenge you are eligible to compete in Level 2 which you can find HERE I've manually flown a single military cargo plane outfitted to defend itself to the KSC Island Airport. The mission is to take out the plane and it's defenses Due to the missiles being amazingly accurate in the latest BD Armoury I am not using them in defense of the Island Airport ... Guns only on my end
  12. I ask that all who post in this thread to please keep your posts directly related to this challenge and try to avoid frivolous and unrelated content ... Thank you NOTE: You must compete in Level 1 in order to progress to Level 2 ... You can find Level 1 HERE With BD Armoury giving you the ability to have wing-men, I have created a second level for my Ground Attack Challenge that utilizes this ability I've manually flown a single military cargo plane to the Pyramids to deliver 6 mobile turrets. Your mission is to build 2 crafts that can fly to the Pyramids
  13. When installing an addon for the BD armory mod, do you put the addon inside of the BD armory folder or the game data folder?
  14. SUBMISSIONS CLOSED - TESTING IN PROGRESS - 1ST AND 2ND ROUND RESULTS BELOW We at SMA are accepting applicants for the destructive testing phase of our Combat Drone Initiative. Concerns over high cost and potential loss of Kerbal life required us to move on to a short range, low altitude unmanned aircraft for base defense. As such we are testing outside contractor developed drones against each other as well as our in house "Doppelganger" drone in 2 on 2 tournament style elimination tests. Applicant craft orientation during set up will be semi-random based on whatever amuses SMA staff at a
  15. Blow the KSC to bits with the AWP Expansion for Kerbal Space Program! Items included with this pack, 1. Laser Turret MK100 Heavy Weight Bomb This Pack is undergoing development! More weapons and custom modeling coming soon!! READ INSTALLATION GUIDE AS THIS MOD DOES NOT INSTALL NORMALLY! Download Link NOTE: All models and CFG Files were not generated me, they were generated by Bahamuto Dynamics. All Rights Reserved
  16. This is the Tenebris Unum, aka, The Dark One. Officially coded as DA-SR2, it is a military stealth frigate built for stealth recon. It contains a cloaking device, radar jammers, and an electronic warfare suite, which unfortunately shorts out every few seconds. In need of forward fixed lasers. Infinite fuel, infinite electricity, and infinite RCS required for operation. http://imgur.com/a/9uhI4 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BznEolcLuLIlaXVPcldwSGZEcTg/view?usp=sharing Mods required: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/137092-1-0-5-Cloaking-Device-%28v0-05-11-22-20
  17. http://imgur.com/a/QRcjD Hey this is my first time posting on the forums, so I thought why not post some craft. Here are some of my planes that use BD Armory, P.E.W. + North Kerbin Dynamics. Give feedback if you want! Thank you! https://www.dropbox.com/s/r20p13yj1ce1hj1/BDCraft.zip?dl=0 The X-1 Large isn't amazingly maneuverable, and the X-1 has a tendency to flatspin when it yaws, so be careful with those, the rest should be fine! P.E.W. and North Kerbin Dynamics MUST be installed!
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