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Found 4 results

  1. I downloaded bd armory for ksp 1.3 and downloaded an m1 abrams craft form kerbalx and it said it needed bd armory and kerbal foundries which I had both of. But when I tried to load it in the sph it said I was missing the armor plates (keep in mind that the craft said it was made in 1.3) My question is, where do I download the armor plates for bd armory?
  2. When I fly my plane or launch a rocket, I go to the weapons manager tab and I click 'Weapons'. I have a hidden Vulcan, 8 hellfires but nothing shows up. nothing shows up when I click guard mode or the other one either. How do you fix this?
  3. I just got an idea! Since there is only the Infernal Robotics mod that lets you rotate and elevate missiles, guns and other things at the moment, it would be really cool if there was a mod that lets you build your own turrets that work with BD Armourys mouse aim. For example you could choose your turret ring size/type (hand cranked or motorized), gun elevation mechanism, etc. and orcourse the gun or other thing you want to point at your enemy. It would be also cool to be able to add armour to the turret. Also "new" different caliber guns to have some options to put on your turret. Turret
  4. Here it is, an updated version for 1.05. This is a very capable and destructive ground attack aircraft! I decided to use Wheesley engines for this version as they don't have any engine wash and that allows me to hide them inside the craft and mount the rear ones in a more realistic fashion. It also means there is no jet wash to capsize any carriers you wish to land on. I decided against Juno's as they seem too weak and I can't rotate them stock anyway. Here's a quick video of its destructive power: Stock version = 97 parts and 20.1 tons BD Armoury version = 119 pa
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