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  1. So, I have recently been informed that a lot of the top mods currently aren't compatible with the newest 1.2 update of KSP. I was wondering how could one go about reverting my game back to 1.1.3 or something. I am using steam I honestly could care less about most of my saves I have a boatload (more like an intergalactic capital ship turned into a cargo ship full kind of boatload) This is mostly in the name of BDArmory Thanks in advance, -lococarl, over and out. **P.S.: Here's what's in my GameData folder: 000_USITools (Miscellaneous plugins and such
  2. "Libertate per Tela Superior" THE CHALLENGE: Build an Airborne Heavy Weapons Platform (AHWP). Pit it against other AHWPs for amazing battles of incredible destruction. Inspired by @Adelaar's M-GS-1 'Liberator' build. What's an AHWP? An AHWP is a VTOL aircraft so heavily armed that "heavy gunship" is no longer sufficient to describe it. It is somewhat subjective, but a good rule of thumb for making AHWPs is to decide the armament first, and then build the craft around that. It must be VTOL. If it's fast/maneuverable/doesn't overly lag your game, that's a bonus. Are mods
  3. When I try to use the new version of BDA with KSP 1.1.3, I paste the BDA folder into the GameData folder and install the game. The parts appear, but when I launch any craft, the screen is black. When I pause then unpause, the camera starts spiraling and zooming out. Am I doing something wrong, or are the two just incompatible? Thanks!
  4. My F-22 design, dubbed the K-22. Uses QuizTech, NKD, BDA. Pretty maneuverable, for its ridiculous count of missiles. (Would post a picture, but screenshot isn't working lately) Looks Bad*ss, didn't put the JDAMS on because it would look bad, and make the plane impossible to maneuver. DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdnruuymhtqygow/K-22.craft?dl=0
  5. I have installed BD armory correctly and when I land a plane I cant go to space center when I click it would do nothing can someone help.
  6. I ask that all who post in this thread to please keep your posts directly related to this challenge and try to avoid frivolous and unrelated content ... Thank you NOTE: If you compete in this challenge you are eligible to compete in Level 2 which you can find HERE I've manually flown a single military cargo plane outfitted to defend itself to the KSC Island Airport. The mission is to take out the plane and it's defenses Due to the missiles being amazingly accurate in the latest BD Armoury I am not using them in defense of the Island Airport ... Guns only on my end
  7. The Kerbal Alliance military, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to open yet another competition for the best BDArmory fighter design on the planet, disregarding the fact that the entire planet has been at peace for decades. Entrants are restricted, but barely, by what’s noted down in appendix one. Since the Kerbal Alliance is not a terribly pro-active organization, they’re probably never going to get around to determining the winner, so the competition is running in a “beat the best” format with challengers going up one-on-one against whatever beat the last champion, with both designs cont
  8. I ask that all who post in this thread to please keep your posts directly related to this challenge and try to avoid frivolous and unrelated content ... Thank you NOTE: You must compete in Level 1 in order to progress to Level 2 ... You can find Level 1 HERE With BD Armoury giving you the ability to have wing-men, I have created a second level for my Ground Attack Challenge that utilizes this ability I've manually flown a single military cargo plane to the Pyramids to deliver 6 mobile turrets. Your mission is to build 2 crafts that can fly to the Pyramids
  9. Here's my F-16 (.3) built for BD Armory Download: File-Upload.net Required Mods: - BD Armory - BD Landing Gear - Procedural Wings Features: - Flaps - Air Breakes - Chaff / Flair
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