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Found 9 results

  1. I have created a fresh new Topic to maintain BDAc continuity. For any past forum posts please refer to the Old BDAcTopic here: The old BDAc Forum Topic has been locked by the topic owner. Please note that Physics Range Extender and Module Manager are required dependencies for BD Armory Continued Also be advised that using the World Stabilizer mod will cause problems with PRE as it has it's own world stabilization code we refer to as Black Spell ... Only solution to this is to not use the World Stabilizer mod See spoilers below for release notes, videos, Github
  2. Yesterday i downloaded my first mod BDArmory and i didn't work at all, it was like it wasn't there. I later tried installing another mod called VesselMover and it worked perfectly. I did some more research about why BDArmory wasn't working and i found out i needed ModuleManager and PhysicsRangeExtender. When i load up KSP now i don't see any difference in the building mode but when i try and fly a plane or spacecraft i see the BDArmory and PhysicsRangeExtender icons in the right corner and i can click on them and PhysicsRangeExtender works but when i click on the BDArmory button it says no wea
  3. This might be a change of pace for a lot of folks but I've been setting up a BDAc competition for a while now. It's going to be using a lot of the infrastructure that's been set up for Scott Manley's Runway Project but we're going to be, hopefully, setting up some infrastructure down the line for AI-run competitions so that at any time somebody could hop onto a stream and watch some entertaining BDAc dogfights. Add in some player/viewer interaction after the style of Salty Bets and that's the goal. Aside from the above, there will be regularly run manual tournaments (Live Tournaments) up
  4. This days i try to make something special based on BDAC rockets. The first idea: LAD(Low Altitude Dispenser) It's just an unpowered rocket And i try to make the ADS for land vehicles. My idea is to add a delay expansion collision box to the rocket,and it works. I'm still perfecting them.Any suggestions?
  5. So I wanted to try a little space combat but after putting a craft with a browning 50 cal on 60 km orbit, I found that the shots are way off, as in they look like they are being shot from an empty space beside the spacecraft. anyone had this issue and maybe knows how to fix it?
  6. I was Making a MiG-1.44 Replica And I used a Custom Bombbay, When I put it into a dogfight I had to Manually Open it, the AI will not fire a missile until it is open because the missile path is obstruced. Also, My F-14 Tomcat, when operated by a AI, Does not change the wing sweep regardless of the situation, it must be done manually. Is there a Way to Make the AI use the Infernal Robotics Joints Like the Cargo Bays for concealed weapons?
  7. Hi! I was just wondering if anyone knows of a BDA release for KSP 1.6. Hopefully, you do! Bye! P.S. If there are no releases, I know how to get a previous KSP version and use BDA on that.
  8. Ok so I installed BDA v2 and it works fine, but when I use a nuke, such as the Fat Man and MK 24, the explosion doesn't seem to appear, did I misplaced the explosions from the file? Because I feel like I did, but is there a way to place the explosions to a file where it is supposed to go? Because everything works great but explosions don't appear.
  9. Welcome to the 7th Gen Fighter Championship There is 12 places left!!!! Rules: -Mods : BDArmory NO MORE -Maximum of three engines Phanthers only!! -Must have future look -maximum of 6 missiles -no guns ( turrets, canon, and stuff lioke those) -Must have a good speed -Need to be controlled by an AI but also need a Kerbal -Must be as light weight as possible but still able to reach the island's runway To Win, you need to : -Destroy the enemy -Be able to land back -The Kerbal must be alive and able to get out of the plane!
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