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Found 5 results

  1. This might be a change of pace for a lot of folks but I've been setting up a BDAc competition for a while now. It's going to be using a lot of the infrastructure that's been set up for Scott Manley's Runway Project but we're going to be, hopefully, setting up some infrastructure down the line for AI-run competitions so that at any time somebody could hop onto a stream and watch some entertaining BDAc dogfights. Add in some player/viewer interaction after the style of Salty Bets and that's the goal. Aside from the above, there will be regularly run manual tournaments (Live Tournaments) up
  2. Got the idea of RPM and Aset combined with BD Armory to have the targeting system in the IVA moniters so you can control weapons and target vessels from inside the iva and maybe add in GPWS. Here is examples: Im not good at cooding and have never tried but was hoping for if anyone is working/have made it then please let me know
  3. I released my first mod for ksp "ULTIMATE BOMBS" I'm so happy, but there's a problem like attaching on the armament rail, the textures of bombs are not amazing , but I'm proud of my creation, I think creates a second mod on the wings! my mod: https://spacedock.info/mod/2510/ULTIMATE%20BOMBS NEED BDArmory:https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/releases/tag/v1.3.2 only 3 bombs for the moment (Lincence:MIT) from spacedock NOW THE V1.2 ,is here for add 3 bombs in the mod!!!!!!!!!!
  4. So i had all the information to create a mod about explosion but i don't know how other modder create explosion model.I try to import the model to blender through blender add-on but when i import it I see nothing but a six axis cross.Please help,here the image link https://sites.google.com/view/mod-development-debug/home
  5. Hello all, I've installed four mods into my 1.2.2 save: Kerbinside Continued, Kerbal Konstructs, BD Armory Continued, and Physics Range Extender. BDArmory has been giving me trouble. The main problems are 1. No ammo boxes besides .50 caliber one. 2. Weapon Manager GUI broken, when I click weapons, guard menu, or modules, it does not open the respective menu. 3. Cannot fire or shoot. 4. No icons for any of the mod's tabs. Here's how I've installed it: KSP -> GameData -> GameData (from inside BDArmory zip folder) and the BDArmory mod folder and all my other m
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