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Found 1 result

  1. Introduction: This is an add-on that adds beamed power parts and modules to the stock game. In this case 'beamed power' just means the wireless transfer of electric-charge between two vessels over a long range. This is achieved by converting the electrical energy into electromagnetic waves (photons) which can travel through a vacuum. These waves are picked up at the other end by a receiver which converts the waves back into electric-charge. The mod also provides engines that can pick up the waves and convert their energy into thermal energy, which can heat the propellant and expel it to produce thrust. This is the idea behind beamed power propulsion. Some background on this mod's development: A while back I wanted a standalone version of beamed power in a mod as I was hesitant in using KSP Interstellar extended. I asked on the forums for help on learning KSPIE as I was told it was the only option. Some great people on the forums helped me learn it and I got the hang of it. All this effort was wasted by the fact that I couldn't use it in my existing save file using NFT and FFT. It does work with those mods, but changes gameplay drastically so most of my vessels were useless. 7 months later, I decided to write a plugin myself and this is that. This is a mod that adds Beamed Power code to the stock game, the plugin is written from scratch, as I wanted to learn how to write plugins in ksp and this was a great learning experience. 4 weeks after the initial release, I also started to learn modelling and texturing in Blender, and now (22nd Sept) the parts I made have reached a state I'm satisfied with, and are now part of the mod. Treat these parts as examples, they aren't perfect yet. How it works: There are currently three part modules this adds that you can use for beamed power in the core mod: WirelessSource, WirelessReceiver and WirelessReflector. At the moment, you'll have to add these part modules to any part you want to use for beamed power. Instructions for how to do that: WirelessSource: WirelessReceiver: WirelessReflector: Optional Extra Part Modules: Download (Spacedock or GitHub): https://spacedock.info/mod/2492/Beamed Power Plugin https://github.com/AniruddhKSP/KSP-Beamed-Power-Standalone-mod/releases Source Code (GitHub): https://github.com/AniruddhKSP/KSP-Beamed-Power-Standalone-mod Unity Project File for parts (Google-Drive): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ogeYe_x4FzYddjxvFiJeQDCqxE_WgStH?usp=sharing Other Info: The plugin and all art assets and configs by me (@Aniruddh) are licensed into the Public Domain, do whatever you like with it! This mod depends on Module Manager! If this isn't installed, other mods can't be supported, and you may also see lots of errors in the log and console. Currently, the following parts are available in the mod: - BP-TE "Unradioactive" Thermal Engine - BP-541L "Starshot" Photon-Sail - BP-AE "Sublimation" Ablative-Engine - BP-T1 "Microwaving" Power Transmitter Unity project files for the parts are on the google drive link above, I couldn't upload to GitHub due to file number restrictions. I'm sharing this so others can use this without starting from scratch, and some can also provide more detailed feedback on the parts. Module-Manager patches to add support to existing parts are welcome, if anyone wants to contribute. I'm completely open to suggestions and feature requests at this stage. I'd highly recommend using the following mods alongside this one: - CryoTanks - Waterfall - Near Future Exploration What this plugin won't do: - Add full realism, (eg. efficiency curves for adjusting wavelength) - Add dedicated UI to stock toolbar, the right click menu is good enough. My current To-do List: - Parts (currently got transmitter dish and reflector left to do) - Fix limitation of receivers not distinguishing two transmitters with same name - Background vessel resource processing - Kerbal Konstructs power plants and beamed-power transmitters Differences with KSPIE: - Receiver doesn't have to point in the right direction towards transmitter, similar to stock CommNet. - A transmitter can only ever beam in one wavelength. To beam power in a different wavelength, you need a different part. Possible FAQs: 1) The transmitter/receiver turns off immediately after I turn it on, why is that? It is either because the part is beyond its core/skin temperature limits, it is retracted (if it is deployable), or the craft it is on isn't generating enough power/batteries are drained. 2) The ablative engine and photon sail are getting too little thrust / no thrust. These two are direction-dependent, make sure the vessel is facing the right way (away from the transmitter). Thrust is scaled based on the angle between the two. 3) The receiver isn't getting any power even though it says it is receiving from the right vessel. Make sure you switch to the transmitter vessel, and cycle through receiver vessels, until 'Transmitting to:' shows the name of the receiving vessel. 4) How to get more wavelength options/ more realistic wavelengths, e.g. Gamma-Rays? If you are doing a manual install, first delete the two .dlls in the plugins folder in the main mod directory, then drag the two .dlls in the Extras folder (these have RW at the ends of their names) into the plugins folder in the main directory. Move the main directory (under GameData) into your GameData folder. If installing through CKAN, just select the 'Beamed Power Standalone - Realistic Wavelengths' option, and CKAN should do the rest. Pictures: All Screenshots Thanks for reading this far down the page! Happy launchings, (and landings) Latest Major Version (25th Dec) changes (1.1.0): Updated for 1.11.x Added a silver variant to "Starshot" photon-sail. Fixed a graphical glitch on thermal-engine's mount when highlighted. Added a transmitter dish part (5m). Improved Wireless-Reflector part module, now the on/off toggle button actually works! Fixed Localization issues. Improved performance when using reflectors. Fixed a bug where a reflector could reflect power to itself. Prevented NREs on wireless-reflector when no transmitter is present. Background resource processing reduces framerates immensely, so I'd recommend not using it for now. There is still the limitation- don't name two transmitter vessels with the exact same name, or the receiver will only detect one of them. This is due to an issue with vessel ids in the game. A workaround is hopefully coming for this limitation.
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