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Found 3 results

  1. One of the most interesting things I will ever see on a youtube video by Stratzenblitz or Matt Lowne or Shadow Zone is that in the comments I see people saying "and all I can do is land on the mun" or "I can't even get to orbit." And at one point I felt exactly the same, I felt like no matter how much I did I would never get there. This is my words to give to people on how to get from Explosions to success: When I started playing KSP I got the inspiration to do so via Matt Lowne's amazing SSTOs. I was amazed by them, I dreamed about making my own fleet of SSTOs making cool names and going
  2. So I started building a Planet Pack earlier in the Year (in Signature). However it has ground to a halt for 2 reasons, firstly RL got in the way. Second, and more to the point, I do not know how to make the Textures at all. So my question is what programs would I need (need to be free ones) What tutorials would be recommended for me to view/read to get started? (on or off the Forum)
  3. When I was new to this forum, I wondered how to get rep. The answer is simple. Somebody likes your post = you getting rep. There are other questions you might ask, including: 1. How do you get your badge thingys? Answer: You can get them by completing challenges, or participating in other things. 2. Why is this mod not working!!! Answer: It's probably not compatible with your ksp version, or you installed it wrong. Check installation instructions or the version of ksp that the mod is intended for before asking for help. If anybody has any more q&a's that you might
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