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Found 4 results

  1. Description Imagine the wind in your hair, the joy of the open road in all directions, fast and free with no restrictions, The Celeste Kusanagi provides features in a bespoke aesthetic and ergonomics, tailoring the fit and finish of the motorcycle to its owner. Create unforgettable memories riding past the valleys of Kerbal or even off-planet on worlds like Duna. Kusanagi will guide you where your heart desires to go. This is a STOCK (with DLC) craft no mods are required. Features Custom-designed bike wheels for a much more aesthetically pleasing experience. Fully animated speedometer and simulated instrument cluster Full first-person view through the windshield when using a camera mod (optional) for Kerbals to ride in first-person mode. Small light and nimble low part relatively low part count at 280 Driving Instructions. Press AG1 to get in the driving position and throttle up using the main throttle (shift z, or x keys) Action Groups Main Throttle mapped wheels to a Kal-1000 (shift z, or x keys) controls the speed of the bike AG1 Reset riding position and control from the command chair. AG2 Reset and control from Probe For the Windshield, you will need to download the flag for it if not it will default to a white flag. download links below place them in your flags folder. If using Steam - (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags) https://www.dropbox.com/s/uq7q26yxa6o7d6p/Window70.png?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xossmFYxo6byKkPonEiosd68Un4GK2YD/view?usp=sharing A stock aircraft called Celeste Kusanagi. Built with 280 of the finest parts, its root part is strutCube. Downloads https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2874790665 https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Celeste-Kusanagi
  2. Kerbal sized motorbike and sidecar. UPDATED TO 1.1.0 License: CC-BY-SA 4.0 https://spacedock.info/mod/2881/Kerbal Motorbikes First off, the wheels, as a few users seem to have trouble understanding how they work. When first loaded into the SPH, the outside face is pointed towards the left of the hangar when looking out the open doors. It attaches on it's inner face. When you attach to a vehicle while looking at it's outer face you will see a mark at the 9 o'clock position that is made to look like a valve stem. You must rotate the wheel,while attached, 90 degrees clockwise, so that the valve mark is now at the top, also referred to as the 12 o'clock position, for it to work when out in the world. If your wheels spin uselessly when in world, then you have not done this. Now for the fun stuff. Provides 2 colours of Kerbal sized motorbikes and their attachable side cars. 2 styles of wheels and micro docking port that you use in pairs to be able to redock the bikes or sidecars to other things. The bikes and sidecars happily redock to each other without the micro docking port but through some quirk they won't redock with standard ports. The blue bike's docking node is on it's right side and pairs with the blue sidecar that has it's port on it's left. The reverse is true for the red bike and sidecar. Both sidecars have toggleable stands that are defaulted to the landing gear button, so that you can undock them and have them stay upright. If by some chance they do get knocked over, the reaction wheels are powerful enough to get them righted. For the size of vehicles these are, the reaction wheels are quite powerful, espescially roll. This is required so that when you turn the bikes the SAS can compensate so that you don't immediately lie over flat on your side. Sometimes after undocking the reaction wheels act a little over sensitive, but if you are gentle and just tap them to get back to the angle you want it is usually no problem. It is best to attach the micro docking port to the side that isn't the bikes docking node. If you pitch back 20 degrees when driving the suspension will hop then bounce, which allows you to do small jumps. You can get serious air and do tricks in the air when riding on Duna. Typing "bike" into the part search will bring up all parts. Enjoy. If you have Mini Moke Versatile and it's Rocket Sounds Enhancement plugin installed, the wheels will have sound. BIKES ARE AUTONOMOUS, SO IF YOUR KERBAL FALLS OFF YOU CAN DRIVE BACK TO THEM. The very first time you put a sidecar out in the world, please extend and retract the stands twice. It is some game quirk, they are fine from then on. Added with 1.1.0 Ski floats that when attached allow the motorbike to float and be used like a Sea Doo/ Aqua Bike. Blue for blue, Red for red. The nodes are set so that when used correctly the bikes can jettison them. This is best done on land as it tends to throw the Kerbal and may need a bit of wiggling to get them all the way off. Have successfully reattached in the field using an Engineer. The Skis only work at Kerbin sea level and will lose all thrust about a metre above the water. This doesn't stop you from doing back flips barrel rolls and twists etc.If you attach the "Laythe Booster" then the skis can operate at Laythe sea level. The booster only works on Laythe at sea level. The skis have docking nodes on the outside just like the bikes and you can attach a side car or the skis of a different coloured bike etc that can be undocked and redocked. Have redocked to skied bikes while floating in the water quite easily. The skis have the impellers and intakes built in but require the bikes for power. Have added a node at rear light of the bike, based on a forum member asking about cargo hold lockdown options, that is set up to accept the Kerbal Attacment System Tow, Hose and Winch as if it was a socket. While working out how to get the skis to float correctly in the water I realised I could make a speeder bike like in Star Wars. Until I worked out how to limit the height on the skis thrust, I was always ending up flying, not realistic for them but good for a speeder bike. So now I have added a speeder bike as well. The only required addons to it are the "speeder bike flaps" to help the SAS control pitch to stop the nose from trying to go skyward. It may not look it but it is basically a robust flying wing, built tough enough to slide along the ground to take off and land. It is high friction so when you land it stops pretty quickly. It has some glide potential so you can usually finesse it in to land. It has a height limit on Kerbin of roughly 1400 metres sea level and on Laythe of about 2000. It gets slower the higher you go till it looses all TWR. It is best not to touch down above 1300 metres sea level as it would hard to get it moving. 2000 for Laythe. It will get you to the foot of the mountains but not up them. It has nodes for the flaps, an angled 1 at the back as a KAS socket and 1 on the hood to make it easy to attach the docking port for transport. It has been fun getting them to work well. I hope you like them.
  3. Description The 2020 Parvati 990 LRV (Light Reconnaissance Vehicle) 2 Custom Wheels with full rim capable of stable 15 m/s (do not turn super sharply around 20 m/s) 2 Kick stands with hide away dust cover (press G to lower stands and 1 to toggle cover) Stable control (will go straight and stay stable and can turn very sharply) Can be painted fully (using a mod like DCK or other texture replacer) 1 Dock Jr for transport. KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Parvati-990
  4. The Latest Innovation from Mintech, urking out concepts from the raycast saga. I hope you all enjoy. GAMMA-C CRAFT FILE: Destination folder "Kerbal Space Program\saves\yoursavefile\Ships\SPH" Gamma-C Craft File
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