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Found 11 results

  1. So, it appears that on the forums, users who are at school may go on the forums during class/lunch, or not (for example, I always have a window with https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com opened when I do computer science). What about you?
  2. What do you guys think is a Kerbal's individual lifespan? Now, I don't think they only live 70 years on average like humans, considering they seemingly don't need food and can theoretically perform photosynthesis, are immune to space radiation, and can stay 70 years on a cramped space without mental or physical damage, so they seem to be a lot more "durable" than humans, but if you had to attach a value to a Kerbal's average lifespan, if they even are mortal at all and can't die only from explosions, how long would you say they live? A ""little"" bit more than humans, about 150 years? Thousands of years? Or have they discovered the secrets to anti-aging technology like humans hope to do in the future and are actually biologically immortal to diseases and aging, and can only die from serious life-threatening situations? Of course, all of this discussion is pointless, if I had to guess I'd say Kerbals don't age because of game design, game difficulty (making it easier instead of old Kerbals dying on a mission) and maybe limitations, and perhaps this could change and theoretically an individual Kerbal could have a biological age in KSP2, but it is still fun to discuss and guess the reason why this could happen in-game on KSP1, so what do you guys think? Share your opinion below if you feel like it!
  3. What do you think about compulsory vaccinations for COVID, or are they just not an increase in the shadow economy? I remember with my dad (who died in 2002) we watched the material that Skatebroding was banned in Norway, my dad noticed that you can earn money from such a ban Because my dad told me that as he was a printer by profession, during the communes in Poland, he did not make bad money by printing "not entirely legal books" for Solidarity ;-) It's was mainly such author like Lermontov, Sacharov., Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and off course Big bad boy George Orwell It was so called "Samizdat " samizdat | Soviet literature | Britannica Samizdat - Wikipedia That he was earning a second salary thanks to nice American gentlemen from the CIA: D When we watched a program on Eurosport about the development of skateboarding in Norway, that in the 1980s it was a forbidden sport because their moms decided that it was a sport too heavenly for "good children", dad said that he was printing forbidden books under communism, because if the loveing government would forbid it something it's always the best money to get paid for it. That if he had been a Norwegian and not a Pole in the 1980s, he would have dealt with banned skateboards, since the idiots from the government themselves create an outlet for him, only a retard would not take advantage of it. And here arises my question: how the government tells us to vaccinate with the 101st dose, who normal will not get a fake certificate of vaccination for COVID-19
  4. https://www.nasa.gov/feature/nasa-twins-study-investigators-to-release-integrated-paper-in-2018 Scott Kelly spent one year on ISS. His identical twin, Mark, did not. "The Kelly twins are the only identical twin astronauts in history." This study did a thorough biological comparison of the two. Significantly: There are some fairly prosaic theories for these differences. Still, a very interesting and unique study, with possible far-reaching ramifications.
  5. https://www.space.com/34339-should-we-launch-kid-to-space.html
  6. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20170821134351AAYSkSB About year ago i bought a early access ( alpha phase ) game Universim it would be about starting civilization of anthropomorphic creatures called nuggets from Stone Age until they can leave their home planet and colonize other planets in other solar systems. We start with pair of them Male and Female we need to help them survive and produce offspring, but one thoughts come to my mind we (our species) also come from 2 persons Adam and Eve and if they had their first children and ware only couple on the entire planet than with whom their kids have sex? ;-) https://forums.theuniversim.com/index.php?/topic/51314-if-we-start-with-2-nugets-and-they-have-4-children-than-to-whom-those-children-would-merry/
  7. Heya guys! It's me! Well, so you may or may not know I am keen on stuff like exobiology, biology and aerospace technology. Due to starting my first Chili season next year, I thought why not conduct some biology experiments to simulate planets and or space environments. The Plan is as follows: First, I will get a medium sized fishtank to be my lab module, I will equip it with a simple pressure based aeroponics system assembled from those plastic egg boxes. I already have some Lamps to simulate light conditions for different environments. For my first experiment, which focuses on artificial light to gather some basic practical understanding, I will cover everything with black cardboard and solely use my Red and Blue LED Grow Lamp, similar to what they use on the ISS. I will use simple sterilized dirt for ease of experimenting. My second experiment is an advancement on the first, which will involve semi-artificial dirt, made from oven sterilized dirt and sand, and finely ground rust powder. This shall simulate the conditions on mars. Sadly, I can't simulate artificial atmosphere made from augmented marsian atmosphere, because I cannot get my hands on a cheap high pressure gas depressurizer to make a mostly CO2 based atmosphere. However, I can actually simulate Titan conditions, because Methane Bottles with low pressure are easy to acquire in Austria. I won't do animal tests tho. If you want any simpler experiments done, send me name, length, and procedure on what to do(please as detailed as possible, missing key information results in reject), and I will rate on if I will do it or not, for whatever reason(which I may or may not give) Also, I can't do long term experiments that take years. If you want to speed up research, help me buy better equipment, or simply up the priority of your experiment, donate me any amount of money( but not ridiculously small amounts like a single penny): paypal.me/ShikaGaffal Donators will be displayed in a special hall of fame list, along with the amount of money(in euros) they donated. Thank you for reading my wall of text. EDIT: Later on I will also buy me a light microscope that operates down into the size of cells to analyze them
  8. Somewhere I read that negative overload are just as dangerous for pilots as high overload, I wonder how it is possible?
  9. Recently, I was an X-ray of the right foot, because it hurt me terribly, it turned out that I have a heel spur, I was a little surprised because I always seemed to be that this disease of old people, but my doctor said it's because I'm fat :-( But I am also something else, I used x-rays were done in Poland on the big plates, and unfortunately now are stored on CDs, I got it, and a description of x-rays of my feet. I'd like to see what it looks like X-ray, and probably so I would from this do not understand, but I would like to know what it looks like thing causing my pain.
  10. https://sylvaansuz.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/plague7.jpg I wonder does this costume had any effect, or does is only "placebo effect" As if there was, you could say that it was the precursor of all present rubber suits used by virologists now https://nsprod.blob.core.windows.net/material/181602/400.jpg
  11. I wonder about possibilities if GATACA found latter on that Jerome is not Jerome but Vincent, what they would do if they found the truth Do you think Vincent had acted honestly, and perhaps selfishly??? https://www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/2hr8dy/gattaca_vincent_lets_his_brother_drown_at_the_end/
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