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Found 4 results

  1. DOWNLOAD: https://spacedock.info/mod/2480/KSP Blueprint Template Hi! I make blueprints for my own rockets, and thought it would be nice to share! I made this blueprint template so that relatively novice users of Inkscape and GIMP could do the same. This is the first draft, improvements to come later... I just wanted to get this out there You need KVV or something like it to get screenshots from your game. The Template is a SVG file that you edit... The "Assembly Area" where you build your blueprint looks like this: I've added some 'how to' sections along the top. This is meant to be heavily edited by the user to get just the look they want! This is a 'black and white' line drawing using the template's guidance (thrown together hastily from a screenshot I had). There are instructions for how to do a color version as well: With some patience you can make fancy blueprints, like this one I made for my Duna mission! This Blueprint Template is designed as a 'starting point' - it's not going to do everything for you... but I do hope you have fun
  2. Ok so i've been trying to figure out where the code part for the blueprints are at in the save file. I have edited a save file before from the game Trimps, but i used a save editor which is meant for the game Trimps. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it also here is the save file. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LLgz3BWfXzfWC3WywH0MInOa56UoasEWEQLvo2Ixv8s/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Sorry if this exists already I noticed that there seems to be a lot of people who make blueprints for their crafts, and even though it's fan art, I feel like it deserves it's own thread. So I decided to create this thread so that people can share their own blueprints of their unique (or regular) planes, space stations rockets, ect. Tools I use: Kronal Vessel Viewer Continued Gimp NOTE: Other than the blueprints, please limit screenshots to one per craft
  4. This is a new career series, from a novice/rookie youtuber. In fact, these are my first youtube videos ever. It took me quite a long time to learn to edit these, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Two videos are up now, with another on the way, and lots, lots more to come. Special hat tip and thanks to Scott Manley for the inspiration. Any advice, tips, or suggestions are welcome! (both for KSP and video). Enjoy! Mission Logs for Entering the Cosmos!
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