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  1. SECTOR 7 SPACE LABORATORIES FLYING SPEEDBOAT K.A.K. Flying Speedboat named after KerbalsAreKute on KerbalX A special thanks to KerbalsAreKute, I received a request from KerbalsAreKute on KerbalX to build a Speedboat for 1.2 because the older version is not working anymore due to up dates. The craft came with a surprise during fabrication, it flies! The Engine Block is built with Fuel Cell Arrays giving it a high techy look, also 0-10 Puff Engines and Monopropellant tanks give it that NOS System look. Craft File: Speedboat K.A.K. Parts: 67 Mass: 26.275t Height: 4.7m Width: 10.4m Length: 17.0m Operation: I've entered the water when leaving the Runway at the coastline near 25 m/s without damage but I recommend lower speeds when entering the water. The craft can also land in the water and I recommend near 20 m/s and level as possible. It's not hard with its incredible gliding ability. Keep speeds under 100 if you plan to stay in the water.
  2. KERBAL DINGHY DO YOU WANT TO SAIL THE SEVEN SEAS WHILE GOING AT A TOP SPEED OF 11 M/S? WELL YOU CAN! ONLY FOR A PRICE OF 70,000 FUNDS THAT'S A BARGAIN!. Stay tuned for the save file but in the meantime show me your boats
  3. Welcome to my Elcano Challenge thread! My goal is to sail and drive around Kerbin, going over the poles and seeing some cool stuff along the way! This is where I'll document everything on a daily progress basis, and where you can all enjoy the trip along with me! The Ship The ship I am using is the best of the best (not really), a Ship Mk1 model complete with loading gantries, helipad, bridge and crew quarters! Cruises at around 60 m/s after some of the fuel gets used, and best of all? It can drive on land! Yay! Her name's RV Evergreen! Here's a picture of it when she was launched: The Route Surprise! I'm going totally off of my best hunch and what I can see from the ship on this one! No plotting of routes for me, I'll just go where it feels 'right'. That said, I'll mantain a map of where I've been so far, which is here: The Crew We have a specialized crew of 7 Kerbals onboard The RV Evergreen, which is really to say all the personnel we had at the KSC at the time. The crew is ready for any eventualities that we all know will strike sometime during the trip! Their names are (in order of importance to the mission): Captain Sparrow - Captain of the ship! Commander Awesome - The adventurer! Jozie Kerman - Helicopter pilot and scout! Pine Kerman - Jeep driver and lookout! Sandisk Kerman - Cook! Carly Kerman - Mechanic! Lia Kerman - Comms interpreter! The Ship's Condition: I expect the ship to get banged quite a bit during this trip, so this is where I'll list any issues it has and an image of it at this very moment! As of now, the RV Evergreen has reached the first milestone of the trip: Reaching the on-ramp to the south pole ice cap! So damage to the ship yet, but the ships wasn't as efficient as I feared, and is almost out of fuel now. The plan is to land a refueling plane nearby and refuel. Original early post:
  4. Boat Momentum Part and/or Fuel Efficiency Challenge There have been challenges to build the fastest boat, and there have been heavy lift rocket challenges. Welcome to the boat momentum efficiency challenges. Whether you are considering fuel efficiency or part efficiency (fewest number of parts), efficiency is a tough nut to crack. Arguably, building a very heavy AND fast AND efficient boat is harder than building a very light and fast boat, so let the kerbalizing begin! Power Fuel Efficiency Scores: (foamyesque) Hydrofoil 2: 204,002.24 (Ezriilc) Orca 6: 153,021.41 (Ezriilc) Orca 5.3: 99,048.34 (Ezriilc) Sea Train-depleted fuel: 88,772.11 (seanth) Franklin My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn: 71,078.48 (seanth) Crick in My Neck-full throttle: 67,473.30 (Ezriilc) Sea Train: 63,052.18 (seanth) Crick in My Neck: 55,997.77 (foamyesque) We don't need no stinkin' hydrofoils: 55,967.62 (Ezriilc) Orca 3.4: 54,098.84 (The_Rocketeer) Soviet R: 46,966.95 (SpannerMonkey(smce): Challenge Cat: 26,400 (estimate) (seanth) Watson Your Mind: 22,542.14 (foamyesque) Unnamed: 18,543.40 (Heffy) Make KSP Great Again-minimal fuel: 5,379.70 (Heffy) Make KSP Great Again: 2,650.18 Momentum Part Efficiency Scores: (foamyesque) We don't need no stinkin' hydrofoils: 1,651.12 (Ezriilc) Orca 5.3: 1,268.37 (Ezriilc) Orca 6: 782.32 (Ezriilc) Sea Train: 337.82 (foamyesque) Hydrofoil 2: 305.05 (Ezriilc) Orca 3.4: 297.89 (seanth) Franklin My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn: 241.36 (Ezriilc) Sea Train-depleted fuel: 224.25 (foamyesque) Unnamed: 155.73 (The_Rocketeer) Soviet R: 149.9 (seanth) Crick in My Neck-full throttle: 138.94 (seanth) Crick in my Neck: 118.08 (SpannerMonkey(smce)) Challenge Cat: 56.36 (Heffy) Make KSP Great Again: 25.07 (seanth) Watson Your Mind: 19.11 (Heffy) Make KSP Great Again-minimal fuel: 10.05 Just for funzies--Momentum per L/s scores ([mass*velocity]/fuel usage per second): (foamyesque) Unnamed: 30,411.51 (Ezriilc) Orca 6: 13,495.18 (seanth) Franklin My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn: 9,654.28 (Ezriilc): Orca 5.3: 7,756.71 (The_Rocketeer) Soviet R: 7,746.6 (seanth) Crick in my Neck: 7,039.45 (Heffy) Make KSP Great Again: 7,391.23 (foamyesque) Hydrofoil 2: 6,512.25 (foamyesque) We don't need no stinkin' hydrofoils: 6,432.94 (seanth) Crick in My Neck-full throttle: 6,066.44 (Ezriilc) Orca 3.4: 5,906.37 (Ezriilc) Sea Train: 5,570.42 (Ezriilc) Sea Train-depleted fuel: 3,916.43 (Heffy) Make KSP Great Again-minimal fuel: 2,964.17 (SpannerMonkey(smce)) Challenge Cat: 2,479.07 (seanth) Watson Your Mind: 1,777.44 Momentum Part Efficiency Scoring: Total mass of your craft, multiplied by its velocity, divided by its part number (mass of your ship*speed of your ship)/total number of parts or (tonne*m s-1)/part number = Part Efficiency Score. Momentum Power Efficiency Scoring: (Thrust of your ship * speed of your ship)/units of fuel per second or (kN*m s-1)/units of fuel per second = Power Efficiency Score. Momentum Fuel Efficiency Scoring (for funzies): (mass of your ship * speed of your ship)/units of fuel per second or (tonne*m s-1)/units of fuel per second = Momentum/Fuel Efficiency Score. General Rules: The craft must be carrying at least one Kerbal. Hydrofoils are allowed BUT craft must not completely leave the water. That's called a plane. MechJeb is allowed since it might make it easier for people to show values in the screen shot (see submission guidelines). The intent is to build something using stock parts that works in KSP's normal physics. This means no mods that add parts, alter how stock parts work, or something that alters the aero- or hydro- dynamics (or other physical characteristics) of KSP. Something like MechJeb, even though it adds a part, is allowed since the part in question is essentially massless and can't effectively be used for structure, lift, or buoyancy. When reporting your fuel per second values, remember to add all the fuel being used together. If you are using rocket engines AND ion engines, you would add the liquid fuel, oxidizer, and xenon gas rates together to get one L/s value. MechJeb is highly encouraged since it allows you to show part number, mass, etc on the same screen as your craft while it is underway. Use of the debug toolbar for cheating is strictly not allowed. Of course, use of the debug menu to visualize aerodynamics when you are testing is allowed AND ENCOURAGED. Submissions should be made in the latest version of KSP. Submitters are encouraged to share their craft with others so we can improve on designs. Submission Guidelines: Please include images or video of: The boat moving through liquid at that speed. The craft's mass while moving has to be shown. It's not enough to show the mass of the craft in a build area, since fuel might be consumed getting to the water or getting up to speed. For the part efficiency challenge, the ship mass, velocity, and parts present must be shown in the image For the fuel efficiency challenge, the ship thrust, velocity, and fuel used per second must be shown in the image See the following post for examples Craft sites: http://www.kerbaltek.com/craftkitchen
  5. So I was sailing a boat in KSP when I went to the KSC. Then I switch back to it, and suddenly the boat is 50 m in the air. Can someone explain to me how to avoid this from happening and if there are any realistic water mods that prevent this?
  6. Made this mods some months ago. Kayak And Air Delivery System:
  7. The Lun-class ekranoplan was a ground effect vehicle designed by the Russians during the cold war, and although I was not trying to make a perfect recreation, I did include six short range missiles. The kraken loves this one, so I limited the thrust on the engines resulting in it having a top speed of around 75 m/s. [Download]
  8. I have always wanted to make a carrier, can someone make a mod with a catapult, naval docking ports, a tailhook and arrestor wires that can be placed like space tape (struts)?? Or is there already a mod for that??? Help please
  9. I'm testing my buoyancy set up. I heard other mods have had issues with parts flying up into the air after craft unpack. I tested my part and sure enough the part goes flying up into the air as my plane gets close enough for the part to unpack. Hilariously my hull part comes crashing down on top of my plane. Does anyone know why this happens?
  10. Hello all! LCVPs (Landing Craft, Vehicle and Personnel), were used to deliver troops by water, where they would be deployed from transport ships. The basic design and cheap materials made LCVPs straightforward and inexpensive to build. The ramp on this replica is fully functional and surprisingly robust - it uses @Majorjim's thermometer bearing. Use staging to detach the ramp, and when controlling the ramp use Action Group 1 to toggle the latch and pitch controls to raise or lower it. Parts: 238 Mass: 18.1 tons Cost: 64388 Download This craft is part of my WWII Replica Project (See signature)
  11. D.F.I. is a private military research division which aims to provide top quality stock craft to all clients. All of our crafts are adaptable to the mission or service specific needs. All Craft Posted here will be made available through my kerbalx account here ------->DOWNLOADS Aircraft Watercraft Spacecraft The Melkor is designed as an interplanetary tug vessel, capable of pulling massive cargo loads to various destinations. The Sr. Docking Port at the rear provides maximum stability for large trailers. There are also 4 Jr. ports aligned outside of the Sr. for various utility/refueling purposes. Heat dissipation extends and retracts from cargo bays. Launcher Included. Warning!!! do not attempt to gravity turn before 15,000 as this will result in tumble and breakage. Also the nuclear motors are correctly in stage 1 and fire throughout ascent to provide better stability on launch. (refuel after orbit required)
  12. When is the next version coming out? I had a few suggestions of what to add to the game in the next update! Here are a few ideas: 1. Base Parts 2. A system similar to KIS (Kerbal Inventory System) and KAS (Kerbal Attachment System) 3. An Observatory (In Career Mode Only) so that you have to find planets and asteroids before they show up in the tracking station. 4. More Planets and Asteroids. 5. Another solar system to explore. 6. Boat hangar and Boat Parts. 7. Helicopters. 8. VTOL Parts for planes. 9. Customizable parts tabs in SPH and VAB 10. Better camera in VAB 11. Able to see kerman's point of view on EVA
  13. Im looking for a naval craft that works in KSP 1.0.5 paramiters Less than 200 parts Easy to use Stock (may have BD armory)
  14. Here's my latest craft! The Pier Idiotic Table, a luxury yacht that I've been working on since 1.0.5 came out, starting with the mini-sub and growing from there. Then the latest update to scatter came out, and here we are! I've made a video of it too: You can redock the mini-sub, too. Here's some pictures: The name came from a random boat name generator. Brakes AG activates all doors. Enjoy! Download
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